Donald Trump

Donald Trump did not create the division, its existence is why he is President.

by Steve MacDonald November 4, 2017

The “world” elite Democrats live in is nothing like the real world of modern America, represented by these observations from the first Obama Foundation summit in Chicago.  “There was a morning meditation and yoga session, and an evening concert with Chance the Rapper and The National,” he wrote. Lucky ducks. He noticed a chalkboard where […]

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Notable Quote – Mark Bauerlein

by Skip October 25, 2017

On Senator McCain’s Trump bashing (emphasis mine): Because of you, they think, we got identity-politician Sonia Sotomayor on the Supreme Court, not another Neil Gorsuch-type justice instead. We had to read steady reports of “the emerging Democratic majority,” which told us our days were numbered, these conservatives fume. When we voiced other beliefs, cowering Republicans handed us the condescending, […]

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Trump vs Iran

by Steve MacDonald October 15, 2017

In a piece over at The, two writers outline why Mr. Trump’s Iran Speech matters. The Obama deal was a sham with a payoff. President Obama promised that on his watch Iran would not get nuclear weapons. Obama achieved this by cutting a deal that effectively paid off Iran upfront to delay a nuclear […]

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Trump Ends Illegal ObamaCare Bailout Payments to Insurance Companies

by Steve MacDonald October 13, 2017

In this day and age, it’s interesting to see all three branches of government agree on something. Bailing out insurance companies against the will of the court and Congress is coming to an end. The payments had specifically been denied by Congress but President Obama had made them anyway, drawing a rebuke from a court who said […]

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Final Warning to Sanctuary Cities

by Steve MacDonald October 12, 2017

The Trump administration has issued its final warning to a handful of ‘jurisdictions’ is claims are still in violation of federal law. The Justice Department has issued a final warning to five of the 10 jurisdictions it accused of having “sanctuary” policies that defy federal immigration laws, saying they have until Oct. 27 to submit additional evidence […]

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Trump Rolls Back Obama Contraceptive Mandate

by Steve MacDonald October 6, 2017

The Trump Administration has just eliminated the ObamaCare contraceptive mandate. The Trump administration said Friday it will let a vast universe of employers duck Obamacare’s contraceptive mandate by claiming a religious or moral objection, a long-awaited move that will enthuse pro-life conservatives and enrage advocates who say women’s rights to birth control are being threatened.

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Historical Footage: President To-Be Makes Amazing Football Throw

by Steve MacDonald September 21, 2017

H/T – He knows who he is…

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President Trump’s UN Speech

by Steve MacDonald September 19, 2017

If you are used to those Obama UN speeches, let me give you a trigger warning. This is definitely not that.

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Trump Pulls Trigger on Visa Sanctions For Uncooperative Countries

by Steve MacDonald August 23, 2017

Back in January, we reported on legislation to shore up the legal right to impose visa sanctions on nations that refuse to take back criminal illegal aliens deported from the United States. I can’t speak to the legislation, but Mr. Trump isn’t waiting for back up. The Trump administration has triggered visa sanctions against four […]

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Carol Shea-Porter Introduces Censure Letter Against President Donald Trump

by Steve MacDonald August 20, 2017

Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter has introduced a letter of censure against President Donald Trump for, New Hampshire Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter (NH-01) introduced a censure resolution in the House of Representatives against President Donald trump for his comments blaming “both sides” for the incident in Charlottesville, VA. She’s also upset because he failed to “clearly repudiate white nationalism.” […]

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The Administrative State -the Prelude

by Skip August 7, 2017

The Administrative State – as Progressives grew and grew government, they knew that they were coming up onto one of the mountain tops of the Progressive philosophy – a technocratic State “guiding” its subjects to a Utopia.  For you see, they consider the rest of us to be dolts and deplorables who can’t cope with […]

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What Does Keeping the Paris Agreement Alive Actually Mean?

by Steve MacDonald July 13, 2017

From the EU to California to Nashua and Portsmouth, New Hampshire, politicians and pundits are promising to keep the Paris Agreement alive despite President Trump’s exit. But what does that actually mean? It depends. If you’re Turkey, it means you expect bitter Paris Accord clingers to write you a check to pay for the cost of compliance. If […]

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Transcript: President Trump’s Speech in Warsaw, Poland

by Steve MacDonald July 7, 2017

Here is a transcript of President Trumps’ full remarks from his speech in Warsaw, Poland. It’s a very good speech. If you’d like the highlight reel instead, Mark Steyn parses some of the finer points here. Warsaw Speech Transcript.

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Polish President: My wife did shake hands with Mrs. and Mr. Trump… Let’s FIGHT FAKE NEWS.”

by Steve MacDonald July 7, 2017

  Contrary to some surprising reports my wife did shake hands with Mrs. and Mr. Trump @POTUS after a great visit. Let's FIGHT FAKE NEWS. — Andrzej Duda (@AndrzejDuda) July 6, 2017

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Trump Dumps Paris Accord, Elon Musk Dumps Trump Advisory Councils. (It’s a Win-Win!)

by Steve MacDonald June 1, 2017

A short while ago President Trump kept his promise to remove the US from the Paris Climate Accord. (Read this for some help understanding why it’s not just a good idea but an excellent idea.) Moments after, visionary rent-seeker Elon Musk announced he is leaving two of Mr. Trump’s economic advisory councils. Am departing presidential councils. […]

