GrokTALK! Tim Wigley – Western Energy Alliance

by Steve MacDonald November 9, 2015
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Tim Wigley from the Western Energy Alliance joins us to talk EPA intrusion, the Clean Power Plan, regulatory impact on jobs and energy costs, and the need to push back against federal land grabs. The  entire podcast is available here. GrokTALK! is a Mobile-Ready Broadcast  

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Sen. Ayotte Miscalculates in Supporting Obama EPA’s Clean Power Plan

by Steve MacDonald October 28, 2015
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By Steve Mac Donald | Watchdog Arena New Hampshire’s U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte announced her support for the Environmental Protection Agency’s new Clean Power Plan earlier this week, presumably to help her reelection campaign. But in the process, she may have already lost the election. Keep Reading at Watchdog.org

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Practical Federalism–Stanley Kurtz and Robert Murray: subverting and going around the Principle of Federalism

by Skip October 4, 2015

I have been reading Stanley Kurtz, Ph.D for years – first on research on Obama during the latter’s first Presidential run (which told me all I needed to know and NOTHING has transpired to any of that proved wrong and then on the evilness of Regionalism – that practices of setting in levels of “governance” […]

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EPA Opens Door to More “Shady” Environmental Fraud

by Steve MacDonald October 2, 2015
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There’s no getting away from this. Sunlight is bad. It’s bad for plants. Why? Because plants that get sunlight emit ozone. Trees are the biggest culprits. So we need to regulate sunshine as only suitable for taxpayer backed solar farms that keep the sun from getting to the plants. Got it? @EPA So sunlight is […]

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This Is Your Colorado River on EPA…Part2

by Skip August 22, 2015

It looks like this story of the EPA breaching an old gold mine and bespoiling the drinking and irrigation waters of the Animus river – deliberately and after the owner of this defunct mine warned them this might happened – has “legs”.  The EPA’s response was to “ton of bricks” him by threatening him with […]

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This Is Your Colorado River on EPA…

by Skip August 14, 2015

I’m not going to opine (much) on this but this one thing.  Here is proof that government treats itself far better than us ordinary people doing the same malfeasance.  It says “Oopsies, sorry about that” when if this was a private company that deliberately dumped 3 million gallons of toxic pollution into peoples’ drinking water, […]

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Tweet of the day

by Susan Olsen August 11, 2015
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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

by Steve MacDonald August 10, 2015
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This week we opened with a list of possible Whiskey Tango Foxtrot’s for the week including Palin Parts, Lois Lerner, Barack’s Diet, the EPA, Eric Holder’s “shooter,” and the rising bureaucratic tide in DC. And we introduce future recurring guest…Haggie Masson. Want the entire program? Get it here! Follow us on YouTube, USTREAM, Facebook, and Twitter […]

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SCOTUS Slaps Down EPA Power Plant Regs

by Steve MacDonald June 29, 2015
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The EPA’s power plant regulation overreach just got the thumbs down from the US Supreme Court.  I’m formatting Justice Scalia’s decision for the majority (complete EPA decision on MICHIGAN ET AL. v. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY ET AL. here) to post for the wonky folks who like to get into the weeds, but for now I’ll leave you […]

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EPA Finds No Widespread Drinking Water Pollution From Fracking

by Steve MacDonald June 5, 2015
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EPA says fracking is not a threat to drinking water. Liberals – lose your minds. (NPR) “We found the hydraulic fracturing activities in the United States are carried out in a way that has not led to widespread systemic impacts on drinking water resources,” says Tom Burke, science adviser and deputy assistant administrator of the […]

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Data Point – Air Quality and Pollution

by Skip May 4, 2015

“National and local air quality trends graphs showing the nation’s progress towards clean air are available for: carbon monoxide (CO), ozone (O3), lead (Pb), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), particulate matter (PM), and sulfur dioxide (SO2).” (H/T: EPA)

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Blogline of the Day – The Rule of Law

by Skip April 24, 2015

“We’ll observe Earth Day when the EPA observes the law.” (H/T: Instapundit)

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GrokTALK! with Dr. Betsy McCaughey

by Steve MacDonald March 24, 2015
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ObamaCare expert and health Care advocate Dr. Betsy McCaughey joins us to talk about King v Burwell, the courts real role, subsidies, Health Care Coverage–and the Republican off-ramp from ObamaCare, post Obama-Care America, EPA, USDA, and other regulatory intrusions, and then the upcoming First in the Nation Summit here in New Hampshire.  Listen to the […]

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Then act like the EPA is the Taliban and just wait their asses out

by Skip February 20, 2015

EPA CO2 Regs ‘The Most Fundamental Transformation’ Of US Power The head of a major U.S. utility said EPA rules to fight global warming will fundamentally transform the way America generates and delivers electricity to millions of residents.  Gerry Anderson, Chairman and CEO of the utility DTE Energy, told the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission that the […]

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Global Warming? Er, it might be the Big Chill if this happens

by Skip January 26, 2015

Big Chill indeed – no power during a major blizzard? “The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is putting out word that 17 nuclear power stations, with a total of 26 reactor units, could shut down if the historic blizzard smashing into the East Coast carries high winds, as expected.  “If wind speeds are in excess of specified […]

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DId you know that Obama has declared every neighborhood to be racist?

by Skip October 27, 2014

“The Orwellian-sounding regulation would force some 1,200 municipalities to redraw zoning maps to racially diversify suburban neighborhoods” Indeed!  And one more thing that Obama will do via Executive Order (via the Federal Sustainable Communities Initiative by the Federal Depts of  HUD / EPA / DOT) is take over all local zoning.  We’ve been sounding this […]

