Election Day

Remember this on Tuesday: how the Democrats’ Obamacare affects you

by Skip November 6, 2016

Much has been written (including here on the ‘Grok) about Obamacare.  Now that our “we are the right ones to implement Socialism” are seeing the absolute nightmare that this Democrat nationalization of our healthcare system has now turned into a tsunami of badness, they are: 1)Saying that those whose Obamacare premiums have skyrocketed (up to […]

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“Where, oh where has our little Jimmy gone? Where, oh where can he be?”

by Skip November 7, 2014

Update: Really – still nothing?  Not even an up to date Political Standing?  I called WMUR just now and the news desk person didn’t know but said she hadn’t see him all week and had no clue as to his status (he is still listed on their News staff)- she transferred me to Alicia (sp?), a […]

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And just in time for Election Day!

by Skip November 4, 2014

TOP 10 REASONS TO VOTE DEMOCRAT (not!) #10. I vote Democrat because I love the fact that I can now marry whatever I want. I’ve decided to marry my German Shepherd. #9. I vote Democrat because I believe oil companies’ profits of 4% on a gallon of gas are obscene, but the government taxing the […]

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“Hello Skip” – Part 3: And who I AM voting for

by Skip November 4, 2014

We’ve given out no ‘Grok Endorsement for the General Election this year.  In fact, the subject didn’t even come up between the primary and now.  But that doesn’t mean that each individual Grokster can’t make their own personal endorsements (and if they have the time….hint, hint) here on the front page – I’d be interested […]

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“Hello, Skip!” – Part 1

by Skip November 3, 2014

Finally got my first call from the NH GOP GOTV (Get Out The Vote) process two nites ago.  I could tell it wasn’t done from the State Committee Member list – on that, I am “Skip”.  No, it was using my formal given name – so I knew instantly it was from the RNC official […]

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So, will the NH GOP blame the Liberty and Freedom wing of the Party if Havenbagger and Brown lose?

by Skip October 9, 2014

Havenbagger – yeah, I chose it specifically for Walt Havenstein.  Can’t take credit for coming up with it but given his absolutely arrogant non-apology for his teabagger comment (for which MANY in the Liberty & Freedom wing of the Party have asked (some even very politely after pointing out the PR harm it will do to […]

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Using the Law to ‘Legally’ Steal Elections?

by Steve MacDonald November 8, 2012

Judge Lewis made it legal for out of state residents to vote in New Hampshire.  It’s not quite that simple but he essentially legalized out of state voter influence on your local election (vote fraud) which is not actually a new idea but may have been executed on a massive scale this week. Now you’d […]

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Postponing the Election? Can the President actually move the date?

by Skip October 30, 2012

Of course, all of the political junkies on both sides have been thinking “should the election be put off”?  Me?  No.  We’ve been embroiled in wars and we haven’t foregone national elections – while there has been loss of life (minimal, thank God!) and lots of physical destruction, it is confined to a handful of […]

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