“Millennial elitist dorks are all about screwing up burgers.”

Kurt Schlichter mourns the demise of the Ultimate ‘normal’ American food. Millennial elitist dorks are all about screwing up burgers. “Gourmet” burgers, they call them. But they are a sad simulacrum of true burgers, and a crime against nature. The menus of those precious gastropubs that spring up in the gentrified blue coastal urban centers are …

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Why Haven’t We Written About the Passing of John McCain?

Dan Williams aka; Hunter Dan, IM’d me on Facebook. “Why in the hell haven’t you guys posted even ONE story about the passing of the great American hero, John McCain?!?!?!” (Punctation in original.) Whatever we may think John McCain was as a younger man he became something else later in life. To that point, I asked myself, would he …

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One More Wack At Dartmouth and the Ruling Class Elite

A recent survey of Dartmouth Students got ample attention from me here and here, but Jack Kerwick, writing at Townhall.com, combed through it here and I wanted to share his conclusion because it distills the noisy narratives down to a moment of clarity. In summary, the Dartmouth survey establishes the truth of three propositions: (1)Republican …

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The Divine Right of Democrats

From DaTecguy’s blog, an excellent post on Neo-crats–my word not his. He compares the Old Democrats to the new with a little help from some other great sources… When Democrats lose, that’s not a coup, that just means you lost this years elections. Don’t blame it on the Koch brothers, Halliburton or anyone else, sometimes …

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Palin v. Elites

There are plenty of Republicans and Independents out there who have either gotten lazy and simply adopted the lefts narrative on Palin or who are actual snobby-right-wing elites protecting the moderate Republican power base. I’ve not much of a stomach for either. So if you feel like tossing out some of that left wing elitist narrative just be prepared to back it up.

Read This Now

No, not my latest essay.  I’m not that arrogant.  I’m referring to (This!) by Angelo M. Codevilla at the American Spectator.  Every one should read it.  Everyone.   Here’s the opening and I will leave you to trust me or not. As over-leveraged investment houses began to fail in September 2008, the leaders of the Republican …

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