European Union

ACU Foundation Brexit Conference, DC

by Mike June 14, 2016

Updated and bumped – ACU’s own video – much better quality Washington, June 13th.

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Loose Lips Sink Ships Of State – Cyprus And EuroLand

by Mike March 26, 2013

A small number of honest words have been spoken by politicians lately, and it’s getting interesting. From Jean-Claude Juncker’s admission that politicans care more about being re-elected than about doing the right thing, to a stunning admission today by another figure in the Euro hierarchy, Jeroen Djisselbloem, that the recent haircut of depositors in Cyprus’s […]

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What Poland can teach the U.S.

by Tim Condon December 15, 2012

Did you know that Poland is “the only country in the European Union to avoid recession in 2009 and has been the fastest-growing EU economy since”? Wanna know why?

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