New Hampshire Secretary of State Confused About Voter Fraud, Laws, Words, Election Integrity

by Ed Naile July 20, 2018

The lunacy involving NH permitting illegal, out-of-state voting which has continued because there seems to be a complete misunderstanding of how laws work, and what words mean. I can’t even begin to imagine how people in charge of New Hampshire’s election laws read a court case. There is solid proof they only accept parts of […]

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Democrats are Still Colluding With Out-of-State Voters to Steal NH Elections

by Steve MacDonald July 14, 2018

The State Supreme Court has ruled (in its analysis of HB1264, which the governor then signed yesterday) that out-of-state college students do not have more rights than actual citizens of New Hampshire. They are not entitled to a special exclusion from the responsibilities actual residents accept including registering vehicles in the Granite State or obtaining a […]

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Guare, The No Win Case

by Ed Naile July 14, 2018

Take a look at some of the more interesting parts of the 2014 Guare v. NH case that was meant to codify out-of-state, unqualified voter’s participation in New Hampshire elections. You can see how this case, in my opinion, was never meant to be won by “our side.” My comments are in parenthesis. Supreme Court […]

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Sununu Signs HB1264 – Clarifying Residence and Domicile for Voting Purposes.

by Steve MacDonald July 13, 2018

Ed Nail has been all over this, naturally but I just finished reading the decision so while you should read all of Ed’s remarks I want to try to use the court’s judgment to clarify what just happened when Governor Sununu signed HB1264 into law. An excerpt from the State Supreme Court’s decision will help us […]

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Here is the problem with crying “poll tax” in a crowded dorm.

by Ed Naile July 13, 2018

After decades of accepting non-citizens votes as equal to a qualified citizen’s vote, the New Hampshire State Supreme Court has acknowledged in its recent opinion that one must be domiciled in New Hampshire to vote here. This means that being domiciled in our state carries certain responsibilities – the same responsibilities as that of any […]

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To: New Hampshire State Supreme Court, From: Coalition of NH Taxpayers Chairman, Ed Naile

by Ed Naile June 6, 2018

To: New Hampshire State Supreme Court From: Coalition of NH Taxpayers Chairman, Ed Naile 8 North Main St. Concord, NH 03301 Re: Court Review of NH Election Law Legislation Date: May 29, 2018 M E M O R A N D U M    OF    L A W Statement of Facts: New Hampshire has […]

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Some Thoughts on the House Bill 1264 Memoranda Filed With the Supreme Court — Part III

by Ed Mosca June 5, 2018

DEMOCRAT STATE SENATORS WOODBURN, SOUCY, AND FELTES  As I discussed in Part I, the primary argument of these Democrat State Senators —like the ACLU and like the Democrat Executive Councilors— is that the Court should not return answers to the questions.  Because I already addressed this argument in my discussion of the Attorney General’s memorandum in […]

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Some Thoughts on the House Bill 1264 Memoranda Filed With the Supreme Court — Part II

by Ed Mosca June 5, 2018

VOLINSKY and PAPPAS Volinsky and Pappas devote their memorandum to arguing that the Court should duck the questions transferred by the Governor.  Because I already covered their argument in my discussion of the Attorney General’s memorandum, I will not repeat it here. STATE SENATE The State Senate’s attorney, Rick Lehmann, researched the history of the term […]

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Some Thoughts on the HB1264 – Memoranda Filed With the Supreme Court — Part I

by Ed Mosca June 4, 2018

Not a comprehensive examination of all memoranda filed with Supreme Court regarding House Bill 1264.  Just some notes I took while reading through them, cleaned up somewhat for public consumption. SECRETARY OF STATE The Secretary of State takes no express position on House Bill 1264.  But he appears to agree with the position of the Governor —as I […]

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So, Governor, You Want to Talk About the Constitutionality of HB 1264? Let’s Talk.

by Ed Mosca May 27, 2018

THE STATE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE SUPREME COURT CASE NO. 2018-0267 Request for an Opinion of the Justices (Amending Definition of Resident and Residency) MEMORANDUM OF ED MOSCA IN SUPPORT OF THE CONSTITUTIONALITY OF HOUSE BILL 1264 I. INTRODUCTION – A COURT OF LAW OR A WOKE COURT? In Guare v. State, 117 A.3d 731 (2015), this […]

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Why Don’t We Obsess Over “Inhabitant” – The Story Of NH Voter Fraud

by Ed Naile May 15, 2018

The Governor of the State of New Hampshire, through the Executive Council, has sent a letter to the NH State Supreme Court in an attempt to clarify the definition of RESIDENT vs. DOMICILE when it comes to voting. It is a shame we are still falling for the resident/domicile scam that NH uses to let […]

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New Hampshire Is No Social Experiment – Thank You

by Ed Naile May 12, 2018

I know politicians often feel they must balance principals against results. Once elected (once) conservative candidates become more practical. They surrender the issues they ran for office on to the ability to get “things done” or to “save what they have won.” I the this entirely. It is a basic human instinct – except for liberals. […]

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Some Voters Are More Equal Than Others

by Ed Naile May 3, 2018

The old “loophole” argument is back at it again when it comes to voter fraud in NH. The “powers that be” who will not prosecute out-of-state voters have determined there is no law mandating a NH driver’s license to vote in NH. That is their current excuse. This simpleton argument has no merit, but it […]

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New Hampshire’s “Super-enfranchised Voter” Loophole

by Ed Naile March 25, 2018

In New Hampshire, our Secretary of State cannot define a person’s domicile or residence. It is a matter of “intent” he claims. Our courts are no different. The justices have determined, using some dictionary they have not made public, that anyone can have a voting domicile in NH as long as it is in their […]

