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Noted Dem pundit Kirsten Powers – you can’t have it both ways, dear, on Govt as Husband

by Skip November 11, 2012

More on “dear” after the jump.  In keeping with the screams of “War on Women”, Fox News contributor Kirsten Powers tried to have it both ways to Sunday in her post about the Conservatives being wrong as to the reason for the female voting gap but also proving the Conservative allegations about Democrats transforming Government […]

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Unease and Anxiety walks upon the land – Has a Preference Cascade started?

by Skip September 15, 2012

What is a Preference Cascade?  A great definition after the jump – but think how quickly the TEA Party movement started three years ago. Part 1: I generally do my gun and ammo purchasing at one of two gun shops (unpaid plugs: Belmont Firearms on Rte 106 in Belmont, NH (and I have a membership […]

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