Evolution Gets a Poke In the Eye

by Steve MacDonald June 11, 2018

The theory of Evolution suggests things about the adaptation of species over the course of history that lead us to what we see today. But an extensive research project just poked evolution in the eye. Newly released research that analyzed millions of DNA barcodes has come to a surprising conclusion that effectively turns the theory of evolution on […]

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The Evolution of Evolution…

by Steve MacDonald April 7, 2018

If evolution is natural, and evolution is how everything got here from there, why isn’t abortion opposed by secular humanist liberals for interfering with the natural evolutionary process? – Guy at a kitchen table waiting for his coffee to brew.

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by Steve MacDonald August 29, 2016
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My apologies for the dearth of content. I’ve been very quiet lately, compared to what passes for my blogging “normal.” But I’m in the middle of two projects. The first is editing the video for the 603 Alliance Issues Briefing Summit. I’ve been posting that video on GraniteGrok a few days after it goes up here. The […]

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Technology bites…

by Susan Olsen January 1, 2014

‘Save some new editorial lead interest, I may need to consider putting the site in to some sort of “archive mode”.’ – Mike Hoefer, Blue Hampshire    

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by Susan Olsen January 3, 2013

  I had the great pleasure of meeting John O’Sullivan at St. Anselm’s earlier this year when he gave a talk about women in politics.  His years serving as Margaret Thatcher’s senior aide give him some authority with which to speak on the matter of women and politics but I had no idea that he […]

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