Eddie Edwards

GrokTV! Live at Edwards’ Post Primary Party

by Mike September 12, 2018

It was a great victory party for Eddie Edwards at Jim Boyle’s Toyota of Portsmouth last night, and special thanks to Marga Coulp and the “usual suspects” from the Seacoast Republican groups for organizing such a great event. MC was Jeff Chidester, and there was food, drink, music, and lots of excitement as the results […]

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GrokClip: Edwards Shoots Straight on Armed Teachers

by Mike September 9, 2018

There has been a debate here on GraniteGrok regarding Eddie Edwards’ true position regarding school security and armed teachers. When Skip and I interviewed Eddie, we got the impression that he was equivocating on the issue, but when Grokster Rick spoke with Eddie, he was certain that Edwards’ only concern was the risk creating a […]

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Let Teachers Be Armed..But Lets Not ‘Arm Teachers’

by Rick Olson September 4, 2018

This is one of those rare occasions where I depart company with my fellow Groksters. This is hard for me to do. But it is one of those rare…very rare times where I sit here and think, “Guys, I  happen to think I am right here!” Eddie is right on this issue. Here’s the deal… […]

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“I fully support the Second Amendment!” – no you don’t, Mr. Edwards (Republican candidate for NH CD-1)

by Skip September 4, 2018

First, let me state this: Groksters have decided to not put out an endorsement in the Republican Primary race in NH First Congressional District.  We’ve basically said “a pox on both their houses” for the dumpster fire that has become the norm this go around.  We interviewed both; an hour and a half with Andy […]

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A New Hampshire CD-1 Republican Primary “Visual Aid”

by Steve MacDonald August 29, 2018

Sometimes it is safer to stand back and watch.

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“Granite Grok” has NOT endorsed a Candidate in New Hampshire CD-1

by Steve MacDonald August 18, 2018

“Granite Grok.com” has NOT endorsed a candidate in New Hampshire Congressional District one (NH CD-1).  Both Eddie Edwards and Andy Sanborn have been interviewed (at great length) by members of our team, but neither candidate has been endorsed. Please also understand that our individual authors are free to write for or against any candidate they […]

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I continue to get Stuff – I think it is time for a bit of a fisking: Alan Rice of the NH Firearms Coalition

by Skip August 17, 2018

“I’ll let you skip the self-reflection bit and make it plain – how could you, as President, allow somebody that rates an “F” that marks him as an anti-gunner, on your Board?” Ah yes, Alan Rice of the NH Firearms Coalition (“NHFC”) is starting to feel some heat.  Like I said before, if you want […]

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Is Edwards just another fake Conservative?

by Don August 16, 2018

Eddie Edwards announced that won’t participate in the Republican primary debate tonight because he refuses to commit to supporting Andy Sanborn should Sanborn win the Republican primary in the First Congressional District.  How can anyone claiming to be a Conservative not fight to elect a Republican, let alone a proven Conservative Republican, versus what promises […]

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Eddie Edwards – Excerpt From Remarks at an Aug. 9th, House Party

by Steve MacDonald August 10, 2018

I had the opportunity to capture some video at a House Party for Eddie Edwards. He is running for Congress in NH congressional district one. I did run into a few issues and not just with the lighting. Some of the video was inaccessible after the fact. Some is just missing, even though the device was […]

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Kevin Landrigan of the Union Leader is blowing it out his other pie-hole

by Skip July 24, 2018

Update: I just left a scathing vmail for the UL head honcho and Publisher, Joe McQuaid demanding retractions on the UL front page, within Landrigan’s article, and in their print edition.  Let’s see what happens. Update 2: From Trent Spiner, Exec. Editor, UL @ 1:36pm (my email was at 9:26am) – “…we certainly understand you […]

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Rockingham County GOP: NH CD1 Debate, By Question

by Mike July 20, 2018

From Pinkerton Academy, Derry, NH – Candidates: Eddie Edwards, Andy Sanborn, Bruce Crochetiere – 7pm on July 11th 2018. Presented question by question:   The opening statements, and just for fun, the lightning round:

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And so the debates continue: Rockingham GOP July 11th 7pm

by Skip July 9, 2018

UPDATE: Bumped from July 1 as July 11th is coming up soon! And GraniteGrok is scheduled to be there to report! More details: Rockingham County GOP

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CNHT Taxpayer Family Reunion Picnic – Candidates for US Congress in CD-1

by Skip July 9, 2018

Candidates aplenty during the CNHT Picnic (“Old Home Day for Conservatives” – you ought to be there next year!) and with Carol SEIU-Porter retiring (just long enough to get that beefy US Congress retirement plan!), the seat is wide open.  Boy, is it wide open: 6 Republicans – Michael Callis, Bruce Crochetiere, Jeffory W. Denaro, Eddie […]

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NHCMP Endorses Eddie Edwards for Congress in NH CD-1

by Op-Ed June 19, 2018

By Kevin McHugh NH Conservative Majority Project (NHCMP) proudly endorses Eddie Edwards in the CD-1 GOP Primary. Eddie is a principled conservative and strong supporter of individual liberty, low taxes, fiscal responsibility and standing up for our 2nd Amendment rights. As a  Navy veteran, police chief, and successful small business owner, Eddie has the knowledge […]

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GraniteGrok reports: Annual Belknap County GOP Lake Winnipesaukee Cruise – Eddie Edwards

by Skip June 2, 2018

Every year the Belknap County GOP has their annual fundraiser on the M/S Mt. Washington that cruises Lake Winnipesaukee.  People talk, they eat dinner, they talk some more, candidates for various offices get a chance to speak, political activists are still talking, more candidates, political activists still talk….you get the picture. This year, the candidates […]

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I got tweeted by some little birdies…

by Skip February 17, 2018

I hear stuff and sometimes I hear a lot of stuff.  Whatever happened to local self-reliance and responsibility in dealing with problems? Item one is about the Opioid problem and “Daddy Moneybags”: At the Belknap County Republican meeting someone from NH GOP HQ was padding around a petition asking people to sign and support Sununu’s […]

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Jim Lawrence Files To Run in NH- CD 2, Eddie Edwards files for NH State Senate

by Steve MacDonald June 12, 2014
Thumbnail image for Jim Lawrence Files To Run in NH- CD 2, Eddie Edwards files for NH State Senate

Jim Lawrence Files To Run in NH- CD 2, Eddie Edwards files for State Senate. Jim Lawrence and Eddie Edwards have officially filed with the Secretary of State to run for public office.  Jim is running for Congress in NH CD-2, and Eddie is running for the NH State Senate in District 4. Eddie is […]

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