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On the dole: “A hand up or a hammock?” Let’s get back to basics

by Skip February 8, 2013

Welfare, that is.  Used to be called “charity” from private sources, and sometimes, folks stayed at the county “poor house”.  Nowadays, the dole (heck, even “welfare”)  is dressed up in smooth bureaucratise so as not to “cause undue stigmatism towards those that need assistance”.  Payments go directly from Government “dole-er outers” to those that supply […]

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GrokTV Event-Granite State Institute of Politics Republican Gov. Debate – Next Four Questions for the Candidates

by Skip July 12, 2012

Continuing on with the questions from the Granite State Institute of Politics Republican Debate featuring Ovide Lamontagne and Kevin Smith, here are the next four questions: Question 5: “Got my hair cut. Stylist complained about high gas costs. General thoughts on energy costs?” Previous Posts: Live Stream – GrokTV Event: The Granite State Institute of […]

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