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Statement on NH Senate Passage of HB 372 – Statutory definitions of “resident or inhabitant” and “residence or residency.”

by Op-Ed January 4, 2018

News Release For Immediate Release: Birdsell pleased by Senate support of common sense voting laws Concord, NH – Today, the Senate passed HB 372, a bill which would clarify the definitions of residency and domicile as it pertains to voting. Senator Regina Birdsell (R-Hampstead) issued the following statement: “I am pleased to see HB 372 […]

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ACLU Article on Student Voters in NH Sets the Standard for Stupid

by Ed Naile December 21, 2017

Everyone knows the New Hampshire “paper” that sells itself as a business tabloid is overwhelmingly left-wing. It has a snotty, condescending, political comment section on the next to the last page that invents, if need be, several stories each month about how Republicans are losers and progressives are the smart set. The tabloid shows up […]

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by Ed Naile September 20, 2017

c/o UNH

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“Lawyers Told Us We Can’t” – What?

by Ed Naile June 1, 2017

“Yea, but lawyers told us we can’t.” That is the mantra from longtime Republicans in NH when you ask about stopping voter fraud. I have heard this for years. I have been lied to and mislead by lawyers for 30 years. That is not unusual. But for people who claim they want their political party […]

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Reminder: SB 3 is Crap – Amend it or Scrap It

by Steve MacDonald April 18, 2017

Senate Bill 3 claims to address the issue of domicile and residence for voting purposes in New Hampshire. It fails. The Senate passed it anyway, and despite its flaws, it is up for consideration in the House. The single biggest problem is non-resident college students voting in local elections instead of voting absentee where the […]

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Students of the past – and their domicile

by Ed Naile March 10, 2017

NH is not the first state to grapple with how to handle student voters from out-of-state. Those who want to enhance their non-resident votes by taking advantage of our election in a swing state have powerful friends in office, in the courts, and media who don’t mind helping one political party over another. The only […]

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So, there’s no such thing as out-of-state student Voter Fraud? Think again – here’s proof

by Ed Naile March 9, 2017

Hung by their own petards: Eleven out-of-state UNH students were arrested Wednesday 02/23/2017 on criminal mischief charges during the Patriots over-celebration. I checked the Durham voter checklist today for coincidences and had six coincidences pop up. Garrett Colantino, 22, of Reading, Mass. – A Garrett John Colantino is NH voter #300469904 Elizabeth Connolly, 19, of Dorchester, Mass. […]

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UNH Residency Rules Good Enough for Election Law

by Steve MacDonald January 16, 2017

Out-of-state college students who pay out-of-state tuition are not just encouraged but allowed to vote in New Hampshire. It’s a long-standing issue. But the University of NH has a solution. (90 seconds)  

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NH Should Follow UNH Non-Resident Tuition Rules – for Voting Purposes

by Steve MacDonald January 13, 2017

The new Legislature is looking at election law again so now is as good a time as any to revisit something I’ve suggested before when it comes to figuring out who can and can’t or should or should not be voting in New Hampshire. Here it is, plain and simple. To qualify for In-State tuition status […]

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The Definition of Insanity – New Hampshire Style

by Ed Naile January 13, 2017

Deep in the bowels of the New Hampshire State Constitution is a word, one single word, that the activist NH State Supreme Court used to try and impose a broad-based tax on its citizens – because the NH Legislature will not do it. God Bless our citizen legislature. Behold the word “cherish.” Cherish is the […]

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A New Hampshire Voting Booth is a lot like a Target Bathroom

by Steve MacDonald December 12, 2016

I think the correct strategy with regard to the left’s fake news about the election is to assume that anything that does not go your way is the result of Russian hackers. Case in point. (Stay with me.)

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Guest Post – newly elected NH House Rep Norm Silber

by Skip December 1, 2016

Who is MY House Rep – and chair of my hamlet’s Budget Committee. In the latter capacity, he’s doing a right fine job (especially in taking the School Board to TASK for obfuscation and obstructionism).  If he does all that he writes here (Laconia Daily Sun), I’ll be a happy camper! To The Daily Sun, […]

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Election Fraud and the First in the Nation Primary

by Steve MacDonald February 17, 2016
Thumbnail image for Election Fraud and the First in the Nation Primary

Ed Naile joins us to talk about election fraud during the New Hampshire primary and his part in the under-cover Project Vertias videos (the second of which is due out this morning).

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NH AG to Investigate Possible Election Law Violations During Primary

by Steve MacDonald February 11, 2016
Thumbnail image for NH AG to Investigate Possible Election Law Violations During Primary

So the NH AG’s office plans to probe for possible election law violations after the release of the most recent Project Veritas video… WMUR | CONCORD, N.H. —The New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office has decided to begin an investigation of possible violation of a state law governing voting-related conduct, depicted in a video made public this […]

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For Every Out-of-State Vote, A NH Citizen Loses Theirs

by Ed Naile February 11, 2016

Some of you may have seen the Project Veritas video released this morning showing their investigator journalists, who were posing as out-of-state campaign workers, being coached and offered information on how to vote illegally in NH. Remember, this is a Federal Election, not a town meeting or state election. Federal law prohibits interstate voting – […]

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New Hampshire – We Have a Drive-By Voter Problem

by Ed Naile December 13, 2015

Carl Robert Gibson is an interstate Democrat activist vote thief caught by The Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers. He is awaiting trial on a different matter, a felony Voter Suppression charge regarding his May 2015 fraudulent press release wherein he claimed to be a Republican candidate for the office of State Rep. in a Candia, […]

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