Democrats want People Needing Handouts, Republicans want People to Prosper

by Don January 25, 2018

Democrats hysterically lash out against President Trump because Democrats desperately need to divert attention from Democrat failures to improve the lives of most Americans and from President Trump’s successes in improving Americans’ lives. During President Obama’s eight years only the rich prospered, most of the rest of us became poorer.  And Democrats continue opposing President […]

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Notable Quote – Cicero

by Skip October 15, 2017

“It is human nature that what starts as gratitude, becomes dependency and ends as entitlement.” -Cicero Hey, instead of overdosing on “self-esteem”, can we get schools to push gratitude instead of cutting out the middlemen and gong right to entitlement? (H/T: Watts Up With That)

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Republicans lose when they adopt the linguistics of the Left

by Skip September 23, 2016

Happens every time when the Right allows the Left to shape and define the battlefield. From the Union Leader (emphasis mine, reformatted): “If Chris had his way in the vote he cast multiple times, 50,000 people would not have their health care,” Van Ostern said. He admitted the next state budget would likely require more dollars from […]

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Data Point – this is “sustainable”?

by Skip August 2, 2016

Makers vs takers.  Producers vs moochers. Look, I’m fine with helping those that REALLY need it but too often (and I’ve been up close to them) able bodied people just milk the system.  But at what point does this break? And then ask – what happens to all those that have become very cozy in the […]

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Notable Quote – Oren Cass

by Skip June 16, 2016

UBI => Universal Basic Income, whereby Government just gives everyone, children and adults, some sum of money every year (e.g., $10,000) A UBI would pose severe practical challenges, which will be discussed later in this article. But even if it could work, it should be rejected on principle. A UBI would redefine the relationship between […]

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Dependency vs Self-reliance

by Skip February 1, 2016

(H/T: Liberal Logic 101)

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After action GrokTALK! – Medicaid Expansion

by Skip February 14, 2015

During our discussion with  Greg Moore from Americans For Prosperity – NH we brought up the fact that the NH State Senate Republican passed Medicaid Expansion is already starting to see overruns and playing havoc with the budget – UNEXPECTEDLY much higher startup and on-going costs for many more people signing up for this Federal Govt […]

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P.J. O’Rourke on “Rights” and dependency

by Skip January 5, 2015

Speaking to my previous post is one of NH’s own – satirist P.J. O’Rourke: (H/T: Liberal Logic 101)

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Do you think Government Dependency is a problem?

by Skip November 26, 2014

From End of the American Dream comes this question: “If you could stay home and watch television, play video games and hang out with your friends all day at government expense, would you do it?” It goes on to talk about the safety net vs what I call the Govt hammock with the soft cocooning that eventually […]

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GrokTV: interview with Bill O’Brien – Questions 7 & 8 (Legislative Abdication, Dependency on Feds)

by Skip November 14, 2014

Yes, more than a few questions already but we aren’t even halfway!  More questions – are legislators actually doing the hard work we elected them to do and are we “selling our State” to the Feds by being too dependent on their money? Question 7: Is it the case that legislators are giving away their authority […]

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Data Point – Food Stamps recipients > 45M for 35 months

by Skip October 8, 2014

At what point do we call this Government dependency?  As opposed to a handup?  Didn’t Obama just tell us that the economy is doing well? (H/T: Independent Journal Review)

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State Controlled Wages – Who Actually Benefits?

by Steve MacDonald March 12, 2014
Thumbnail image for State Controlled Wages – Who Actually Benefits?

New Hampshire Democrats think the government knows what an hour of labor is worth.  They think that because it does things that are good for Democrats and only Democrats. A State controlled wage  reduces competition by pricing out mom and pops and small business owners leaving larger companies unchallenged in the marketplace.  Yes, Democrats are […]

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The NH GOP Chair only has herself to blame (with a bit of an assist from her assistant)

by Skip November 18, 2013

Medicaid Expansion – why are Republicans hellbent on participating in Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion here in NH?  The Supreme Court deemed it unconstitutional for the Obama Administration to force it upon NH (and any other State).  Yet, we see NH Republicans pushing to enact it. For years, we have argued that Republicans should be following the […]

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And Progressives want you to give them MORE power?

by Skip October 3, 2013

The last two weeks are a mighty powerful argument for giving politicians as little control over our lives as we possibly can. — Radley Balko (@radleybalko) October 2, 2013 US Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid denying a little child ill with cancer the help she needs President Obama’s shutting down “open air” memorials that honor […]

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You Handed them the Hammer, And Now You Complain That They’re Hitting You With It?

by Scott Morales October 3, 2013
Thumbnail image for You Handed them the Hammer, And Now You Complain That They’re Hitting You With It?

