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Black – or white, or Italian, or Irish or female – Like Me

by Susan Olsen June 8, 2015

“The term “suitable person” can directly trace its roots to racism and the growing political influence of the Ku Klux Klan in New Hampshire in 1923. Gov. Maggie Hassan has threatened to veto this bill, which has passed both the House and Senate. Yet it would be a mistake to let this racist relic remain […]

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Constitutional Carry “Clarification”

by Steve MacDonald August 20, 2013
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Last week in a post titled “It’s kind of like Constitutional Carry” I reported an observation from that weeks GrokTalk! in which Evan Nappen noted: the New Hampshire State Supreme Court Ruling (On what the definition of a loaded gun is in RSA 159:4) got us closer to Constitutional carry. My actual words were, “…we […]

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It’s Kind of Like Constitutional Carry

by Steve MacDonald August 11, 2013
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Having happily reported on last week’s New Hampshire State Supreme court decision regarding the meaning of ‘with’ as regards a weapon loaded or not; having then interviewed Evan Nappen not two days later on the same issue; we are happy to report that with a bit of a twist, New Hampshire now has, sort of, […]

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GrokTALK! August 10th, 2013 – Guest Segment: Evan Nappen (Part II)

by Steve MacDonald August 11, 2013

We continue with attorney Evan Nappen on gun rights, “Listening to reason,” RSA 207:7 (The Fish and Game Firearm Trap), Silencing weapons, the Dodson ruling and the power it gives the ATF to confiscate auto-seers; and the implications for risk to human life and the abuse of federal power this creates wheter you decide to […]

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GrokTALK! August 10th, 2013 – Guest Segment: Evan Nappen (Part I)

by Steve MacDonald August 11, 2013

Evan Nappen joins us to talk about how great New Hampshire is, doing time in New Jersey, the ramifications of the recent NH State Supreme Court rulug on RSA159:4 (Can you say ‘It’s almost like Constitutional carry), and if any new legislative effort to change any of that would have a chance in the New […]

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GrokTALK! August 10th, 2013

by Steve MacDonald August 10, 2013

This week on GrokTalk!… The Groksters start the show with Agenda 21, RSA 159:4, Ryan Fitzpatrick Flynn, The Slap Hillary Game, if we should start calling NH AG Foster Uncle Joe, and more… Then Di Lothorp,  drops by for just a few minutes to update us on  the Nashua Steak Out coming up on August […]

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Coming Up This Week on GrokTALK! – August 10th, 2013

by Steve MacDonald August 9, 2013

This week on GrokTALK! our guests will be… Di Lothorp,  to discuss the Nashua Steak Out and Featured Speaker Col. Allen West; Mike Rogers on what happened to the price of gold and why, and then we spend an hour with attorney Evan Nappen, one of the foremost authorities on firearms and weapons law, about […]

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Real life NH Example of why HB135 (repeal of Stand Your Ground) is a bad idea

by Skip April 26, 2013

From Pro-Gun NH, an example of someone who would be in jail if it wasn’t for the passage of the “Stand Your Ground” law simply for trying to protect his family member in a public space.  I keep hearing that we are “not to worry – this is not a problem in NH” with the […]

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Speaking of Second Amendment attorney and Free State Project participant Evan Nappen…

by Tim Condon March 21, 2013

…who saved a New Jersey family in the middle of an illegal police and “social services” home invasion in New Jersey, you can read more about what occurred HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE (it’s gone national, and viral). We all owe deep thanks to 2nd Amendment attorney Nappen,  and to the Free State Project that […]

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Free State lawyer in NH saves family and enforces U.S. Constitution in New Jersey

by Tim Condon March 20, 2013

Democrats and other regressives (not “progressives”; these people have nothing to do with “progress”) love to call names and tell lies about the Free State Project and its participants. That’s because Freestaters tend to revere the U.S Constitution and the Bill of Rights (which are inconveniences to regressives, who are statists to the core). A […]

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NH .223 Day of Resistance – NH State Rep Al Baldasaro and Pro-Second Amendment Lawyer, Evan Nappen

by Skip February 24, 2013

You have to love former USMC First Sergeant Al Baldasaro (and now NH State Representative)!  See problem – go straight ahead.  Doesn’t care whose delicate liberal insensibilities get offended (and resulting loud crying) in the process.  Here is a person, having served with honor after swearing an oath to the US Constitution, that understands that […]

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