Dick Durbin

Democrats and Communists…

by Scott Morales May 3, 2013

… usually begets the hyperbole induced eye-roll from many, but stick with me. Breitbart headline: “Dick Durbin at May Day Immigration Rally: Communists? What Communists?” Together again, deluded communist rubes and a Democrat, what a surprise. Senator Dick Durbin attended a May Day march in Chicago the other day. It turns out that it was […]

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Why not the teachers?

by Skip December 16, 2012

Fox News Sunday: On the program earlier, Illinois Democrat senator Dick Durbin argued that arming school employees would be the wrong way to tackle the matter. “I honestly think that that argument just doesn’t hold water,” Durbin said, “When you think about it, are we talking about arming teachers, arming principals? Is that going to […]

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Two Dick’s & Obama’s Vitamin Police

by Steve MacDonald October 10, 2011

Long story short, if the regs went into place the vitamin shelf at the store would be emptied until supplement makers submitting test results to the FDA and the products were approved. And the added for battling the bureaucracy and testing regime? You’d be paying that when they products went back on the shelf, if they did.

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Great Plan Dick

by Steve MacDonald April 24, 2011

Dick Durbin, Richard, Rick, Ricky, Dicky, Dickard, The Dickster Durbin is suggesting an intervention for his state of Illinois. Apparently the tax and spender state implemented an internet sales tax on retailers. They were thinking that it might help them with their budget problem; I guess they left Terie “Billion Dollar Deficit” Norelli in charge of spending over there as well.

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Hodespocrisy–The Tale of Dirty Dick

by Steve MacDonald August 18, 2010

Dick Durbin, or Dirty Dick as we like to call him around the shop, is a prominent Senator from Illinois and another $10,000.00 donor to Paul Hodes.  Durbin has all the standard conflicts with the "New and Improved Hodes–With extra Hypocritical Action!, and coming in at 685 million in earmark requests since fiscal year 2008 […]

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