If you’re upset that a service or function that you depend on is not available because of the shutdown, then do the right thing: work to privatize it, or move it local and free yourself from the whims of temporary, remote politicians. Why on earth would you subject the delivery of an essential need to […]

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Stupidest NH Headline of the Day

by Skip October 2, 2013

And the newly crowned owner of this dubious award (or, at least, the owner of  the byline to which it is attached) is John DiStaso of the Union Leader.  I’ve gone back and looked at it several times over the day, still scratching my head over it: NH still operating despite federal shutdown Was this […]

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Are we starting to see California really learning the truth of Margaret Thatcher’s words?

by Skip August 29, 2013

The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.“ – Lady (and former British Prime Minister) Margaret Thatcher You know, I’m not sure if this is just the kind of creeping socialism that California has been practicing for the last few decades, or just dumb governance ideas gone crazy, or […]

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Leviathan Coerces Dependency- A Case Study: Ash Country

by Scott Morales August 21, 2013

It’s getting harder and harder to hide. Leviathan’s hungry, as always, and becoming more brash. It’s not going to sit idle doing nothing, that’s the plebe’s job. No, it must eat. It has ambitions. It’s going to slide its tendrils over farms, through fields, down main street, into shops, and homes of the individuals with […]

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Nontrivial Symptoms of the Dependency Opiate

by Scott Morales August 21, 2013

It’s harder to get the monkey off your back when it’s also a tireless, beguiling temptress determined to get you hooked on the dependency opiate.  And once hooked, even the simple and mundane apparently become monumentally difficult.  So much so, you choose not to do them. A Hooksett woman apparently in dire need of a […]

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Nashua GOP “Steak Out” – Micro-Interview with Lt. Col. Allen West

by Skip August 17, 2013

Last nite, the ‘Grok went to the Crowne Plaza in Nashua for the Nashua GOP’s annual event: “Steak Out” where the featured speaker was Lt. Col. Allen West.  His staff had reached out to us as “the strongest conservative blog in the state” and asked if we would like to do an interview with him […]

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A full time job makes one independent; what does a part time job do? Another manifestation of Cloward-Obama?

by Skip August 5, 2013

Yes, it makes you dependent on someone – or something, right?  Grokster Steve relates that under the Obama Administration, we are becoming a nation of part-timers.  Here is an infographic from The Corner: Obama owns this.  The Democrats own this.  The New Left (Socialists, Communists) own this.  Everyone that voted for Obama, to be their […]

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GrokTALK! for 7/20/2013 – and everything must come to an end…Segment 4

by Skip July 21, 2013

Susan, Mike and Father Christian Tudor, and Jeff Chidester continue on with Skip’s questioning (a patient lot, them!): Donuts! With all the recent “Obamacare “setbacks”, why is he still succeeding with Obamacare?  How? Self-reliance vs dependency? What is the Democratic Plantation? Does the MSM “report” on society, or prides itself on “shaping” or “making it […]

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Are Liberals really THIS dependent upon Government that…

by Skip May 12, 2013

…they can’t even give their wealth away without outsourcing it to Daddy Warbucks Government?  Not exactly my favorite person, “comedian” Bill Maher: There was a story recently about a Georgia man whose home was in foreclosure, savings running out. So he called 911, and when the responders arrived, he took them hostage. His demands? Getting […]

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Saturday morning Looking Spoon

by Susan Olsen April 27, 2013

H/T The Looking Spoon

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Cause and Effect

by Steve MacDonald December 22, 2012

If exposure to violence in movies or video games is a catalyst for youth violence, is exposure to welfare and other government handouts a catalyst to generational dependency? The answer to the former is that exposure to the latter is more likely to result in youth violence as they look for the only ways left […]

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Noted Dem pundit Kirsten Powers – you can’t have it both ways, dear, on Govt as Husband

by Skip November 11, 2012

More on “dear” after the jump.  In keeping with the screams of “War on Women”, Fox News contributor Kirsten Powers tried to have it both ways to Sunday in her post about the Conservatives being wrong as to the reason for the female voting gap but also proving the Conservative allegations about Democrats transforming Government […]

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The End of the Beginning of the End

by Scott Morales November 8, 2012

When not caused by war, nations decay slowly and gradually (e.g., modern day France, Italy, Spain, Greece etc.). Alas, now, it seems ours is no different. Its exceptionalism is dissolving into the ordinary. It’s a choice made by the people. They fore-go liberty and self subjugate themselves under ruling political and administrative classes of which […]

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“Pew Research Center survey finds declining support for government safety nets” – Well, yes!

by Skip October 14, 2012

This article is kinda / mostly straight up and down…OK, it’s not if you think about it hard.  It tries hard to present an objective view but when I look at the examples given, the veil falls.  In fact, the examples that are inserted to try to arouse a sympathetic aire concerning the safety net […]

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Plainly spoken concerning the War on Women – “You’re kidding me; go get a job!”

by Skip September 10, 2012

We previously had “Mythology 101: Imaginary War on Women” by Sue DeLemus and Jane Cormier.  Now, US Congressman Joe Walsh sums up and answers this overgrown “forever” student with a riff on “hey, try being self-reliant for a change”:  I think that it is hilarious that CREDO SuperPAC has put this video out there – […]

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I AM WOMYN, HEAR ME…………………beg

by Skip March 4, 2012

“Please, Daddy Government, may I have some more condoms and Pills?” How debasing to have to ask Government for a handout to engage in the most intimate of sexual relations?  This gives lie to the idea that Progressives and Feminists want Big Government out of their bedrooms.  Nay, they are inviting them in!  After all, […]

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