Electoral College

And this guy wants to be an elected Legislator? Democrat Dick Devens shows his ignorance on the Electoral College

by Skip February 8, 2018

So, because Dick Devens hasn’t understood, can’t understand, and seemingly never will, he wants to change a vital part of our Representative Republic to take away yet another Check and Balance that was DESIGNED to have checks and balances.  So because he doesn’t understand something, he wants it simplified; even if he doesn’t understand the […]

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For all those on the Left that keep harping she won the popular vote

by Skip December 30, 2017

Here’s her participation trophy – and that’s about all it means.  Sure, that what she got (pretty much the margin came from Californiastan) but it never has and continues to never matter thanks to the Founders glorious mechanism called the Electoral College whose purpose was EXACTLY to not let the larger States determine the Presidential […]

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Do We Want a President Who Wins By…

by Steve MacDonald January 29, 2017

While we’re watching President Trump pummel the Democrats (progressives and the media) with distractions,  it seemed appropriate to dredge this up again. Do we want a president who wins by running up the score in one or two states, or do we want a president who wins by garnering narrower victories in a wide array of […]

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If You Hate the Electoral College You Can’t Love the UN

by Steve MacDonald December 30, 2016

In this week’s G-File Jonah Goldberg talks about the UN vs. Israel. There is, as always, lots of good stuff, but when he contrasted liberal outrage over the Electoral College to loving how the UN does things, well… It’s kind of funny. We’ve spent the last six weeks hearing how eeeeeeevill the Electoral College is because […]

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Media Bias Tools of the Trade c/o Reuters

by Steve MacDonald December 21, 2016

Talk about burying the lead. The Reuters headline announces that “At least six ‘faithless electors’ break ranks, but Trump wins Electoral College vote” but fails to clarify that most of them defected from Hillary until paragraph five. Most of the rest is an attack on the Electoral College and Trump.

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More Hillary Electors Defect Than Trump

by Steve MacDonald December 19, 2016

With 304 electors on his side, Donald Trump is (again) the clear winner and the 45th President of the United States of America. But that’s not the story. This is the story. Yes, two electors in Texas cast protest votes instead of voting for Trump. But four electors in Washington State did not vote for […]

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It’s OVER Trump Clears 270 Electoral Votes!

by Mike December 19, 2016

All the caterwauling, the protests, the threats, the offers of free legal services to faithless (in more ways than one) electors, and the end result was that Trump soared over this last hurdle with plenty of votes to spare. Washington’s wrecking ball is now #45. Congratulations President ELECT Trump, and look out DC! More to […]

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Even Axelrod Says “Just Vote The State Results”

by Mike December 18, 2016

Though I share deep concerns about election & @realDonaldTrump, most electors will follow states & should. Reversal would rip country apart. — David Axelrod (@davidaxelrod) December 18, 2016 In other words “quit whining already!” H/T Twitchy.com

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Electoral College – A Finger in the Dike of Moonbat Progress

by Ed Naile December 5, 2016

Democrats, liberals, progressives, socialists and all other left-leaners are harping about the unfairness of the Electoral College. Oh, how unfair to have the President selected by a few votes in small states and not by a popular vote. Notice how they don’t want a majority of 50% or more. No, that will never do. In 1992 […]

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The Left BURNS over Trump being Prez. So, bring out Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals

by Skip November 27, 2016

This is a quick interesting point as to WHY Jill Stein (a SHINING example of a Red Commie wrapped in the Green fig leaf) is demanding recounts in WI, MI, or PA – I would not have thought of this angle and its long term consequences (reformatted, emphasis mine). First Alinsky: RULE 4: “Make the […]

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Larry Lessig Thinks Poster Child For “Money in Politics Problem” Should Be Crowned President

by Steve MacDonald November 27, 2016

Larry Lessig’s NH Rebellion is a partisan front to advance the left’s agenda under the guise of campaign finance reform. We pointed it out “on day one” or at least reminded folks who probably already had their suspicions. Always remember Rule number one. If Democrats want it the odds are good it’s bad for freedom, individual […]

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Yeah, Steve I’m Old Enough to Remember When the Electoral College Was Great…

by Scott Morales November 18, 2016

It’s odd how for some it falls so far out of favor.  I wonder why.  Oh yea, RAAAAAAAACCCIIIISSSTTT!!!!!  

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Remember When the Electoral College Was Great…Back on November 7th, 2016

by Steve MacDonald November 15, 2016

 The Electoral College was great with pre-election predictions like this… You can’t get much further to the left than MorOn.org. They backed Bernie Sanders. They lamented the hijinks and backroom fixers that denied their candidate of choice for the Democrat Party nomination. But, in the end, they organized for Clinton. They pounded the pre-election pavement for […]

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The Relevance of the Electoral College

by Steve MacDonald November 12, 2016

The electoral college. A brilliant construction designed to protect the little guy from the dangers of direct democracy’s mob-rule complexions…except for when the wrong candidate wins. (A discussion brought to you courtesy of whining Democrats on Facebook.) And for the record, having seen Democrats elected President through the electoral college on a number of occasions, […]

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Need Help Explaining the Electoral College?

by Steve MacDonald May 18, 2015
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Prager University has released two short videos to help you grasp the brilliance of the electoral college.  Wait, I know.  You already knew this stuff.  But how good are you are explaining it?  And how handy would it be to have a quick resource to share for those who are still struggling? Here you go.

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NH Democrats Laser-Like Focus on Jobs.?…wait…What About That Darn Electoral College Thing First

by Steve MacDonald January 29, 2013

Democrat Charles Weed has something more important for New Hampshire than that “focus on the  jobs and the economy” narrative they ran on.  It’s called HB 148, and it would take New Hampshire’s votes for president and make them completely meaningless. HB148 abandons our ability to apportion our state electors for president and lumps our […]

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Barack Obama, Ben Ghazi, and Warren Wimmen Walk into a Bar…

by Steve MacDonald November 2, 2012

Alternate title:  Jobs report – 65 million can’t find work, unemployment effectively zero. Alrernate alternate title:  If Barack Obama falls in the electroal forrest and the Main Stream Media doesn’t report it, did it really happen? Sigh. Tuesday can’t come soon enough.  That will not, however, be the end of it.  While Romney will very […]

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Univ Of Colorado Professors….Almost Agree With Me

by Steve MacDonald October 9, 2012

Back on September 22nd I posted an article  about two Professors from the University of Colorado who have a model for determining who will win the White House.  They’ve been right in every Presidential election for the past 30 years.   At that time they predicted Romney 320 to Obama 218. I said more like, Romney […]

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My Guess Was Romney With Around 340 Electoral Votes

by Steve MacDonald September 22, 2012

Two Professors from the University of Colorado have a model for determining who will win the White House.  They’ve been right every year since 1980.  In 2012 they predict that Mitt Romney will win 320 Electoral votes to Barack Obama’s 218. Romney, it concluded, will win every state currently considered by pollsters to be a […]

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