The “Surprise!”Karen Handel Win Looks A Lot Like Another Recent Election

by Steve MacDonald June 22, 2017

The pundits are flabbergasted by the Republican turnout for Karen Handel in Georgia. They don’t know what to make of it. I do. They made it about Trump, and the Trump voters showed up. They don’t always, like in small town New Hampshire for a relatively meaningless state House race, but they do turn out […]

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Democrat’s Symbolic Run Against Trump Fails in Georgia, Oh!, And They Lost in SC Too.

by Steve MacDonald June 21, 2017

Republican Karen Handel is the winner of the special congressional election in GA-6. She beat Democrat Jon Ossoff (who doesn’t even live in the district in which he ran), despite having 23.6 million in campaign donations, mostly from California and Martha’s Vinyard Democrats. The Democrats pinned their hopes on the Georgia race as their chance […]

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The vitriolic hatred from NH Democrats MUST END before someone gets hurt

by Kimberly Morin June 17, 2017

Last week, a man from Illinois opened fire on Republicans practicing for a bi-partisan charity baseball game in Virginia. The man was obsessed with his hatred for Republicans, the wealthy and Trump all while professing his adoration for Bernie Sanders. The man had decided back in March that “Trump and Company must be destroyed.” The […]

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Blast from the Past: Democrat demonization

by Skip June 15, 2017

Remember this? I was when I first started seeing the reports coming in about the Bernie Bro doing his part to “Terminate the Republican Party”. And if they are willing to shove a Senior off the cliff, what are they willing to do to YOU? Just one example of the Democrats using the “Politics of […]

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Abortion is Ground Zero for the Democrat War on Women

by Steve MacDonald June 14, 2017

New Hampshire Democrats are calling Republican efforts to remove funding for abortions from the state budget an attack on women’s health.  But if we’re being honest, abortion is ground zero for the Democrat war on women. Nothing is more anti-woman than to deny a young girl her future. Abortion takes everything she would ever be, […]

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The humiliating truth about the NH House ‘Handmaids’

by Kimberly Morin June 3, 2017

On Thursday, the New Hampshire House of Representatives voted on a fetal homicide bill, Senate Bill 66 (SB 66), that seeks justice for unborn babies who are killed in a violent act. The unborn baby would apply to those who are viable, after 5 months of pregnancy, and the bill specifically states that pregnant mothers, […]

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Some of Accused Tax Cheat Thomas Katsiantonis’ Donations to NH Democrats

by Steve MacDonald June 3, 2017

Democrat New Hampshire House Rep. Thomas Katsiantonis is charged with trying to cheat the state of New Hampshire by refusing to pay, what’s the term, “his fair share.” (Girard at Large) As alleged in the complaints, Mr. Katsiantonis owned and operated both Grand Slam Pizza and Tommy K’s Restaurant and Bar. The theft charges allege that […]

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NH Democrats Defend the Right to End A Woman’s Pregnancy Against her Will

by Steve MacDonald June 2, 2017

Yesterday the New Hampshire House passed SB 66, the Fetal Homicide Bill. Gov. Sununu is going to sign it. No, the legislation is not perfect. There are those who will point out rightly why we could have done better, and where the pitfalls lay. But for the sake of consistency on my part, I have to […]

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The Anti-Trump Left’s New Movement (Indivisible) Has Ties to Soros Money

by Steve MacDonald May 22, 2017

While surfing content for the New Media Militia, I came across an article at SeacostOnline about a meeting for a group called Indivisible. Their mission is to oppose Donald Trump’s agenda and to agitate and organize for the purpose. My first thought was, Democrats, can’t do anything without a union or some other progressive billionaire funding […]

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Let me see if I’ve got this straight: HOW is one not like the other?

by Skip May 15, 2017

Really, it only depends on whose ox is about to be gored, eh Democrats? (H/T: Powerline)

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Anything to keep and gain political power – bereft of Principles unless

by Skip May 11, 2017

it deals with gaining power and putting socialism totally in place.  Talking out of both sides of their mouths is not a bug, it’s a feature. (H/T: Liberal Logic 101)

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Yet the Dems ALWAYS accused the TEA Party of violence

by Skip May 7, 2017

The mote in their eye… (H/T: Powerline)

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Blogline of the Day – Whine much?

by Skip May 4, 2017

“I love your sarcasm, but in all seriousness, I am sick unto Heaven of this talking point. At this stage in the game, the Bonapartists and the Nazis combined haven’t blamed ‘the verdammt Russians’ as much as Hillary and the Democrats have!” Would this be breaking Godwin’s Law or just a reflection of actual history? […]

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The Arrogance of Blue America

by Steve MacDonald May 2, 2017

From the Daily Beast, Joel Kotkin looks at the arrogance of Blue America. It’s not pretty for them, but it is hilarious for us, and–I am required to say this–we knew this, and we told you so. Here’s but one juicy paragraph. The fondest hope among the blue bourgeoise lies with the demographic eclipse of their […]

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Embarrassing – GOP just got on their knees to the Dems on this latest budget deal

by Skip May 1, 2017

Yeah, the GOP is alREADY saying “wait until next time!” Nancy Pelosi & Chuck Schumer are laughing and laughing at this gutless wonders that promised us everything but have given us Conservatives essentially nothing in this “bipartisan” agreement.  As Steve pointed out here and especially here at “On the Crossing of Aisles”: This is not ‘Democrats’ […]

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Democrats Not Happy With Their Party’s Attempts to Block Trump

by Steve MacDonald April 28, 2017

Democrats are unhappy? Stop the fricking’ presses! Few Democrats are pleased with their own party’s attempts to oppose Donald Trump in his first 100 days as president. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that just 11% of Likely Democratic Voters believe efforts by the Democrats to oppose Trump during his first […]

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Democrats Embrace Fascism Openly

by Steve MacDonald April 27, 2017

“Protesters” who resort to violence (or threats of violence) to prevent the public expression of opinions with which they disagree are fascists even when they have labeled themselves as anti-fascists. Democrats who refuse to speak against this, are fascist sympathizers or fascists themselves.  

