disarming the American people

Breaking News: Bloomie’s anti-gun rally in Concord led by Deputy Dawg Shurtleff a dud

by Skip June 18, 2013

I was not there (little thing called work) but have had several calls about what was going on.  The big news: More people there to demonstrate for Second Amendment Rights than the anti-Constitution / anti-gun crowd; what happened MoveOn and Granite State Progress? The big “event” of the event was the Concord Police making fools […]

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Pay attention, Zandra Rice-Hawkins of Granite State Progress – this condemns the entire Progressive movement

by Skip June 14, 2013

… and shows that you represent just another form of Tyranny.  From Jonah Goldberg of The Corner (emphasis mine): It’s a little bizarre how the Left has always conflated statism with modernity and progress. The idea that rulers — be they chieftains, kings, priests, politburos, or wonkish bureaucrats — are enlightened or smart enough to […]

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Disarming the American People

by Tim Condon February 6, 2013

And then there’s this essay by former SEAL Matthew Bracken, author of the extraordinary political/action trilogy, Enemies Foreign and Domestic: Dear Mr. Security Agent, let me spell it out….

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