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EPA Regulation Supporters – never thinking of the ramifications on others

by Skip August 8, 2014

The new CO2 emissions regulations now being put forth by the EPA is going to have a huge impact on the American economy and people.  Here, Dan Joseph of MRC TV went to interview (yeah, in DC he gets to do interviews with all kinds of folks) some folks that were demonstrating FOR the EPA to […]

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Data Point: EPA policies ARE driving up the cost of electricity

by Skip August 5, 2014

Subtitle: Obama is lovingly and actively hurting the poor! (H/T: CNSNews)

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ObamaCare, ObamaZone – The Big Lie: ” It was disguised as something that would be almost completely voluntary”

by Skip July 27, 2014

NH State Rep Leigh Webb (D): “The role of government is to legislate behavior“ And that is not the expression of one that values or cherishes Freedom; instead, it is THE  seedling of Totalitarianism.  Obamacare, ObamaZoning – different facets of the same evil – those that have the hubris of incomplete knowledge that feel they have the right […]

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EPA – not just the IRS trying to influence the outcome of the 2012 Presidential Election

by Skip July 24, 2014

Mark Levin is a well known and fiery Conservative talk show host and author.  What is less well known is that he also heads up the Landmark Legal Foundation and it has an ongoing FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) lawsuit against the EPA for all materials that mentioned the delaying the release and enactment of […]

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Why is it that only Fed agencies undergoing Congressional oversight are losing hard drives?

by Skip July 14, 2014

Lois Lerner of the IRS is the most famous example of a Federal Agency who has been weaponized by the Obama Administration (even, according to random posts I’ve seen, more than Tricky Dicky – disgraced President Nixon (R) or one termer President LBJ (D)) and we have been SO treated by the arrogance of the […]

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GrokTV: Lakes Region Planning Commission Law Lecture – Daniel Crean

by Skip June 29, 2014

Granite State Futures (the US Federal Govt HUD/EPA/DOT “Sustainable Communities Initiative” here in NH):  Identifying and Overcoming Barriers – One of the steps in the visioning and planning process to be used by each region will be to identify existing and potential barriers to ensuring sustainable communities and to articulate the strategies the regions will […]

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GrokTV: Lakes Region Planning Commission Law Lecture – Bernie Waugh

by Skip June 29, 2014

Kerrie Diers (Exec. Dir. of the Nashua (New Hampshire) Regional Planning Commission) doesn’t care much that your land gets in the way of her planning (for your own good as in “WHY do our perceptions of the needs of the Collective have to give way to what Individuals own?”): “Private Property Rights get in the […]

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Oh, that 0.018 degree difference for the EPA new crushing CO2 regulations?

by Skip June 18, 2014

The killing of coal by the Administration that I wrote about here?  Simply because: the GAIA worshipping environmentalist ideology has completely wormed its way into Government to grasp the levers of power. Progressives, once again, FORCING the rest of us to live our lives in ways THEY approve of – our opinions don’t matter. In […]

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Workforce Housing – Bob Ward: “YOU HAVE YOUR FUTURES! YOU HAVE YOUR AGENDA 21s!!!”

by Skip May 19, 2014

That would be Bob Ward, the SanborntonTown Planner screaming those words at NH State Rep Jane Cormier when the Planning Board held an “information session” on May 1st on six amendments that wound themselves making more of the town open for workforce housing.  It was obvious that actually educating folks as to what was really below […]

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Sanbornton – Workforce Housing: discussion and voting results

by Skip May 14, 2014

Yes, mea culpa – I spelled Sanbornton wrong in every single one of the following videos; I apologize!  On Thursday, May 1st, the Sanbornton Planning Board held a session in which the town’s residents could ask questions about the upcoming voting on zoning Amendments, especially as Workforce Housing (e.g., low cost, higher density, clustered developments).  […]

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You think Environmentalists will let them get away with this?

by Skip April 29, 2014

I don’t think so, given that environmentalists want that “pristine, noble savage environment for us all – nothing nowhere for nobody”: The Energy Department released a report Tuesday identifying streams ripe for hydropower development in hopes of meeting an Obama administration goal of doubling electricity from that source by 2030.  The Oak Ridge National Laboratory […]

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And HUD/EPA/DOT’s Sustainable Communities Initiative wants even denser populations?

by Skip March 31, 2014

Otherwise known as “Stack’em and Pack’em” – SCI wants zoning changes such that higher density living will be mandated – high rise living for all with retail on the first couple of floors, sidewalks galore, and if you like public transportation, you will be in love with your only source.  The single family homes of […]

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Are you listening, NH Regional Planning Commissions and NH Water Commission? We GOT WATER!

by Skip December 13, 2013

Every single “crisis” (either real or man-made) always seems to be solvable ONLY with the introduction of a larger bureaucracy, more intrusive Government, and even more abusive intelligensia (are ya listening, NH Listens?) when it concerns the Right to Private Property.  After all, “it’s for the children” is the siren call for more collectivism and […]

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Guest post by NH State Rep Jane Cormier: Bah Humbug!

by Skip December 10, 2013

Seems like the Lakes Region Planning Commission is distressed about all the “misinformation” being disseminated recently. During a Nov. 20 meeting, directors spouted the need to turn on their public relations machine to “…get the word out…there are efforts to divert the local planning effort for political reasons…those people write prolifically and it’s a misinformation […]

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