The 603 Alliance Announces Endorsements in NH State Level Races

by Steve MacDonald July 8, 2016
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The 603 Alliance has announced four endorsements in New Hampshire primary races for the US Senate, NH Congressional Districts 1 and 2, and for Governor of New Hampshire.  (Disclosure: As a member of the steering committee I did take part in this process.) From 603 Alliance.org In an ambitious undertaking, the 603 Alliance held private […]

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The Donald Factor

by Rick Olson January 2, 2016

“Every city has a Donald Trump; ours is just the Trumpiest.” –Padma Lakshmi Donald Trump is the present front runner in the crowded Republican field. Now, just the very notion that I write that statement is going to drive many, including some of my fellow Groskters…Bananas. To hell with the reasons why because nobody cares—nobody, […]

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More NH RINO’s Wander In Behind Christie Who Drops Back in to Single Digits

by Steve MacDonald December 9, 2015
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The Christie endorsement roll-out continues. Sherm Packard and Dick Hinch have come out of the closet for Christie. As I said here, there would be more and this isn’t the end. The state is chock-full of moderates willing to side with someone like Gov. Christie we just have to wait to see if they pick […]

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What’s Real and What Isn’t?

by Steve MacDonald September 21, 2015
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Sometimes posting  the news can appear to be a real endorsement. Not true. We clear that up then work over the impending imposition by DHS of Real ID rules upon  Granite Staters, a Federal mandate the Democrats in New Hampshire nullified back in 2007. GrokTALK! is a Mobile-Ready Broadcast You can also get this weeks 2-hour […]

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SEIU Endorsed Republicans For NH State Senate

by Steve MacDonald September 3, 2014
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The SEIU has a reputation.  Mean, ranting, left-wing, all-Obama, and did we mention left-wing?  The NH-SEA (SEIU) is the big government union around New Hampshire and their leadership whiles away their time and effort keeping Democrats in power.  Spending always goes up and your taxes with them. If you want less money in your pocket […]

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Senator Bob Smith Announces Endorsements

by Steve MacDonald April 7, 2014
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From my In-Box. Bob Smith For Senate has released a list of current and former elected New Hampshire officials who are endorsing Bob Smith as their choice to challenge Jeanne Shaheen for the US Senate. You can view the announcement here: Elected Officials Endorsements (pdf) State Senator Sam Cataldo, Farmington State Representative Ralph Boehm, Litchfield […]

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More Endorsements for Hemingway: Pam Tucker and Cliff Hurst

by Mike January 24, 2013

At a ‘meet and greet’ for Andrew Hemingway on Tuesday night, attended by Andrew, his family, and more than 50 supporters (mostly NHGOP delegates), there was an upbeat atmosphere, lots of offers to help persuade a few more committee members, and several ringing endorsements, including Pam Tucker and Cliff Hurst. Here’s Pam, as she lays […]

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All-Star Rally for Ovide, Nov 3rd – Ayotte and Jindal Endorsements

by Mike November 5, 2012

A spaghetti supper was held for Ovide at Londonderry North school on Saturday evening, where the GOP stars who had been touring the state for Romney that day, all came together for Ovide. The event was hosted by Kevin Smith, who has been gracious and tireless in his support of Ovide since the primary, perhaps […]

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GraniteGrok Endorsement – Other NH House races

by Skip September 10, 2012

Time is short, and I do wish that I had started this process earlier and that “life” hadn’t interfered so often lately.  However, we’ve been told “hey thanks for letting us know who is worth our votes” so it is well worth the time to do this.  It is also important that those we endorse  […]

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GraniteGrok Endorsement – NH Executive Council District 5: Dave Wheeler

by Skip August 31, 2012

Of all of the incumbents already on the NH Executive Council, we think it is fair to say that Dave Wheeler is the most likely always to stand on Conservative NH values – frugality, individual freedom, pro-life, Second Amendment and an absolute stand on Constitutional grounds (both NH and US).  It is VERY easy for […]

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SEIU Tells You Which Republicans You Should Avoid…by Endorsing them.

by Steve MacDonald August 23, 2012

 The SEIU has just informed Republicans who NOT to vote for.  For this, we are thankful. The SEIU (SEA-NH), Obama’s shock troops, the same folks who beat up black conservatives ( or refuse to denounce such behavior), have endorsed the following “(r)epublicans” in New Hampshire. In Belknap District 8, SEA/SEIU has endorsed Rep. Peter Bolster […]

