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Who is Behind This “Anonymous” Flyer in Opposition to SB193?

by Op-Ed February 7, 2018

By Jim Kofalt New Hampshire law states that “political advertising” must be signed. In other words, if you are distributing materials that advocate for the success or defeat of a candidate or a particular measure, you need to state clearly and legibly who paid for it. In early January, an unsigned flyer showed up in […]

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Voter Fraud In Philly – Again

by Ed Naile November 2, 2017

Four election officials in Black Panther friendly Philadelphia are charged with election law violations = voter fraud. Yes, we can call it that! The scheme was simple. All the alleged election officials had to do was intimidate any of the 5% of the voters in that district who were not Democrats/minorities or switch their votes […]

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There’s a problem with SB3 – the proposed election law

by Skip May 17, 2017

Yeah, Concord Monitor again, this time on SB3 that proposes to tighten up NH’s election law on the word “domicile” and cut out the nonsense that has basically allowed drive-by-voting for decades (and yes, we’ve been writing about this for years here at the ‘Grok).  I applaud the Rs for trying to do something about […]

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Reminder: SB 3 is Crap – Amend it or Scrap It

by Steve MacDonald April 18, 2017

Senate Bill 3 claims to address the issue of domicile and residence for voting purposes in New Hampshire. It fails. The Senate passed it anyway, and despite its flaws, it is up for consideration in the House. The single biggest problem is non-resident college students voting in local elections instead of voting absentee where the […]

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NH Should Follow UNH Non-Resident Tuition Rules – for Voting Purposes

by Steve MacDonald January 13, 2017

The new Legislature is looking at election law again so now is as good a time as any to revisit something I’ve suggested before when it comes to figuring out who can and can’t or should or should not be voting in New Hampshire. Here it is, plain and simple. To qualify for In-State tuition status […]

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Larry Lessig Thinks Poster Child For “Money in Politics Problem” Should Be Crowned President

by Steve MacDonald November 27, 2016

Larry Lessig’s NH Rebellion is a partisan front to advance the left’s agenda under the guise of campaign finance reform. We pointed it out “on day one” or at least reminded folks who probably already had their suspicions. Always remember Rule number one. If Democrats want it the odds are good it’s bad for freedom, individual […]

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Bernie Supporter C. Robert Gibson Cries “Election Fraud”

by Ed Naile March 3, 2016

If you want a laugh after the Bernie Sanders meltdown in Massachusetts look no farther than our voter suppression trial “star-in-waiting” Carl Robert Gibson. Carl, or C. Robert as he likes to be called now, was here in NH in 2015 to assist Bernie Sanders in any small way he could. C. Robert knows NH […]

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Project Veritas – well, James & crew have gotten some attention but from the wrong people?

by Skip February 19, 2016

Or is it the ANGRY people?  Like the people knocking on Grokster Mike’s door one night and and my picture fell out of a folder and threatened to arrest James O’Keefe if they could get their sticky fingers on them?  Yeah, these people: (Click to embiggen)  The question is WHY and WHOM might they be […]

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Project Veritas in NH 2016 – Different?

by Ed Naile February 11, 2016

The last time Project Veritas was in NH it was 2012 and they were going polling place to polling place stating the name of a deceased voter to ballot clerks who would look up the name, ask if the address was correct and attempt to hand the Project Veritas journalist a ballot. That hit a […]

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SNHU Students Could Learn a Few Things – With All The Facts

by Ed Naile November 5, 2015

This is the time of year I get tips about out of state voters. This tip is a bit fuzzy. I need to get some more info on it but it goes like this: Southern New Hampshire University plans on having a student voter registration drive real soon, complete with free pizza! So far, there seems […]

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AG Games

by Ed Naile May 18, 2015

Let’s play a little guessing game! This low-life scum that sent the fake press release about Republican House of Representatives Candidate Yvonne Dean-Bailey in next Tuesday’s special election has admittedly violated NH Election Law. The portion of the law he violated is in the Criminal Code RSA 666.6 so it will be hard to pretend […]

