“Will no one rid me of these meddlesome SJWs?”

by Skip August 3, 2017

[With all due respect to Henry II (above)].  Please guide me around the bridges they have designed.  I don’t care about diversity – I want “my engineers” to know their math, material science, and ground soils makeup.  SJWs (Social Justice Warriors) have perverted just about everything they’ve touched and now they’re about to ruin engineering […]

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I was wondering too! Three way Silver medal tie?

by Skip August 13, 2016

I was watching the Olympics when in Michael Phelps’ last individual event of this Olympics (the 100M butterfly), there was a three way tie for second at 51.14.  At the time, I thought that odd – certainly timing equipment can easily get down to thousandths of a second, right?  And then Regressing talked about that and […]

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Are you afraid of heights? No?

by Tim Condon January 28, 2013

Then this would be no problem!

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“Want fries with that?” is not in the working vocab for these graduates.

by Skip November 25, 2012

From Business Insider (via BroBible) comes this list of what some college BA / BS grads can expect: Median Position Starting Salary Mid-career Salary Statistics $49,300 $99,500 Computer Science $58,400 $100,000 Applied Mathematics $50,800 $102,000 Computer Engineering $62,700 $100,500 Electrical Engineering $63,400 $106,000 Nuclear Engineering $66,800 $107,000 Chemical Engineering $67,500 $111,000 3. Actuarial Mathematics $56,100 […]

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