Update From Michelle Levell on Education Savings Account Legisaltion [Updated]

by Steve MacDonald May 4, 2018

From Michelle Levell HUGE NEWS — Late last night the Senate tacked on the original ESA bill version to HB 1636, a charter school bill. This is awesome news!! This means it goes to House Education for a recommendation to concur or reject, or Committee of Conference. Our objective is to get all our YES […]

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FB Doodlings – “Scott Metzger: Some of property-tax burden should be shifted to vehicle registrations” – Part 2

by Skip April 22, 2018

Well, I do have to admit, the Concord Monitor does get a large diversity of commenters on posts sometimes.  No, not the skin-color-deep-facial-features kind of diversity where only looks count.  I mean the only diversity that really counts – intellectual and philosophical differences.  Dick Lemiuex  riled up frequent Progressive CM and Grok commenter, Bruce Currie […]

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I Got Robby’d Of Like An Education

by Ed Naile March 16, 2018

There is nothing even close to an Ivy League education to set one apart from the deplorables. You can look anyone in the eye and say, “I graduated from, blah, blah, blah,” and not have to prove you have a clue about anything. It is automatically assumed you must be intelligent. Take Robby Mook for […]

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Every school shooter you’ve heard of came out of public schools

by Steve MacDonald February 20, 2018

While the professional left and their collectivist herd bleat and low about the government watchdogs that failed again having more power to watch over this or that, the political Right is having an increasingly constructive discussion about how we got here from there. We built a culture in which celebrity is our highest aspiration. From “Lifestyles […]

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Timberlane School Board Member Compares All Homeschoolers to Horrific Abusers

by Kimberly Morin January 21, 2018

On Friday, a disturbing post was made on social media by an actual school board member in the Timberlane Regional School district. Peter Bealo, who is listed as “Board Chair” for Timberlane/Plaistow, posted a photo of the horrific story about abuse in California, then tried to attribute that behavior to all homeschoolers. The post has […]

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BlogQuestion of the Day – how come NH Democrats are against equal opportunity???

by Skip December 31, 2017

“Wealthy families have the means to find the best school for each child. Should not all New Hampshire parents?” states Rep. Glenn Cordelli, R-Tuftonboro, for the majority of the Education Committee. HB 193 should pass (now, even the NH Attorney General says it is Constitutional).  Afte all, “it’s for the children”! Oh, that’s right – […]

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Challenging “Banned Books Week”

by Ellen Kolb September 27, 2017

It’s “Banned Books Week.” Pardon my groan. I rant about this every year. No end in sight, alas. The folks behind Banned Books Week – a coalition of the American Library Association and allied groups – lost all credibility with me years ago when they conflated “banned” and “challenged,” especially when the challenge is to […]

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“Will no one rid me of these meddlesome SJWs?”

by Skip August 3, 2017

[With all due respect to Henry II (above)].  Please guide me around the bridges they have designed.  I don’t care about diversity – I want “my engineers” to know their math, material science, and ground soils makeup.  SJWs (Social Justice Warriors) have perverted just about everything they’ve touched and now they’re about to ruin engineering […]

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Is the Climate Cult the Left’s Last Hope and other Random Thoughts

by Steve MacDonald July 9, 2017

Climate change is the single most important progressive agenda item. It has to be. Everything else they claim to care about has failed. So they leverage the climate narrative to blame you for their lies failure.  Championing climate change lets leadership continue to enrich itself and the political class (and grow government) while allowing themselves rank and […]

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Franklin NH Gets $125,000.00 for Dropout Prevention

by Steve MacDonald June 25, 2017

The city of Franklin, New Hampshire got a gift in the new Republican state Budget. A grant for $125K to address its distinction of having the third highest dropout rate in the state. FRANKLIN — Franklin will receive $125,000 for dropout prevention through a grant that was included in the state budget passed yesterday. “I […]

