Elizabeth Ruediger

Democrat Coos County Vice Chair Resigns over Woodburn Scandal

by Steve MacDonald September 12, 2018

If you don’t remember the name Ted Bosen, he’s the guy in some of the north country Democrat email threads I shared (here) who was offended by the way “The Party” treated an alleged victim of domestic abuse. That and the Democrat establishment wagon circling around State Sen. Jeff Woodburn, arrested on 9 counts of domestic abuse, […]

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Jeff Woodburn’s Domestic Abuse Posse Discover ‘Stand Your Ground’ (sort of)

by Steve MacDonald September 2, 2018

Before Democrats could have a choice between embattled incumbent Jeff Woodburn and any other candidate, there would have to be an “other” candidate. Woodburn, when accused of nine counts of domestic abuse, was unopposed. After the Attorney General announced the arrest and charges Kathleen Kelley stepped up to give North Country Democrats a choice. Would it surprise […]

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Elizabeth Ruediger: The “Hillary Clinton” of the North Country

by Steve MacDonald August 30, 2018

Whoopie Goldberg famously said, in defense of Roman Polanski, it wasn’t rape-rape. That was dumb but not unprecedented. Liberals are still making excuses for Bill Clinton nearly 25 years along. Hillary’s terror campaign against the “bimbo eruptions” is legendary. Bill did “stuff.” Hillary destroyed the victims. Always paint the accused as needy, desperate, then bitter. […]

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The Democrat agenda of Personal Destruction promulgated by Elizabeth Ruediger

by Skip August 29, 2018

To the Editor: The argument for being “pro-choice” was redefined last week when Randolph’s Kathleen Kelley announced her candidacy for State Senate in a write-in campaign against embattled incumbent, Jeff Woodburn. Now, for those of you living under the proverbial rock, Mr. Woodburn has been “accused” of some “nefarious” actions in his intimate relationship with […]

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