Defining Victory on Marriage

by Steve MacDonald June 27, 2013

Here is a brief summation of the real impact of the Supreme Courts decision on far. 50        The number of states whose marriage laws remain the same after the Court’s marriage decisions. 38        The number of states with laws defining marriage as the union of a man and a woman. That includes […]

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DOMA and Prop 8: OK, No, and TINGAA!

by Skip June 26, 2013

As I said earlier, I was watching the Scotusblog Coverit feed to see what SCOTUS (Supreme Court of The United States) and my first reaction was “drat, drat, drat”.  I’ve had a chance to review some of the reviews (no, I have NOT read the actual decisions yet – I’m not a lawyer and am feeling […]

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So, now the Pentagon is in the business of discriminating?

by Skip February 19, 2013

I keep wondering – if our military’s main mission to kill people and break, why are they so bent on doing social engineering?  I listened to the Eldest and the Youngest (both combat vets – Marine / 101st) as first “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”  goes by the board – neither had nice words on that […]

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Reuters Headline: What The?

by Steve MacDonald March 5, 2011

Reuters is referring to DOMA, the defense of marriage act, which is not an anti-gay marriage law. It does not prevent a state from passing a same sex marriage law. It is a federal law that allows states to define marriage for themselves and does not require them to recognize any form of marriage which the majority of that states residents may object to.

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Massachusetts Goes After DOMA

by Steve MacDonald July 9, 2010

  The Union leader is reporting this morning that a US judge in Boston has found DOMA, the Federal Defense of Marriage Act, to be unconstitutional on the grounds that it prevents the state from administering federal aid to gay married couples.  His ruling only affects Massachusetts but clearly has broader implications. I both agree […]

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