Economics 101

Just When you Think the Left Can’t get Any More Stupid…

by Kimberly Morin January 7, 2018

Along comes Zandra Rice-Hawkins of Granite State Progress (GSP) who says… “hold my beer.” This has got to be one of the more stupid things I’ve seen on the Twitterverse in a while. Clearly, Hawkins and her sidekick over at GSP have never worked in a restaurant or actually worked in customer service or with […]

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Economics 101 – Worth What You Paid For It!

by Mike September 18, 2015

Free degrees from devalued providers, attendance diplomas from California high schools, and meanwhile, with the other hand, making the price of your paltry work experience too high to pay, and very soon you’ll find that free “qualifications” are worth what you paid for them! Henry Payne, Sept 18th

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Econ 101 – Understanding Economics in just a Few Minutes

by Steve MacDonald April 23, 2014
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Hillsdale College has a lot of great video, of which this is one. (If they have one on Grammar I’ll be sure to check it out.) Gary Wolfram is the William E. Simon Professor of Economics at Hillsdale College, and in this video he delivers a basic nuts and bolts understanding of the subject in […]

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