woman sleeping

Study: Women Sleep Better With Dogs Than People

Here’s one for you. “An Examination of Adult Women’s Sleep Quality and Sleep Routines in Relation to Pet Ownership and Bedsharing.” Researchers found that overall, women got better sleep when they share the bed with a dog. Not so much with a cat or a person. It sure as hell isn’t one of my dogs.

Real men carry dogs. Translation:

They do their job and then they come back and lick your face for a job well done!  All they ever ask for is a good belly rub. (H/T: Powerline)

Palate Cleanser- Snow Dogs

I shot this last winter, then proceeded to play with the transitions in my video editing software of choice, then left it in a folder for a warm summer day.  I’ve had a few opportunities for ‘warm summer day’ and not posted it, but better late than never. … so here are some cool dogs …

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Karma Burns Obama’s Dogma – A Finn-donesian Barbecue?

Obama’s green dogma doesn’t seem to be having much more luck than the dogs of his youth! H/T to Seton Motley and the crew over at for this gem, and to Breitbart’s Big-Government for the graphic. Apparently, a Fisker Karma caught fire in Fort Bend County, Texas, shortly after arriving home, and while not …

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Win The Future (WTF)

Worst recession in history.  Had three years to work on it, two of them with a Democrat majority congress, no budget from the Senate since 2009,  the economy still sucks, we have an election coming up, and what are Democrats running on? – Contraception. – A billionaires Secretary – Dogs Seriously?