SB3 Won’t “Suppress” Legal Votes If You Are a Legal Voter , Duh.

by Steve MacDonald August 31, 2018

The No Borders folks are at it again. No, not the southern border, the New Hampshire border. All the way around. The Democrats erased it a few years ago as a GOTV strategy. This year the legislature passed SB3 to try and pencil the state border back in. Get back a sliver of that state sovereignty thingamajig. But the no […]

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Make America States Again

by Ian Underwood August 28, 2018

The 17th Amendment was supposed to solve a particular problem — the political establishment was thought to be exercising too much control over the selection of senators, making the process too susceptible to corruption.  The idea was to fix that by taking control out of the hands of that establishment, and putting it directly into […]

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Did the New Hampshire Department of Justice Hack the 2018 Election?

by Ed Mosca August 25, 2018

If you have been following New Hampshire politics this year, you know that House Bill 1264 became law.  HB 1264 is intended to end the undemocratic practice of allowing out-of-state residents to vote in New Hampshire elections. Once HB 1264 becomes effective the act of voting in New Hampshire will be deemed a declaration by […]

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Established A Presence??

by Ed Naile July 18, 2018

What is the most important qualification for voting in the State of New Hampshire? This puzzle has “confused” people for decades. One qualification is being 18 years of age – but then again – lots of people are 18 years of age. So, there must be something else that would set a group of people […]

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Democrats are Still Colluding With Out-of-State Voters to Steal NH Elections

by Steve MacDonald July 14, 2018

The State Supreme Court has ruled (in its analysis of HB1264, which the governor then signed yesterday) that out-of-state college students do not have more rights than actual citizens of New Hampshire. They are not entitled to a special exclusion from the responsibilities actual residents accept including registering vehicles in the Granite State or obtaining a […]

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Kevin Miller: There is One Word that Truly Describes Steve Shurtleff…Charlatan

by Op-Ed June 15, 2018

By Kevin Miller House Minority Leader Stephen Shurtleff bashed Republican leadership for not passing gun control laws to “make our schools safer.” Such attacks on Republican leaders are slander. Republican leaders *are* passing legislation expressly for making our schools safer, but not how Shurtleff wants it done. When Stephen Shurtleff took office, he swore to […]

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Grok Poll Results – Would You Vote Republican to Keep Nancy Pelosi from Becoming Speaker?

by Steve MacDonald June 15, 2018

The poll question was “Would You Vote Republican In Nov. to Keep Nancy Pelosi from Becoming Speaker?” 100% of respondents said yes! Pelosi continues to be a gift that keeps giving to Republicans, even when they might not deserve it. The original poll is here. View the results of our previous poll here: “Will You […]

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Will Democrats Try to Run On An Economy That’s Not Supposed To Be This Good?

by Steve MacDonald June 13, 2018

Can Democrats run for office in 2018 on recent economic success? There are media narratives in place. The problem with liberals and their narratives, however, is that they are bound only in the moment without regard to anything that came before or after. So, when it comes to the Economy and the 2018 Elections, the […]

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SCOTUS Protects Rule of Law by 5-4 Decision in Ohio Election Case

by Steve MacDonald June 13, 2018

In a case brought against the State of Ohio over how it interprets Federal law regarding the removal of ineligible voters from state voting rolls, four out of nine Justices attempted to legislate from the bench in deciding HUSTED v. A. PHILIP RANDOLPH INSTITUTE. “Respondents contend that Ohio’s process for removing voters on change-of-residence grounds violates this […]

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Do you know what this is?

by Skip June 12, 2018

Yep – that yellow thing is the paperwork you’d fill out at the office of the NH Secretary of State, Bill Gardner, located on the second floor in the State Capital building in Concord, if you were to run for state or county wide offices (but not the House of Representatives).  There are slots still […]

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To: New Hampshire State Supreme Court, From: Coalition of NH Taxpayers Chairman, Ed Naile

by Ed Naile June 6, 2018

To: New Hampshire State Supreme Court From: Coalition of NH Taxpayers Chairman, Ed Naile 8 North Main St. Concord, NH 03301 Re: Court Review of NH Election Law Legislation Date: May 29, 2018 M E M O R A N D U M    OF    L A W Statement of Facts: New Hampshire has […]

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Some Thoughts on the House Bill 1264 Memoranda Filed With the Supreme Court — Part II

by Ed Mosca June 5, 2018

VOLINSKY and PAPPAS Volinsky and Pappas devote their memorandum to arguing that the Court should duck the questions transferred by the Governor.  Because I already covered their argument in my discussion of the Attorney General’s memorandum, I will not repeat it here. STATE SENATE The State Senate’s attorney, Rick Lehmann, researched the history of the term […]

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Some Thoughts on the HB1264 – Memoranda Filed With the Supreme Court — Part I

by Ed Mosca June 4, 2018

Not a comprehensive examination of all memoranda filed with Supreme Court regarding House Bill 1264.  Just some notes I took while reading through them, cleaned up somewhat for public consumption. SECRETARY OF STATE The Secretary of State takes no express position on House Bill 1264.  But he appears to agree with the position of the Governor —as I […]

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Eric Holder Flips on Out-Of-State Student License and Vehicle Registration Comments.

by Steve MacDonald June 3, 2018

From the Concord Monitor. Mr. Holder Clarifies his clarification. “My comments were intended to support the right of domiciled students to vote in the state of New Hampshire as long as they comply with existing law,” Holder said. “In no way should they be viewed as supporting any proposal that would make it harder for […]

