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EUROPE’S PROBLEM — CHILDLESS LEADERS? “[Now that] he is elected, the leaders of France, Germany, and the U.K. will have zero biological children among them. . . . President Trump, by contrast, has 5 children.”

From the comments: “Seems very appropriate for Europe which has chosen demographic suicide.”

Yeah.  We’ve blogged about “invasion by demographics” before.  A birthrate of 2.1 is just barely replacement value and Europe, when excluding immigrants (who average around 4-6), Europe isn’t meeting even that (although Japan and Russia lead the race to the bottom in this category).  I guess this is leading from the front, but who will be left to shut off the lights?

(H/T: Instapundit)

Guest Post by Radical Moderate: The Great Fire Sale

America Fire SaleThe recent flood of illegal migrants currently inundating Europe continues to be one of the most horrific and misunderstood events of our time. This merciless attack upon Western Civilization has been unleashed on an unsuspecting European populace and continues to leave chaos and destruction in its wake. Though there is much coverage of the ‘effects’ of this attack there is no mention of the cause. Strange, isn’t it? The fact that no main stream news outlets are explaining the causal factors behind this mass human migration should indicate, at least to those that are awake, that there is more to this situation than meets the eye. This column is not primarily about the tragic events in Europe, but a cursory explanation is crucial to grasp the totality of the circumstances effecting America. The intention of the Global architects, who are orchestrating this invasion, is multifaceted, but yet simple in its intent. The main thrust behind what is occurring is an attempt to ‘reshuffle’ the ‘old order’ to usher in the ‘new’. The intent is to re-seat new leadership in these ‘gap’ nations that lay in the Middle East and North Africa. The goal is to eventually ‘wire them’ into the new global economic system taking shape (but more on that in another column). There are three main objectives that flow out of this effort; #1 To disrupt the idea of the Nation state and ‘Nationality’; #2 Depopulate the nations that are currently ‘in play’ until they are brought under control.

So, why is understanding the mechanics of what is happening in Europe important to the residents of New Hampshire?

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European/Muslim Immigrant/Refugee Rape Culture Not That New


Coming soon to a Swedish Girl not near you – Burkas.

It’s the SJW college rape culture except that all of Europe is the ‘campus’ and none of them can say a word because “Cultural Diversity” and “Muslims.”

Swedish police were criticized on Monday after admitting they failed to release information about alleged sexual assaults against women by young immigrants at a Stockholm summer music festival over the past two years.

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“I am Syrian. You have to treat me kindly. Mrs Merkel invited me.”

Steve’s post is talking about the dark underbelly of the “refugee” invasion that Germany’s Prime Minister Angela Merkel both condoned and welcomed – how else was Germany to fill those 1 million jobs for which there were no Germans to fill? It alludes to both the self-deception that the EU is experiencing as well as the almost complete media blackout on the bad “collateral damage” that is being hoisted upon the common folks. C’mon in, we got the light on fer ya.  And come they did.  And given the absolute political correctness that passes for normality in the EU, NO one was to criticize these Muslims coming in the Middle East or North Africa.  Assimilation?  You RACIST – how DARE you say anything bad!

Or that’s been the mantra as I’ve watched this mass migration of mostly single, military aged men basically be an invasion force.  Were they grateful for being given refuge from their war-torn hellholes?  No – I’ve already blogged about their behavior, screaming at the European women that were acting as aid workers, food thrown away and demands for their “own food” shouted, and complaints made about almost everything.

And then the blinkers fell off on New Year’s Eve as these “refugees” turned the annual celebration in a misogynistic mauling of the native single ladies simply out to celebrate the holiday. You see,

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Europe blaming the Jews again


As Giulio Meotti wrote in Y-Net, as linked to by Roger Simon in a 2012 post ominously titled “A Jew-Free Europe,” “To quote psychiatrist Zvi Rex: ‘Europe will never forgive the Jews for Auschwitz.’ Europe doesn’t want to live under the psychological burden of Auschwitz forever. The Jews are living reminders of the moral failure of Europe. This leads to the projection of guilt on Israel and the remaining European Jews.”

