Durham NH

Voter Fraud – In Seven Minutes

by Ed Naile February 20, 2014

Here is a short film about voter fraud starring former UNH professor Julian Smith. He is the creepy old guy who looks like he smells funny.  Smith is also a Durham Town Councilor. He is the one working the crowd of same day registering students. Durham is a town of about 15,000 people with 12,000 […]

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Guest Post by C.dog e.doG – “But a Mere Point of View on Plagiarized Platitudes”

by Steve MacDonald March 28, 2013

(Note: I often cross-post content on NH Insider.  I appears that Mr. Selig had comments there as well.  C.dog found them, and here responds.) But a Mere Point of View on Plagiarized Platitudes Heeeeee’s back.  Some guys just don’t know when to shut up and crawl under a rock … thank Tod.  So, our dutiful town […]

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Todd I. Selig – Durham Town Administrator and….Plagiarist? [Update]

by Steve MacDonald March 23, 2013

Our own Scott Morales, almost as a footnote, asks whether Durham gas tax supporter and Town Administrator Todd Selig plagiarized a chunk of his editorial posted at the blog and news site NH Insider on March 21 ,2013 Todd Selig – Opposing An Increase in the Road Toll is a Hard Road to Travel for […]

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For Rental Property Owners

by Rick Olson March 20, 2013

Never ignore a gut feeling, but never believe that it’s enough.” —Author Unknown So reads the quote at the top of the Landlord Connection, Inc.‘s website. I very rarely outright endorse a service in any of my writings. But today, if there is a service never more worthy of such, it is Landlord Connection. I […]

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Why The Town Of Durham Is Arbitrary To Landlords

by Rick Olson March 20, 2013

“Even in Hell the peasant will have to serve the landlord, for, while the landlord is boiling in a cauldron the peasant will have to put wood under it” —Russian Proverb The Union Leader featured a story on Monday night, “Durham to landlords: Safety standards stand.” Landlords (or to use the contemporary term) Property Owners, […]

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If It is Campaign Related….It’s a Campaign Expense…You Clean It Up!

by Steve MacDonald August 21, 2012

  Obama is the campaigner in chief, breaking records for the number of campaign stops and fundraisers he’s made so far, all over America.  He’s also breaking records for the amount of money he is costing the places he travels too for these campaign events.  And neither he, nor his campaign, nor the DNC, are […]

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Did Durham Outsource Cost of Obama Visit…to Other NH Taxpayers?

by Steve MacDonald July 31, 2012

The town of Durham has reported that the costs of the Obama visit–which the Obama campaign refused to pay for–cost the town $19,851.00.  But it will only cost the anonymous donor around $13,000.00 because… c/o Gretyl MacAlaster -July 31st Union Leader “…town public safety officials were able to reduce local costs through careful distribution of […]

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Hey You Elite Racist Obama ZOmbies! Don’t Forget Your Picture ID!

by Steve MacDonald June 25, 2012

In the Live Free or Die State you need a Photo ID to get a sticker to use the town dump (in my town).  You need a Photo ID at the age of 16 or up if anyone in your family wants to collect Food Stamps*.  And you need a Photo ID to go to […]

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Anonymous Durham NH Donor Pays When Obama Campaign Will Not

by Steve MacDonald June 25, 2012

Saw this first at CBS/Boston.  A local Durham New Hampshire resident has offered to donate the up to $20,000.00 dollars necessary to cover the cost of Police, Fire, and EMT coverage for President Obama’s Campaign visit. Durham officials say they didn’t mean to raise a ruckus, but they didn’t have the money budgeted for police, […]

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