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Eric Holder: Out-Of-State Students Should Get a NH Driver’s License

by Steve MacDonald June 2, 2018

Speaking to Democrats at Saint Anselm College on Friday, Former US Attorney General Eric Holder said Students who want to vote in New Hampshire get a NH Driver’ License and register their cars. “If you are gonna be considered a resident of this state so you can vote, that means that you have to follow all the […]

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It’s Still Voter Fraud – Like It Or Not

by Ed Naile May 31, 2018

New Hampshire has about 980,000 registered voters. At least 5,300 of those voters: Can’t legally register their dog in New Hampshire. May not legally obtain a NH hunting license. None of those “voters” are qualified to be called for jury duty in the Granite State. Are paying out-of-state college tuition at NH State Colleges because […]

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Check Your Party Registration

by Ellen Kolb May 18, 2018

FYI, it’s that season again: the New Hampshire Secretary of State’s office has issued the standard biennial reminder of the deadline for changes in party registration before this year’s primary election in September. Nothing new; just a reminder. “Tuesday, June 5th is the deadline for changing your political party affiliation before the September 11, 2018, […]

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It Was My Turn

by Steve MacDonald May 18, 2018
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Why Don’t We Obsess Over “Inhabitant” – The Story Of NH Voter Fraud

by Ed Naile May 15, 2018

The Governor of the State of New Hampshire, through the Executive Council, has sent a letter to the NH State Supreme Court in an attempt to clarify the definition of RESIDENT vs. DOMICILE when it comes to voting. It is a shame we are still falling for the resident/domicile scam that NH uses to let […]

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Too Bad Frank Edelblut Won’t Run For Governor This Year

by Steve MacDonald May 11, 2018

In 2016 Mr. Sununu barely survived a primary win against Frank Edelblut. Gov. Sununu offered a job as the state commissioner of Education to Frank, and he may be the best one we’ve had in decades. So we can give Chris credit for listening when someone tells him what might be a smart move for him politically. That’s important […]

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New Hampshire’s Bipartisan Cultural Elites

by Steve MacDonald May 8, 2018

Mr. Trump won the presidency on an issue no one else in the ruling class took seriously. Immigration, border control, and the very definition of what it meant to be American. For years the cultural elites in Washington and across the nation have shared a growing disinterest in the idea of citizenship. Their reactions have run […]

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Some Voters Are More Equal Than Others

by Ed Naile May 3, 2018

The old “loophole” argument is back at it again when it comes to voter fraud in NH. The “powers that be” who will not prosecute out-of-state voters have determined there is no law mandating a NH driver’s license to vote in NH. That is their current excuse. This simpleton argument has no merit, but it […]

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Fake News Award Winner Debunks NH Vote Fraud – Or Maybe Not

by Steve MacDonald April 1, 2018

One of Ed Mosca’s latest examines New Hampshire Public Radios’s effort to gloss over the fact that New Hampshire State Law discriminates against New Hampshire residents. In his rebuttal to a piece by Casey McDermott, Ed notes that, “..what actually comes to mind are thousands of out-of-State college students who choose to remain residents of […]

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What Ed Naile Found in The Manchester Voter Checklist

by Steve MacDonald March 29, 2018

Ed Naile got his hands on a copy of the Manchester, New Hampshire voter checklist. He joins me to explore some familiar names he discovered that are still in there.   Follow this program on iTunes Also Available on Google Play

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What About Life? NH House, Not Interested in Protecting Viable Babies.

by Steve MacDonald March 23, 2018

Ellen Kolb, reporting at Leaven for the Loaf, has an update on how Life Bills fared in the New Hampshire House. Lousy. HB1680, which would prohibit the termination of a viable fetus, which no majority of Democrats would ever vote for under pain of punishment from the party inquisitors still failed to advance despite a […]

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An RSA 91-A Request To the NH Secretary of State

by Ed Naile March 22, 2018

The included documents (below) are my RSA 91-A request for information regarding the efforts the NH Secretary of State uses to keep our taxpayer paid-for Statewide Voter Database free of deficiencies. The Secretary of State’s response is also included (also below). They claim to be exempt from the National Voter Rights Act of 1993 because […]

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Have You Ever Considered Being a NH State Rep?

by Steve MacDonald March 12, 2018

Are you tired of NH Legislators who promise one thing and deliver another? Are you tired of seeing government grow, take over personal responsibilities, and infringe on our freedoms? Do you want to stop increased taxes and further restrictions of our liberties? Do you want the government to focus on enabling and encouraging people to […]

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Tales from the BudComm (sorta, sideways) – “Someone had decided to throw dirt….how quaint.”

by Skip March 11, 2018

That was my response to this: I guess the GTC mailing must have hit a nerve!! because of this (reformatted, emphasis mine): To The Daily Sun, The town has received several inquiries about a recent mailing by the Gilford Taxpayers Coalition.  Please be advised the information being distributed IS NOT AFFILIATED with the Town of […]

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Tales from the BudComm – election time edition

by Skip March 9, 2018

Yep, it’s that time of year, and in my hamlet, only the BudComm has contested races – go figure!  The “Gilford Democrats” are all up in arms thinking that the BudComm members are going to take the their School Board budget and almost all of them are on the Government payroll (or family members are).  […]

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Indict – But Do It Right!

by Ed Naile February 22, 2018

As most readers will know I was working with James O’Keefe when his excellent gorilla journalists videotaped four Australians, during the lead-up to our New Hampshire Presidential Primary.  They were paid by the Australian Labor Party to come to the US and work for Comrade Bernie Sanders. This involved working with Sanders in several states as well […]

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