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Education: anti-parents

by Skip May 27, 2017

George Will read US Sen. Ben Sasse’s new book.  A slice: In the long-running rivalry between the realist and romantic views of human nature, Sasse is firmly with the former. This aligns him against those who believe that schooling should be “a substitute for parents” as life’s “defining formative institution.” In the progressive view of […]

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Could Full Day Kindergarten in New Hampshire Cure Athlete’s Foot?

by Steve MacDonald April 25, 2017

The push to pass full-day kindergarten in New Hampshire might cure athlete’s foot. Toenail fungus? Why not? Advocates have come out suggesting it will help end the opioid crisis and solve the brain-drain problem–by keeping students from leaving the state after they graduate. Could it begin to heal the earth, stop the seas from rising? Is […]

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Fight over School Choice Heats Up

by Steve MacDonald April 5, 2017

Someone I know (a liberal Hillary supporter) who must remain anonymous was saying that SB193 would allow some home-schooling family with six kids to take six kids worth of money out of the school district when it wouldn’t cost them that much to home school them. My fist thought was, well, it’s not actually the […]

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We’ve Got the Cost Per Pupil for Every School District In New Hampshire

by Steve MacDonald March 29, 2017

The New Hampshire Department of Education has released a document listing the cost per pupil for public school education in New Hampshire. The report provides details for each district (or SAU) in the state based on these parameters. The Cost per Pupil represents, with certain adjustments, current expenditures from all funding sources (local, state and […]

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Frank Edelblut Confirmed as Commissioner of the NH Dept. of Education

by Steve MacDonald February 15, 2017

For Immediate Release February 15, 2017 Contact: Governor Sununu Press Office (603) 271-2121 Governor Chris Sununu Statement on Confirmation of Frank Edelblut as Commissioner of the Department of Education Concord, NH – Following today’s Executive Council vote to confirm Frank Edelblut as Commissioner of the Department of Education, Governor Chris Sununu issued the following […]

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Obama’s School Improvement Grant Program Spent Billions for Nothing

by Steve MacDonald January 26, 2017

Obama’s School Improvement Grant (SIG) program pumped billions into failing schools on the premise that the problem was not enough money. Wrong. The damning final evaluation of the SIG program was released – just a coincidence, we’re told – two days before the administration walked out the door. Funded by the very Department of Education […]

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Frank Edelblut Nominated for NH Commissioner of Education

by Steve MacDonald January 18, 2017

This. IS. Awesome. Governor Chris Sununu Nominates Frank Edelblut as Commissioner of New Hampshire Department of Education Concord, NH – Governor Chris Sununu this morning brought forth to the Executive Council the nomination of Frank Edelblut for commissioner of the New Hampshire Department of Education. Governor Sununu said of today’s nomination, “I am thrilled to […]

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Right to Work states spend less on education, get more value for students

by Kimberly Morin January 17, 2017

On Thursday Senate Bill 11, AN ACT prohibiting collective bargaining agreements that require employees to join or contribute to a labor union, is scheduled to be voted on by the entire New Hampshire Senate. It was voted Ought To Pass out of committee by a party line vote of 3-2. As the Right to Work (RTW) […]

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Report: Schools Are Teaching Kids To Hate America

by Steve MacDonald January 17, 2017

By Joy Pullmann – The Federalist This new, anti-American approach is supplanting traditional civics—teaching kids about the structure and ideals of American government, basics about her history, and citizenship duties such as military service, voting, and jury duty. Poor civics instruction has increased over the past half-century, likely contributing to the broad decline of American […]

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The Definition of Insanity – New Hampshire Style

by Ed Naile January 13, 2017

Deep in the bowels of the New Hampshire State Constitution is a word, one single word, that the activist NH State Supreme Court used to try and impose a broad-based tax on its citizens – because the NH Legislature will not do it. God Bless our citizen legislature. Behold the word “cherish.” Cherish is the […]

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Who Stands with Wendy Davis on America’s Failed Education System?

