When He Isn’t Busy Doing Something Else – Parker Gilbert Steals Your Vote

by Ed Naile March 18, 2014

Using the NH Attorney General’s and NH Secretary of State’s definition of the legal term “domicile” as a guide, a Hanover , NH voter Parker Gilbert, goes on trial. He might be staying in New London until the trial is over, but Hanover voter Parker Gilbert is from London – England . And yet, when […]

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Lasagna With A Kick….and a Whinny?

by Steve MacDonald February 9, 2013

This page in history will not be written from the back of a horse, unless of course you are riding a frozen lasagna from Findus, a frozen food manufacturer that has been supplying Britain with lasagna’s made with 100% horsemeat. And while that might be cause for concern to the average frozen-lasagna loving Brit, particularly […]

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Obama’s (Illegal) Foreign Donor Signed Up For Events By Campaign

by Steve MacDonald October 22, 2012

Bwahahahaha! The New York Post on Sunday reported Chris Walker, who lives in England, made two $5 donations to the Obama campaign. Walker used his “actual street address in England but entered Arkansas as his state with the Schenectady, NY, ZIP code of 12345.” Because of the Obama campaign’s lax online security measures, which the Government […]

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