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Salem Safety Complex Fails

by Steve MacDonald March 11, 2015
Thumbnail image for Salem Safety Complex Fails

The taxpayers in Salem, New Hampshire rejected a 23 million dollar bond to fund a new Safety Complex.  We reported on the situation in Salem back on February 23rd. There is one dissenting selectman who is concerned about the process, the cost, the lack of enough open debate, and the refusal to seriously consider cheaper […]

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Shaheen, Shea-Porter, and Kuster All Named in FEC Complaint

by Steve MacDonald March 1, 2015
Thumbnail image for Shaheen, Shea-Porter, and Kuster All Named in FEC Complaint

Senator Jeanne Shaheen, Congress-woman Carol Shea-Porter, and Congress-woman Ann Kuster are all named in an FEC complaint filed  against Catalist by the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT). (WashingtonExaminer) Catalist, the Washington, D.C.-based firm at the heart of the allegations, was accused of “providing candidates and federal party committees data and list-related products and […]

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Will NH HB320 Infringe on Political Speech?

by Steve MacDonald January 22, 2015
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Finding New Hampshire House Bill 320 (HB320) was like tripping over something in the dark on your way to something else.  The thing in the dark is “AN ACT relative to removal of certain campaign materials at the polling place.” Certain campaign materials?  What campaign materials? HB320 would amend Amend RSA 659:43, II to allow […]

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May I See Your N. C. Driver’s License, Foreign Passport and US Voter Registrations Please

by Ed Naile October 22, 2014

North Carolina’s clean election laws were  confirmed by the US Supreme Court a few weeks ago.  N.C. Legislators dumped same day registration and the court upheld the sensible move as a state right. But another in-place, organized, leftist scheme to steal an election by any means just hit a snag because of an alert group […]

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RSA 666:4 Provisions for Purity of Elections – Challengers

by Skip September 8, 2014

A note to the NH GOP: TITLE LXIII ELECTIONS CHAPTER 666 PROVISIONS FOR PURITY OF ELECTIONS Challengers Section 666:4     666:4 Challengers Appointed by Party Committee. –The state committee of a political party may appoint a person to act as challenger of voters at any polling place in the state at a state election. A […]

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May, Shall, What’s The Difference?

by Ed Naile May 5, 2014

 North Carolina arrests one Antonio Terez Harris for Election Law Violations Looks like the County Sheriff arrested Mr. Harris of: 707 Lake Dr. Herculaneum , MO 63048 Phone Number: (636) 479-6314 Also of 115 Meadowfield Circle , Aberdeen , N.C. Think Mr. Harris has a DOMICILE problem? There is so little information about this arrest […]

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This Article Is About Ace Reporters – Not Candidates, Let’s Make That Clear

by Ed Naile March 29, 2014

Just as anticipated, the Nashua paper’s ace political reporter is doing a second story about a possible Republican candidate for governor. The last story the ace political reporter from Nashua did on this same candidate and issue was March 23. Today’s revelation is that the potential Republican candidate HAD A DRIVER’S LICENSE IN MARYLAND within […]

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GrokTALK! 9-21-2013 – Skip, Steve and Mike Open the Program

by Steve MacDonald September 26, 2013
Thumbnail image for GrokTALK! 9-21-2013 – Skip, Steve and Mike Open the Program

Skip, Mike, and Steve open the show with quick hits on the Tom DeLay conviction being overturned, mass shootings, Martin O’Malley coming to NH, what’s new with GrokTALK and GraniteGrok.com, being a part-time new media activist, Common core and the government bribing the states with federal money (taken from the states), the need for property […]

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GrokTALK! 9-14-2013 Guest Segment: Susan Myrick – Electoral Policy Analyst with the Civitas Institute in NC

by Steve MacDonald September 26, 2013
Thumbnail image for GrokTALK! 9-14-2013 Guest Segment: Susan Myrick – Electoral Policy Analyst with the Civitas Institute in NC

In the final half-hour Electoral Policy Analyst Susan Myrick, from North Carolina’s Civitas Institute calls in for a discussion on electoral policy, changes in North Carolina’s Election law, problems with early voting and same day registration, residency requirements, voter ID and how it polls among all sectors of the population, similarities between issues in their […]