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Data Point – Democrat College Students are the least tolerant on campus

by Skip April 26, 2017

At least, if that campus is located at Dartmouth here in my “Life Free or Die” State.  Apparently, these Democrats would rather have their roommates die instead of having them as, you know, roommates. Dartmouth Study Finds Democrats Are The Least Tolerant Students On Campus A new survey of students at Dartmouth College found that […]

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Full-Day Kindergarten: NH Republicans have lost their minds

by Kimberly Morin April 26, 2017

Yesterday, the House Education Committee passed a ridiculous full-day kindergarten bill that actually increased the amount Governor Sununu wanted to spend from $9 million per year to over $14 million per year. The amendment was brought forth by ‘Republican’ Terry Wolf and replaces Senate Bill 191 (SB 191) completely. The amendment is actually House Bill […]

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Data Point – 67% of poll respondents say Democrats are out of touch with their concerns

by Skip April 25, 2017

So much for the “Party of the People” when Trump beats them by a considerable margin? (H/T: ABCNews)

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Notable Quote – Ann Alhouse

by Skip April 20, 2017

I get really tired of Democratic partisan emotion. I’m someone who sometimes votes for Democrats, and I’ve voted for a lot more Democratic candidates than Republicans over the years, but I have nothing but a negative reaction to all this anger at losing. If they’d won, they’d be exulting and gloating, with no empathy for […]

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Democrat Senators have a litmus test against unborn children

by Skip April 8, 2017

Their utter hypocrisy when they say “It’s for the children” is nauseating. (H/T: Liberal Logic 101)

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Data Point – Gallup: Fewer Dems To Proud To Be Americans

by Skip April 4, 2017

  “Sixty-seven percent of Democrats say they are “extremely” or “very” proud to be Americans, down 11 percentage points from a year ago. Republicans (92%) and independents (73%) are about as likely now as in 2016 to express such patriotic sentiments.” (H/T: The Blaze)

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Blogline of the Day (Part 3) – the dumbest line of the day (I think)

by Skip April 3, 2017

Schumer: How about instead of nuking the filibuster, you let Democrats help choose Trump’s SCOTUS nominee? Yeah, the Republicans won the election to do THAT? If that happened, Senate Minority Leader Chuckie Schumer would be the Senate Majority Leader in slightly less than two years. And neither Trump or Pence would be in the Oval […]

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Now they’re against when they were before it earlier?

by Skip April 3, 2017

Funny, I do remember when Democrats were all up in arms that a State (Arizona) wanted to enforce Federal immigration law because the Obama Administration would not.  In fact, the  Obama Administration sued to make them stop. So I just don’t understand why the Democrats are all up in arms (again) to make the Federal […]

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BlogTweet of the Day – who to blame from a life-long Democrat

by Skip March 30, 2017

Heh! “In a message posted to his Twitter page Wednesday, Schneider illustrated how U.S. voters had been rejecting Democrats and voting them out of power long before the 2016 election.” 2010 Dems lost the House2012 Dems lost the Senate2016 Dems lost the White House2017 Dems lost ability to reasonIt's not Russia, it's YOU — Rob […]

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Democrats Can’t Stop Losing

by Steve MacDonald March 29, 2017

Winning. Republican John Stefanski this weekend flipped Louisiana House District 42 – a seat held by Democrats since at least 1972 – after Democrats failed to even file a candidate in the race. Additionally, Republicans retained House District 92 on Saturday with a win by Joe Stagni. So for those of you keeping score, Democrats […]

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And the Democrats want her to run for office?

by Skip March 28, 2017

Tell me, is it me or is Chelsea Clinton dumber than Maxine Walters? Please tell me this is photoshopped. Please? — Chelsea Clinton (@ChelseaClinton) March 25, 2017 Might be hard to tell at times.  Whaddya think – are both dead rocks and leave it at that? (H/T: Gateway Pundit)

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Reminder: The 45 Declared Goals of Communism in America

by Steve MacDonald March 27, 2017

The 45 Declared Goals are required reading (and sharing) for anyone who wants to suggest to someone that the Left isn’t just winging it. [From “The Naked Communist,” by Cleon Skousen – 1963] CURRENT COMMUNIST GOALS  45. Repeal the Connally reservation so the United States cannot prevent the World Court from seizing jurisdiction [over domestic […]

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The End of Progressivism’s Golden Age of Myth-making?

by Steve MacDonald March 25, 2017

The left is weighted down by a cart full of narrative bubbles, all of them on the verge of breaking. What do I mean? The overreach of Obama was to culminate in the ascension of Hillary Clinton. The further cementing of the weaponized bureaucratic superstate could secure decades of one-party rule regardless of who the […]

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