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Trump’s Unsung Deregulatory Achievments,
And Democrats’ Efforts To Stike Them Down

by Mike May 22, 2017

Trump uses Newt’s creation to cut regulations: Booker seeks to restore Obama’s red tape! The MSM doesn’t like to spread the news about Trump’s quiet successes deregulating a wide swath of last-minute Obama regulations, which were handed down by executive agencies in a hurry once Barry realized that his legacy was not going to win […]

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President Trump’s Remarks to the NRA Leadership Forum

by Steve MacDonald May 1, 2017
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But Trump is only doing what George Washington did? Do Progressives hate the Father of our country?

by Skip April 16, 2017

But of COURSE they do – down with the Patriarchy!  Besides, George “I can never tell a lie” Washington was nothing but an old white guy who owned slaves – we should wipe his name from every building, burn any book that holds him up as a shining example, and eliminate him because of his […]

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To quote a famous Progressive “What difference does it make?”

by Skip April 16, 2017

The TEA Partiers protested their own taxes.  Now Lefties are protesting over someone else’s: Nationwide marches set to protest Trump tax returns. (H/T: Instapundit).  Yeah, I’m not surprised at yesterday’s Tax Day protests by Progressives just like we, as TEA Partiers, did on April 15ths.  However, here’s a YUGE difference between us and them. As a […]

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Support Trump/Free Jerry DeLemus Rally, Sat. April 29th, 2017

by Steve MacDonald March 29, 2017

On Saturday, April 29th, in front of the New Hampshire State House in Concord, there is a Support Trump Rally combined with a Free Jerry DeLemus Rally.  Jerry has been imprisoned without due process on manufactured charges (for over a year). Please show your support for freeing Jerry, and for President Trump, by attending this […]

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Did Trump Pay a Higher Tax Rate Than Warren Buffett’s Secretary?

by Steve MacDonald March 15, 2017

The big news that’s not news at all is that MSNBC and Rachel Madcow reported that in 2005 Donald Trump paid $38 million in taxes on $150 (152.7) Million in income. That’s 24% of his income lost to Uncle Sam. Big whoop.

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Russian Press Secretary On Election Meddling, Trump, and Clinton

by Steve MacDonald March 13, 2017

The Kremiln says hacking a US election is not even possible. Notes that the Ambassador met with both campaigns but not about the election. H/T GatewayPundit

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“This is the moment that Donald Trump became the President”

by Skip March 1, 2017

Remember as you read this, I was a Cruz guy. I’ve been watching these kinds of speeches intently for the last decade and I have to say this was about the best I’ve ever seen.  Given that it was Trump, and having watched a lot of his speeches, I was amazed at its construction, his […]

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Trump’s speech tonite – I’ll be “Gabbing” it live

by Skip February 28, 2017

Nope, no Twitter….Gab.  Here at  A taste: GraniteGrok · @GraniteGrok 5 minutes Trump’s speech tonite should be…..interesting. As always, what he says will be interesting and what he doesn’t say will be interesting. What will be even more interesting will be how the Dems react – will they be boring or EXTREMELY interesting? Joe […]

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“Good fences make good neighbors”

by Skip February 26, 2017

I mentioned this yesterday – a bit more info (reformatted, emphasis mine): SAN DIEGO — U.S. Customs and Border Protection said Friday that it plans to start awarding contracts by mid-April for President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall with Mexico, signaling that he is aggressively pursuing plans to erect “a great wall” along the 2,000-mile […]

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“Yes, liberals are this historically illiterate.”

by Skip February 25, 2017

For the Liberals that are reading this and grimacing in anger (rather than in embarrassment), let me “Conserv-splain” it to you: Hitler didn’t build the Berlin Wall The Communist East Germans did They did it NOT to keep people out They DID do it to keep their people in Trump will be building The Wall […]

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Cleaning House at the US State Department

by Steve MacDonald February 17, 2017

This should serve as a warning to every bureaucrat and political class flunky. Mr. Trump’s Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, is cleaning house. (CBS) Much of seventh-floor staff, who work for the Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources and the Counselor offices, were told today that their services were no longer needed.  This […]

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Well of course he’s an “existential threat” – he’s for less government

by Skip February 2, 2017

Heh! European Council President Donald Tusk called US President Donald Trump an ‘existential threat’ to Europe Tuesday. Tusk wrote an open letter to the leaders of 27 Council member states, in which he listed the US President as a “threat” to the European Union alongside China, Russia, radical Islam, war, and terrorism.  Tusk cited “worrying […]

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Supreme Court nominee – 49 year old Judge Neil Gorsuch of the 10th Ckt Court of Appeals (Colorado)

by Skip January 31, 2017

And now the fuse has been lit – Progressives heads already exploding over this Conservative, Constitutional Originalist appointee.  Now let’s see if the Democrats are going to go to the mats to block him – will they go full Bork or Thomas and make a complete mockery of the process? I’m quite sure that Chuckie […]

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Betcha she never saw it coming….

by Skip January 30, 2017

SHOT: Interim and acting Attorney General (an Obama holdover) Sally Yates on Trump’s Executive Order on the Travel / Immigration Pause: At present, I am not convinced that the defense of the executive order is consistent with these responsibilities nor am I convinced that the executive order is lawful. In other words, she wasn’t going […]

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