Dianne Feinstein

Data Point: Jeanne Shaheen the Liberal Queen

by Tom February 2, 2014

GovTrackUS.com has a neat little feature where they show the “Ideology Score” of members of Congress (Senate, in this case) in a scatter plot diagram. This score is based on sponsorship and co-sponsorship of bills, not the member’s voting record.  It doesn’t even factor in the content of the bills – it simply plots ideology […]

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Preventable Disasters:
Did Feinstein Torpedo Hillary? Why?

by Mike January 21, 2014

When the report came out, some of us were a little surprised by how critical it was of the State Department and Administration, even though its studious avoidance of naming either Hillary or Obama appeared somewhat strained. It occurred to me that Feinstein’s report might be a subtle way of both torpedoing Hillary, and burnishing […]

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Firearms and the Media… Red Faced Again

by Scott Morales September 17, 2013
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With the soot of exploding cigars still powdery on the reddening faces of gun control pouncers like good ol’ Piers the-living-skidmark Morgan, Dianne torch-the-constitution-it-hurts-my-head Feinstein, and a myriad of others in the media that prematurely wet themselves in anticipation of yet another anti-gun debate trundling its way into public with fresh evidence of an “assault […]

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How About a Little Bias?

by Steve MacDonald March 15, 2013

Much of the media bais that occures is subtle.  From choosing what stories to cover and what to ignore to how issues, ideas, and people are framed in context, word choice and tone convey connotation, intentional or not, to the reader. Here’s a classic example from Yahoo! News. Claudine Zap, writing for The Lookout – […]

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Guns ownership to be banned in America?

by Tim Condon December 28, 2012

Following up on GraniteGrok postings HERE, HERE, and HERE regarding Senator Dianne Feinstein’s bill to ban guns in America, this is worth reproducing verbatim from Instapundit:

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