Donna Brazile

What Do You Get When You Cross A Cult With A Crime Family?

by Ed Naile November 9, 2017

I Don’t Know, But This One’s Leader Isn’t Sectzy I have to say, Donna Brazile’s interpretation of the Clinton campaign team as a “cult” is precious and childlike. Oh, if it was only true and they were your ordinary, everyday cult. The Hillary for President 2016 campaign was run by what was supposed to be […]

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Blogline of the Day – proving partisanship trumps morals

by Skip November 2, 2016

Has a single Democrat condemned Donna Brazile’s actions? (H/T: Hot Air) No, they haven’t.  So Brazile gets a DNC promotion to interim Chair because Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was guilty of rigging the primary election for Hillary over the other Socialist (Bernie) who was lying about it.  Then this fine upstanding “Christian” woman who wasn’t going to […]

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DNC Chair: Attacking FBI Director Damages Rule of Law

by Steve MacDonald October 29, 2016

Back in June the head of the DNC shared a WashPo Article linked at claiming that Republicans were damaging the rule of law by ‘attacking’ FBI Director James Comey. Is it safe to say that this doesn’t apply when Democrats attack FBI Director Comey?   H/T DCSB    

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DNC Interim Chair Says Exchanging Political Access for Money is Normal

by Steve MacDonald August 30, 2016
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Long-Time Dirty Democrat (and interim DNC Chair) Donna Brazile tried to soft-peddle concerns about Hillary using her Foundation to grant access to her office. Instead, she gives “illegal activity” the DNC stamp of approval. (Hot Air) You see, Brazille is describing a scenario where, she believes, it’s perfectly understandable that a major donor to a […]

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When even a top Dem strategist warns about ignoring the TEA Party…will the GOP take notice?

by Skip June 15, 2014

Donna Brazile had this had this amazing thing to say: I have to tell you as somebody who’s observing this race, I’m trying to look at all of these primary races. Low turnout. You got to really go out there in these low turnout elections, although there were a lot more than participated in most […]

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Two quick thoughts – Donna Brazile is wrong, and then is wrong again.

by Skip July 15, 2013

Brazile was the former campaign manager for my former (when I lived in MA growing up) Democrat Governer Michael Dukakis when he ran for President and got sliced and diced electorally.  She’s now considered to be a Voice, Strategist, and Consultant in the Democrat Party as well as a talking head and syndicated columnist.  She […]

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Illegal Immigration Benefits Politicians, Employers, and Union Bosses, and Hurts Everyone Else

by Don February 9, 2013

Donna Brazile’s column in Wednesday’s (2/6/13) “The Citizen”,, is typical of liberal writings, an attempt to mislead the American people.  Brazile inappropriately interweaves legal and illegal immigration benefits and falsifies immigration enforcement effectiveness. Immigration laws have not been changed because the American people believe in the rule of law and in real “Fairness”.  It […]

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