End of the World

Three Weeks To Gore-mageddon, 5deg F Tonight!

by Mike January 4, 2016

Courtesy of RushLimbaugh.com,, in 2006, Algore predicted we had ten years left to save the world, so Rush did what any sensible observer would do – he started a ten year countdown timer – 3 weeks to go – is it warmer yet? (5deg F in SOUTHERN NH) Meanwhile, as American Thinker reminds us: [W]ho […]

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The End Of The World Is Near

by Steve MacDonald January 4, 2016
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Ten years ago the Goreacle predicted the point of no return. Was he referring to a Clinton Presidency after an Obama presidency? No, he was talking about Global Warming… CBS News | Americans have been hearing it for decades, wavering between belief and skepticism that it all may just be a natural part of Earth’s […]

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False prophets…

by Susan Olsen September 2, 2015

“There are no rational means of predicting the ‘future of humanity’ over a long period or foretelling the nature of ‘social formations’ in ages to come. The idea that we can make such forecasts ‘scientifically,’ and that without doing so we cannot understand the past, is inherent in the Marxist theory of ‘social formations;’ it […]

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‘Cause them votes don’t buy themselves…

by Susan Olsen June 21, 2015

“It [the proposed state budget] will make college tuition more expensive. It will hurt our ability to ensure that workers can access health care without financial ruin. It will lead to unplowed, unsafe roads for commuters and businesses. And it will not adequately address substance misuse, even as we are in the midst of a […]

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Can you Believe it? Even More Sequestration Fun…With Reason TV

by Steve MacDonald February 27, 2013


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Smartest President Ever….part 2

by Steve MacDonald February 27, 2013

Throws billions at high risk bankrupt green energy companies year after year….slight decrease in increased spending (sequester) will mean firing air traffic controllers, TSA,  first responders, public safety personnel, border patrol, crumbling infrastructure…

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It’s The End of the World…(As we know it) and I feel Fine.

by Steve MacDonald December 21, 2012

I know.  But I had to.

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The World Ended And You Missed It.

by Steve MacDonald March 9, 2012

I posted this on my facebook page, but figured I should post it here as well.   It’s funny, and there is no way you could all by my facebook friends. (Not yet at least.)    

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