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GrokTALK! 9-21-2013 Guest Segment – Bill O’Brien: Part I

by Steve MacDonald September 23, 2013
Thumbnail image for GrokTALK! 9-21-2013 Guest Segment – Bill O’Brien: Part I

Former NH House speaker Bill O’Brien, drops in to discuss devloving government power back to the people, the O’Brien Budget, good things that happened during the Republican majority, the hypocrisy of Democrats on “settled law,” letting adults run their own lives, commuter rail, and the scourge of invisble taxation.     Listen to part I […]

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GrokTALK! September 21st, 2013

by Steve MacDonald September 22, 2013
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This week on GrokTALK! our guests are NH House Rep and former speaker of the NH House Bill O’Brien, and Susan Myrick, Election Policy Analyst for the North Carolina chapter of the Civitas Institute. The Topics, in no particular order… Tom DeLay, Property Rights, Global Warming, Budgets, Devolving power from Government, Early voting and same […]

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GrokTALK! August 3rd, 2013 Guest Segment – David Hurst

by Steve MacDonald August 4, 2013

In Segment Two David Hurst and Bob Burns drop in (It’s technically David’s segment) to talk about the discussion of vote fraud, the meaning of intent, the resurrection of Geoff Wetrosky, something called an absentee ballot, what if a few thousand free staters showed up for election day and did what the Democrats insist is […]

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Don’t Forget About Paolo!

by Steve MacDonald July 31, 2013

With all this talk about Martha’s No-Tell Motel, and while we simmer a few more OFA out of state voter-sausages on the back burner, let us not forget this winsome harbinger of vote stealing doom, Nashua Democrat Cindy Rosenwald. She has repeatedly housed a professional Democrat Campaign lackey by the name of Paolo Cozzi at […]

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Guest Post – David Bates: (New Hampshire) Legislators Prepare to Gut Voter ID Law

by Steve MacDonald June 25, 2013

It appears the reports of good news from last Monday, that attempts to gut the new voter ID law had failed, were premature.  The Republican controlled Senate seems poised to give in to Democrat efforts to weaken the law which requires voters to prove who they are before they can vote. legislature worked for over […]

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Would NH Democrats Want Out Of State Military Personel Voting Here?

by Steve MacDonald August 6, 2012

It is generally accepted that military personnel and their families,  no matter where they are working, get to vote back home, no matter where they are and how far away “home” is. But to hear New Hampshire Democrats talk, if there was one or more, great big military bases in New Hampshire, with thousands of […]

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Are Campaign Signs Like Gray Hairs?

by Steve MacDonald April 9, 2012

The joke says that when one gray hair gets yanked out a bunch come to the funeral. A few days ago someone stole the Krupp for School Board sign from my yard.  I only had one.   Today, there are five of them.  I have room for a dozen more if I should happen to […]

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Should NH Give A Damn About Zandra Rice Hawkins?

by Steve MacDonald February 1, 2012

Tomorrow, someone who relies entirely on out of state money, will present a pile of petitions, signed almost entirely with out of state signatures, to the New Hampshire Attorney General (AG), whom she will ask to investigate voter fraud in the Granite State. Let me start out by thanking Zandra for the petition show she […]

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Not So Secret Fact about Voter ID – We Don’t Need Democrats To Pass It

by Steve MacDonald January 13, 2012

The only reason we do not have a voter ID law in New Hampshire is because Republicans didn’t vote to override a veto.  We don’t need Lynch to like the bill.  We don’t need one single Democrat in the entire legislature to like it either.  We just need a few more GOP House members to […]

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Article 11 v. Elliot Lasky – Smackdown!

by Steve MacDonald November 6, 2010

I do not profess to know the finer details of New Hampshire election law, though more perhaps than the husband of the former State Senator who sat on the election law committee, Elliot Lasky.  Mr. Bette Lasky was caught stealing political signs, a clear violation of election law.  (I guess Bette didn’t bring that work […]

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