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NH Senate Passes North Country Jobs Bailout On Ratepayer’s Backs

by Steve MacDonald April 1, 2018

The New Hampshire State Senate passed two bills that redistribute dollars by forcing energy companies to buy more expensive electricity from North Country “green” energy generators. “…the measures are needed, say backers of both bills, to preserve a total of 900 jobs. Many of those jobs are “in areas of the state where people can’t […]

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The Cost of Electricity in NH – TAXES AND OVERHEAD

by Steve MacDonald May 15, 2017

By Bill Fortune Seabrook Station produces about 1/2 of NH’s electricity at the cost of about 2.5, cents/kWh, before taxes, per the Energy Information Agency. There are several small hydro plants that produce power at about 1.3 cents/kWh (approx. 100 MWs). Because of increased regulations, we are not certain the cost of electricity generated by […]

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Do “Green States” Have Something Else in Common?

by Steve MacDonald April 19, 2017

Seven of the top ten ‘greenest states’ in the US also have the highest electric rates in the nation. Coincidence? NH1 recently published a report by Wallet Hub ranking “how green states are” using a pile of different metrics. Let’s compare it to States with high residential electric rates to see how they stacked up.

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High Electric Rates: NH Businesses Will Expand or Relocate Elsewhere

by Steve MacDonald December 12, 2016

In this morning’s Manchester Union Leader the front page has a report on how Granite State businesses looking at expansions would like to grow in New Hampshire but are forced to look outside the state because our energy costs are prohibitive. “If we don’t have an assurance of reliability and a drastic reduction in our energy costs, […]

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Why Did We Need RGGI?

by Steve MacDonald January 4, 2013

With the recent approval of significant electric rate increases that will allow PSNH to recover some $67 million dollars a year in costs related to legislated state energy mandates (NH Renewable Standard and the RGGI tax), having this fall into my in-box could not have been more fortuitous. From the journal Earth System Dynamics billed […]

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Good Call, Maggie – Higher Electric Rates for NH

by Tom October 6, 2012

From inception, Maggie “The Red” Hassan has been a strong proponent of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), the “Cap and Trade” program that New Hampshire participates in with other northeastern states.  She was instrumental in its 2008 passing and continues to advocate strongly for this nonsensical government swindle. On her campaign website, Maggie declares that […]

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