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RLCNH Releases Endorsements & Recommendations for 2012

by Steve MacDonald July 24, 2012

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: July 24, 2012 Media Contact: Carolyn McKinney, chairman, RLCNH, 603-769-4264, chair@rlcnh.org RLCNH RELEASES SESSION SCORECARD, USES BOLD VOTING RECORD STANDARD TO ENDORSE INCUMBENTS In Order to Ensure Best Republicans Win Primaries, RLCNH Introduces New ‘Recommended’ Candidate Level CONCORD, N.H.—With the premiere of its Legislative Scorecard that rates representatives and senators on […]

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We support liberty-minded Republicans to encourage a more perfect New Hampshire

by Carolyn June 20, 2012

Now that the filing period for state elected positions has come to a close, the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire (RLCNH) will begin its evaluation of Republicans running for office to determine if they truly understand what it means to support liberty. Generally, conservative Republicans—those who have a deep commitment to liberty— will support […]

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Sandra Fluke branching out to endorsements?

by Skip March 9, 2012

Will this mean that we won’t have to pay for her contraceptives? Hey, and no fumbling around in a purse or wallet either! (H/T: Looking Glass)

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Ayotte’s First Big Mistake?

by Steve MacDonald November 20, 2011

Her endorsement of Willard ‘Mitt’ Romney stands to undo every scrap of goodwill she may have accumulated to this point but should we be surprised?

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The Sherm is gone….long live…who? A new endorsement by GraniteGrok!

by Skip May 11, 2011

 Charlie Sherman has been a fixture in NH radio over at WGIR for a number of years (after his famous blowup with WMUR).  He has now departed to be the E.D. at New Horizons; his chair and mic are now sitting in a vacuum.  From NH Journal: Charlie Sherman’s radio show on Manchester’s WGIR was […]

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Greg Carson For Republican Secretary

by Steve MacDonald January 21, 2011

Greg Carson has a very impressive resume, one which makes him more than qualified to serve as the Republican Party Secretary. He has already served several years as the assistant secretary, the job I endorsed Pam Manney for yesterday.

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Pam Manney For NH GOP Assistant Secretary

by Steve MacDonald January 20, 2011

I would like to give a personal endorsement for Assistant Secretary for the New Hampshire Republican Party to Pamela Manney. Ive known Pam for several years now, and worked along side her as an activist. She has a level of commitment and dedication to the party and the platform that make her an exceptional asset.

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What’s With The intimidation Tactics?

by Steve MacDonald September 9, 2010

This brings me to the main course of the Facebook comment, the “intimidating activists for political purposes portion.” Yes, that’s right–the video threat is not nearly as ominous as this next bit, a perennial favorite of the Giuda staff… “They are not registered with the SOS and making endorsements. Not a good position to take.”

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In case you missed this endorsement…

by Tom August 15, 2010

In case you missed it earlier this year, Laura Ingraham endorsed Ovide Lamontagne for US Senate from NH, on her nationally syndicated radio show. Pass this on, to those who may never have know that this took place.

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Does Palin Still Owe McCain?

by Steve MacDonald May 8, 2010

I have to wonder if Mrs. Palin Still feels an obligation to John McCain, and if it’s going to be a problem for her conservative supporters in the future.  NRO’s "The Corner" grabbed a message of Sarah’s facebook page in which she endorses Carly Fiorina for the California Republican Primary to challenge Senator Barbara Boxer.  Carly has […]

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Two Paths: Republicans who sound like Democrats, or ones that actually stand for the Party’s core principles…

by Doug November 3, 2009

   Guest Post by Jennifer Horn  In the special congressional election in New York’s 23rd District, the liberal Republican dropped out last week, leaving the Democrat to face a Conservative Party challenger backed by Sarah Palin and other notable conservatives. It sends a powerful message: Those who believe that 2010 will be a typical mid-term […]

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‘Grok Endorsement- NH Congressional District #1

by Doug August 1, 2008

As Skip wrote Wednesday, the ‘Grok is a conservative blog – no doubt about it.  The philosophy that drives us includes individual responsibility, limited government, free markets, adherence to the Rule of Law, property rights, and an open, transparent government that is frugal with taxpayer money. Government can not, and should not, try to be […]

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‘Grok Endorsement – NH Congressional District #2

by Skip July 29, 2008

The ‘Grok is a conservative blog – no doubt about it.  The philosophy that drives us includes individual responsibility, limited government, free markets,adherence to the Rule of Law and property rights, and an open and transparent government that is frugal with taxpayer money. Government can not, and should not, try to be all things to […]

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