by Steve MacDonald November 18, 2016 is reporting that former Texas State Senator Wendy ‘Abortion Barbie‘ Davis just insulted half the nation. “Let’s face it, Republicans were rewarded by an undereducated electorate,” Davis told the Texas Standard, a public radio program, on Thursday. “And I don’t think it’s too cynical to say that the true right-wing conspiracy in this country is […]

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603 Alliance Issues Briefing Summit – Education

by Steve MacDonald August 29, 2016
Thumbnail image for 603 Alliance Issues Briefing Summit – Education

Next up at The 603 Alliance Issues Briefing Summit Ann Marie Banfield from Cornerstone Action spoke on testing, Common Core, legislative language and local control of education.

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The truth about Mayor Ted Gatsas and Common Core in Manchester

by Kimberly Morin August 4, 2016

On Sunday, Mayor Ted Gatsas gave a stump speech at the Rockingham County Republican Committee candidate forum. In his speech he once again made claims about his record on Common Core that aren’t true and what he claims he will do in the future.

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Maggie Hassan is a Statist Stooge and She is Lying to you About Local Education

by Steve MacDonald July 31, 2016
Thumbnail image for Maggie Hassan is a Statist Stooge and She is Lying to you About Local Education

Maggie Hassan is lying to you about education. From her Send Maggie to the DC Feed-Trough Website, …In the Senate, Maggie will fight to expand early childhood education, give New Hampshire schools the flexibility to put federal dollars to the best possible use and continue the Granite State’s leadership in empowering local school districts, students and […]

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Steve Kenda – Education, School Choice, Heroin ‘Crisis’

by Steve MacDonald June 14, 2016
Thumbnail image for Steve Kenda – Education, School Choice, Heroin ‘Crisis’

In part two of our conversation with Steve Kenda, State Senate Candidate District 24, we talk about Education, Common core, school choice, the heroin epidemic, and bureaucracies. (Download this segment) (Listen to the entire Podcast)  

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Local Education and The Beautiful Tree

by Steve MacDonald May 18, 2016
Thumbnail image for Local Education and The Beautiful Tree

Are brick and mortar classrooms obsolete? Jody and Ian Underwood continue the education discussion with the book “The Beautiful Tree,” we touch on the advantages of local control in education, and real-world costs per classroom versus what your school board is charging you. (Download this segment) (Full Podcast)   Podcast RSS Feed  

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Comment Doodlings – Should not local control mean local financing (because RESPONSIBILITY)?

by Skip April 5, 2016

I guess Mr. Chase doesn’t believe in local control in education. Which also means that with local control, it means local responsibility for funding the decisions that come from local control if a town decides it wants full time kindergarten. That was my comment left at Tom Chase’s LtE in the Concord Monitor (after the […]

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Seriously, these three are the top responsibilities of the Federal Government?

by Skip March 30, 2016

I missed last night’s CNN Townhall with the Republican Prez candidates.  As always, Donald Trump made the buzz of the night.  Certainly his utterance on abortion made waves.  Sure, I am a pro-life supporter but even I blanched when I heard what he said.  That said, it’s what else he said that caught my attention […]

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Chris Sununu’s words are, IMHO, a bit strange

by Skip March 27, 2016

Now that the NH FITN Prez Wannabe Beauty Contest is now long gone, we can start turning our attentions to what matters: NH (e.g., “screw DC, save NH”).  That certainly means it’s time to start watching and evaluating NH specific races which certainly includes the Governor one.  Ann Marie Banfield has an extensive email list […]

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NH Education Activist Call To Action

by Steve MacDonald February 19, 2016
Thumbnail image for NH Education Activist Call To Action

From Stop Common Core New Hampshire WARNING!!! Obama’s Outcome Based Education and Outcome Based Assessments may become LAW This needs to be STOPPED IMMEDIATELY TWO Bills passed the NH HOUSE are on their way to the NH Senate that need your urgent attention. IT is important that you testify or write the Senate Education Committee […]

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