A big double whammy – this and letting in the Muslims that all hate the Jews in the first place.  And Progressives, who oft look to Europe as the Land of Enlightenment for we backward backwoods rednecks, think this should be what the US should become. Including this anti-Semitism.  More here.

I blame Obama and his promise for race healing he would bring.

Ah! Someone is getting the idea that you can have Open Border and a big Welfare State – but not at the same time

From Instapundit: how to stop Hijrah

F YOU DON’T WANT THEM TO COME, JUST LIMIT WELFARE BENEFITS TO CITIZENS: Denmark Places Anti-Refugee Ads in Lebanese Newspapers. But that’s not too far off:

The plain text flyer continued by informing readers that the Danish Parliament has just passed a regulation to reduce social benefits for newly arrived refugees by up to 50 percent. It then listed six other obstacles refugees would face, including a language requirement to obtain permanent residence and a waiting period of at least five years.

In addition, the ad informs readers that “foreign nationals granted temporary protection in Denmark will not have the right to bring family members to Denmark during the first year.”

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Where The American Left and Their European Counterparts “Part” Ways…

In the socialist elite parlors of Europe New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen and her Democrat Party are monsters.

From Mark Steyn (Emphasis mine).

” … in France abortion is legal up to 12 weeks; Italy, 13 weeks; Norway, 18 weeks, but it requires the approval of a government commission. Nowhere else in the western world takes 39-week-old “fetuses”, delivers them sufficiently to preserve the commercially valuable parts and then crushes the non-sellable parts in order to preserve a technical denial of infanticide. That is a uniquely American evil, and Americans should be utterly ashamed of it. American liberals ought to understand that in far more left-wing societies (Scandinavia, the Netherlands, France) they do not do this – because it’s not a left/right thing, it’s a good/bad thing, and Planned Parenthood’s abortion-industrial complex is on the wrong side of that divide.”

So all of Europe hates women’s health then. Got it.

GrokBite: Bill Clinton demands that we all pay the cost of a higher minimum wage

Minimum wage ladder rungsOnce again, I can rely on Meet The Press to throw up some blog fodder from Socialistic Communitarians that believe that there should never be Liberty in action – you WILL be made to care (as Erick Erickson from RedState puts it) and contribute.  Former President Bill Clinton on the idea of raising the minimum wage:

So I think it should be raised because I don’t think that, and I think that all consumers should be prepared to pay for it, because I think somebody that works full time and has kids they ought to be able to raise their kids without being in poverty

Lest you have not heard, this is the guy that has lived almost entirely on the taxpayer dime his entire adult life and has made over $100 million for flapping his gums since his Presidency was over (given his proclivity of NOT retreating into history like most ex-Presidents, I cannot say “since his Presidency faded into history”).  And trust me, I do not begrudge him making that fortune even as I may question the sanity of those that provided it, but that is one of the narrowly focused results of Big Government.  Continue reading

The Spiral Begins – Competitive Devaluation, AKA Currency Wars

Updated and bumped: Less than 24 hours after we brought you this warning, we read that The world’s biggest banks are begging the leaders of the G20 nations to avoid a currency war. From The Blaze:

Currency Spiral Ahead?

Currency Spiral Ahead?
(Graphic – Pravda)

The world’s biggest banks on Monday begged the Group of 20 economic powers to work together to avoid a clash of currencies, further evidence that fear of an impending “currency war” (i.e. competitive devaluation) is not merely something dreamed up by “wingnut” circles.

Representing more than 470 financial firms, the Institute of International Finance warned that global addiction to “quantitative easing” (money-printing) could lead to “possible discord on exchange rates” and put a strain on international relationships.

In a supreme irony, the letter was sent to the Russian finance minister, who will chair the G20 meeting, only a few weeks after the head of Russia’s central bank had issued a warning on this exact topic. (Corroboration from CNNmoney.)
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