GrokTALK! – Doctors Talk ObamaCare

by Steve MacDonald November 22, 2014
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This week on GrokTALK! Dr. Joe Hannon is up first to give us an update on the disruptive force that is ObamaCare and Medicaid Expansion to patients and healthcare professionals. Then we are joined by Dr. Jeffrey Singer, an adjunct scholar at the Cato Institute and Doc Squads member, to talk about what ObamaCare has […]

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Tomorrow on GrokTALK! – ObamaCare Palooza

by Steve MacDonald November 21, 2014
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This week on GrokTALK! Dr. Joe Hannon is up first to give us a local update on the destructive force that is ObamaCare.  Next up is Dr. Jeffrey Singer, an adjunct scholar at the Cato Institute and Doc Squads member to talk about what ObamaCare has done to his patients and to discuss the  2014 […]

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Perverse Incentives Under ObamaCare

by Steve MacDonald January 28, 2014
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Forbes has an interesting article on incentives and doctors in the age of ObamaCare. We all know about the PR campaign in which supporters of the Patient Affordable Care Act were willing to accuse doctors of being no better than unscrupulous used car salesman or as confidence men in lab coats.  They were portrayed as […]

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ObamaCare’s Next Big Whopper!

by Steve MacDonald January 3, 2014
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A likely topic tomorrow, when we have Dr. Betsy McCaughey on GrokTALK! is the unraveling of the next big lie of ObamaCare. From the New York Post Like so many other parts of ObamaCare, the reality flies in the face of promises. In this case, it was the one where the president assured us that […]

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Democrats agree: Slavery by us is fine if it serves the “Common Good”

by Skip November 3, 2013

I’ve been talking about this since before I posted this about what doctors in San Diego County (in the Democrat Ruled State of CA) were going to face at the advent of Obamacare: Rather than mere head count, officials say they are scrutinizing what capacity physicians have to accept new patients. And to assist consumers, […]

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If doctors are already not taking Medicare patients, will they opt out of Obamacare?

by Skip July 30, 2013

Or is that the reason why Obamacare was structured the way it was – political and policy decisions that effectively force doctors to sell out their practices to hospitals, and for hospitals to merge with others simply to better scale up to deal with lowered payments?  Why would this be happening?  Simply the penchant of […]

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I’m a Doctor, You’re a Doctor, He’s a Doctor….

by Steve MacDonald February 13, 2013

…She’s a Doctor, wouldn’t you like to be a doctor too? You might be a doctor and you didn’t even know it, because that is how you solve a doctor shortage caused by oppressive legislation in the peoples Republik of (in this case) Kalifornia.  Not enough “Doctors”… change the definition of doctor and Bam! Problem […]

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