Dereliction of duty

Derelection Of Duty, Bergdahl vs Obama

by Mike June 8, 2014

He bows, he scrapes, he apologizes, and now…. he capitulates!

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GrokTV: Video From Candlelight Vigil – ‘No American Left Behind’

by Mike June 23, 2013

On a pleasant Saturday evening, when most folks are busy with family, more than 100 concerned patriots turned out to light candles, listen to some moving speeches, and pray, at a candlelight vigil for the four Americans who lost their lives valiantly defending our mission in Benghazi from an Al-Quaeda attack. The most shocking thing […]

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What Obama REALLY Did on Sept 11th – Cartoon Of The Day

by Mike February 15, 2013

Fiddling while Benghazi burned – Sums it up nicely!

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OpSec Team: “Bump In The Road”???

by Mike October 30, 2012

They’re back! OpSec Team have a new ad running which exposes the callous disregard of this president for the safety of our military and special ops teams. By referring to events in Benghazi as “not optimal” or “a bump in the road”, Obama has astonished and angered our finest warriors who serve quietly and with […]

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The “Let me be clear” President is Anything But

by Scott Morales October 28, 2012

Let me be clear. The nation’s understanding of Benghazi-gate remains fuzzy at best.  We’re still experiencing this administration’s version of Chinese water torture as it slowly drips out information, one contradictory drop at at time.  We’re more than six weeks on, and all we have are more questions. For a president who constantly says, “Let […]

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