Drivers License

Reciprocating Disagreement

by Ed Naile February 10, 2018

In New Hampshire, there is a so-called right of a non-resident to vote in our state, while keeping an out-of-state driver’s license. That unconstitutional right, Guare v. NH, has never been established in any law enacted by the NH Legislature, as has been the case with the law regarding reciprocating agreements for driver’s licenses.

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This Article Is About Ace Reporters – Not Candidates, Let’s Make That Clear

by Ed Naile March 29, 2014

Just as anticipated, the Nashua paper’s ace political reporter is doing a second story about a possible Republican candidate for governor. The last story the ace political reporter from Nashua did on this same candidate and issue was March 23. Today’s revelation is that the potential Republican candidate HAD A DRIVER’S LICENSE IN MARYLAND within […]

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A Long Cold Winter For New Hampshire Democrats

by Steve MacDonald August 12, 2013
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You may recall Ryan Fitzpatrick Flynn?  He was the professional campaigner who parachuted into Portsmouth just ahead of the November elections (in September of 2012) and registered to vote from Democrat State Senator Martha Fuller Clark’s home.   Well he appears to hail originally from Michigan.  That’s the beautiful state where Detroit happens to be.  I […]

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