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The GOP again gives us a reason for “not a dime’s worth of difference”

by Skip August 14, 2016

Or, why do we think there there is only a Fusion Party?  Because they act no differently than the Democrats when they don’t think we’re looking.  Take the appropriations for the Office of Civil Affairs and its meddling over transgenderism by its own re-manufacturing of law and definition replacing the meaning of what was passed […]

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“If Trump would skim off 25% of those voters from the Democratic Party he would win the 2016 election in a landslide”

by Skip September 7, 2015

That from ‘Grok friend Jim Hoft.  I would think that the Establishment Republicans would be ecstatic over that stat given all of the verbiage they have spilled the last few years on “reaching out to the minority communities”.  So, what should one be thinking when we hear that but ALSO now hearing that those same […]

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Yeah, we see this from way too many GOP politicians, Darin LaHood is just the latest crummy example

by Skip June 25, 2015

He’s running to replace the disgraced Aaron Schok from Illinois’ 18th District. Shot: Campaigning: ‘I’ve Been Very Critical of D.C. GOP.’ Chaser: Fundraising: ‘Come Hear Boehner, Scalise Endorse Me For $1000s a Plate. I’ve seen LaHood’s name around the blogosphere before.  Like his Dad (Ray, huge Nanny Stater, Obama’s Transportation Secretary), an

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Carlos Martinez, Constitutional Conservative, I have an answer for you! Ted Cruz to announce…

by Skip March 22, 2015

Last Sunday at Turbocam, Ted Cruz was asked by Carlos when he was going to announce his run for the Presidency – you can see the video here as Cruz was a bit out front (and coy) with his answer.  Well, we now have the answer  from the new GraniteGrok Twitter follower,  Ted Schleifer ( @TeddySchleifer […]

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So the Establishment GOP wants a coronation?

by Skip December 16, 2014

Let’s see how this attempt at a pre-set coronation works out here in “retail politics” New Hampshire: Although the specifics are still hazy, The New York Times reports that a group of deep-pocketed Republican donors and bundlers has hatched a plan to clear the GOP field of all insurgents to make room for a favored “establishment” candidate—preferably […]

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Is it Time To Put Gov. Sununu Out To Political Pasture?

by Steve MacDonald November 14, 2014
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Hasn’t Governor Sununu done enough damage already?  Before you say it, that win in 2010 (while he was ‘running’ the NHGOP) only happened because of an entire movement in his party that he embraced when he thought they would give him what he wanted, but has since despised and scorned as they have refused to […]

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Is NH State Senator David Boutin the equivalent of “doddering” US Senator Pat Roberts?

by Skip September 20, 2014

Yes, the equivalency / similarities hit just as soon as I read it: THE NRSC’S WORK PROPPING UP DODDERING NONRESIDENT PAT ROBERTS WORKING OUT AS EXPECTED: In Kansas, Incumbent Pat Roberts Down 5 Points Against “Independent” Candidate. “This all raises a bigger question as to Roberts’ viability. He’s just a horrible campaigner, and doesn’t seem comfortable in his […]

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About Those “Teabaggers,” Uncle Wally Havenstein

by Rick Olson July 4, 2014

“If I decide to be an idiot, then I’ll be an idiot on my own accord.” — Johann Sebastian Bach By now, the internet is rife with definitions of the, “tea-bagger.” Presently, when the pejorative term, “teabagger,” is used, the term comes from the mouth…attached to the face…attached to the body…of a person who objects […]

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The Havenstein-Brown Problem

by Rick Olson June 20, 2014

“Carpetbagging—presumptuously seeking success or a position in a new locality; A politician who seeks public office in a locality where he has no real connections.” —Dictionary Carpet Baggers. This is a term now frequently connected to discourse about Walter Havenstein and Former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown. Havenstein, touted as a successful businessman, was scrutinized over his […]

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Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

by Steve MacDonald January 14, 2014
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In England, the dissolution of the Monasteries by the State resulted in an increase in public begging.   The monasteries, you see, acting as private, voluntary charities,  had long tended to the needs of the truly impoverished and downtrodden at their discretion.  Which is to say, they took an interest in the care of the truly […]

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If you follow these rules, you may want some time for reflection…

by Skip October 22, 2013

‘Grok friend John Hawkins has a new column over at Townhall that outlines the 10 most essential rules that you have to follow if you want to be an “Establishment Republican” (other than blue blazers for men and pearl necklaces for women): 1) There is nothing ever worth fighting for except Democrat policies: If you’re […]

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While the Left Marches On, The Establishment GOP Pounds the Drum

by Scott Morales October 20, 2013
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I heard the John Wayne interview on the way to work Friday. I was struck by the striking similarities between then and now. The exact words could have been uttered today because they’re just as relevant. Which makes my pulse race and blood rush through my veins in anger. It’s the same sh#t we’ve been […]

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Or better put “I used to be your base – now I’ll be someone else’s”

by Skip September 24, 2013

This is one of those few times that I will reprint an entire post.  Yet, I am hearing similar things more and more: “why should I fight and support a Party that more and more is Democrat-like versus Freedom and Constitution loving?  Why should my time, my valuable time, be spent defending a Platform that […]

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Fergus Cullen and The Other “Smartest Guys In The Room”

by Rick Olson February 15, 2013

“Why don’t they pass a constitutional amendment prohibiting anybody from learning anything? If it works as well as prohibition did, in five years Americans would be the smartest race of people on Earth.”    —Will Rogers  As I sit and read the paper over morning coffee, I read yet another hit piece on Bill O’Brien.   […]

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Guess WHAT Shawn Millerick? Establishment R’s DID plan to have a meetup to pick their Chair!

by Skip December 7, 2012

I am still waiting for NH Journal (as far as I know, still co-owned by political operatives Patrick Hynes of Hynes Communications and Shawn Millerick of Millerick Financial) to post a retraction to their story that a number of grassroot activists met to “choose” someone to run against the Establishment candidate, Jennifer Horn.  Every person […]

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I’d Like To Thank New Hampshire’s Establishment Republicans

by Steve MacDonald August 24, 2011

Speaking for myself, I’d like to say thank You. No, really. You have shown yourselves to be nothing more than the childish, backstabbing, power hungry hypocrites we all knew you were. You don’t care about the New Hampshire Republican party, you just care about who is running it and your place in the pecking order.

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