Use That Domicile Ruling to Flush Every NH Democrat From Office

by Steve MacDonald July 29, 2014

You may not be a Drudge fan, but they’ve been curating content since before it was cool, and they link to everyone. A casual reading of stories paints a dismal set of circumstances for the nation and the world.  Allies now hate us.  The civil and military unrest.  We have nothing short of a foreign […]

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How Liberals Reach the Tops of their Professions

by Kimberly Morin July 28, 2014

    h/t John LaRosa

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Hassanistas Back Off Tax Grab

by Steve MacDonald July 28, 2014
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The Union leader is reporting the Democrats abrupt 180-degee-Kabuki-Dance-Walk-Back of the Hassan Administrations Tax grab.   Long story short–the Hassanistas have “pulled their request off the table,” and Democrats are trying to spin it. Allow me to cut through the Democrat BS for you. Hassanista Bureaucrats claimed the existing rules for ground leases have expired.  They […]

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Obamacare Architect, Prof. Jonathan Gruber, confirms the DC Court of Appeals decision

by Skip July 25, 2014

that determined that the IRS can only issue tax credit subsidies to Obamacare plan holders IF they purchased their Obamacare plans from an Exchange that was created by a State and NOT the Federal Government.  Here, the Progressive academician from MIT, Jonathan Gruber takes a question and confirms what the language in the Obamacare Law states […]

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Hassan Tax Grab Provides An Excellent Campaign Opportunity for NH Republicans

by Steve MacDonald July 24, 2014
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Her highness, Shahbanu Maggie Hassan, Freiherr of Fracking, Duchess of Philips Exeter,  Raja of Revenues, Empress of EMILY’s List, Potential Princess of Northern Pass, (and N.H.’s own ambassador to the deteriorating nation of Turkey), hath dissolved that part of the state constitution that limits her taxing powers so that she might overburden her people by expanding […]

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Democrats take care of their base; Republicans attack theirs

by Skip July 20, 2014

El Rushbo brings up the differences on how the Democrats take care of their base vs how the Republicans treat theirs: (H/T: Breitbart-TV)      

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The Democrat Intifada Against the Law Abiding American Citizen

by Steve MacDonald July 20, 2014
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Your average, so-called, “anti-gun-violence” liberal Democrat wants your town, city, or state, to have the same sort of gun laws they have in Chicago.  But they don’t want you to truly grasp what that means.  Every weekend there are reports the dozens of new shootings and mounting death toll in the gun-free land of Chicago.  […]

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Sexist NH Democrat Reps don’t believe female Independents should have political opinions

by Kimberly Morin July 20, 2014

According to tweets yesterday from Representative  Timothy Horrigan (D –Durham) and   Representative Peter Sullivan (D – Manchester),   women who are Independent voters are not allowed to have their own political opinions.  The latest attack from my 2 favorite left wing NH Political trolls came from a tweet I  re-tweeted back on July 3.  […]

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“The border is secure” – sure, & the Dems have 60K illegal alien kids streaming over the border to back them up

by Skip July 19, 2014

“The border is secure” – really, how stupid do they think we are but they keep saying it anyways?  Saying so doesn’t make it so – else why do these illegal alien kids keep crossing our border without going through the proper and LEGAL process?  Or is it a case where the Democrats (and their […]

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by Steve MacDonald July 16, 2014

What kind of people sell plunder by threat of force as a virtue, label it as an entitlement, and deify the wealthy politicians, immune to their own “justice,” who promote it as a way to create equality? Democrats.

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The Measure of the Man: Walt Havenstein

by Tom July 13, 2014

It goes without saying that you can tell a lot about a person by the political contributions they’ve made. There are many, many candidates and political organizations (PACs) to choose from, and people obviously tend to favor those that most closely align with their passions and principles. We give our precious time and money to […]

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Mandate Mandate

by Steve MacDonald July 13, 2014
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There is no clearer indication that the false outrage over the Hobby Lobby verdict isn’t getting the rhetorical job done than a bunch of Democrats writing a Bill they know will never pass to fix what they were too afraid to put in the original ACA to begin with. Knowing it would never pass with […]

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How ‘Republican’ Is Scott Brown? Just Ask Mr. Obama!

by Steve MacDonald July 8, 2014
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How ‘Republican’ Is Scott Brown?  Just Ask Mr. Obama! For the full infographic go to the (Rubens Campaign) Based on these numbers I think the answer to the question, ‘How Republican Is Scott Brown?” is not very, and or not often.

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Obama Economy Sheds 523,000 Full Time Jobs in June

by Steve MacDonald July 7, 2014
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Yeah, wage growth stinks, and the labor force participation numbers are horrible but the reported unemployment rate is down to 6.1%.  Probably in part because in June the Obama Economy shed 523,000 full-time jobs. Sure, part-time jobs surged, but those are typically entry-level assignments or low-skill positions.  That’s no way to run a recovery.  But […]

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“Quick Lerner”

by Skip July 1, 2014

The post is wrong – Mockery IS demanded. And a whole lot more. (H/T: The Corner)

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Your Pie Just Got Smaller Moonbat!

by Ed Naile July 1, 2014

Sometimes I forget to try and be first with some information readers might find interesting so let me get this one out quick before I forget. All the talk about illegal alien children being sent all over America for the Third World Colonization of America Program Obama is running, now that he found out he […]

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Democrats Apologize To The IRS

by Steve MacDonald June 26, 2014
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House Democrats are apologizing to the IRS for having to be subjected to congressional oversight.  (Does the Democrat House orientation day actually cover the role of congress?  Just asking.) This outpouring of liberal empathy for this domestic terror group–operating with the full force of law they claimed for themselves–comes as a result of other members […]

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I’ll Trade You 20 Trillion For A Crappy Jobless Economy

by Steve MacDonald June 25, 2014
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If you add all the Obama budgets and the deficit you get some huge number with ‘Trillions’ after it.   Democrats took the taxpayers on a spending binge that doubled the deficit, burdened them with a massive new entitlement, encouraged middling to declining growth, the worst labor participation rate in decades, record Welfare, food stamp, and […]

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Obama’s Progressive Administration finally tells the truth – they are out to kill off fossil fuels of all types

by Skip June 17, 2014

Bill Maher: “Some people called it a war on coal. I hope it is a war on coal. Is it?” Gina McCarthy: “That’s exactly what this is.” For some perspective, a Heritage Foundation analysis of anti-coal policies found that they will destroy more than 500,000 jobs, slash the income of a typical family of four more […]

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Jim Rubens should actually be relieved: “State Rep. Ladd moves from Rubens to Brown camp”

by Skip June 17, 2014

Why?  When I circulated this around to the other Groksters, Steve immediately replied: “Guy who barely voted with Republicans 6 out of 10 times supports Scott Brown who voted with Democrats 6 out of 10 times.”  Indeed!   NH Rep. Rick Ladd, Grafton 4, had an HRA score of 64.2% – FAR less in line with the […]

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Those ‘Right Wing’ Vegas Cop-Killers Were Actually #Occupy Protesters

by Steve MacDonald June 16, 2014
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When a story about some so-called “right wing cop killers” in Vegas vanishes faster than Lois Lerner’s emails, you know something is up. Gateway Pundit We have been bombarded with the Millers’ connection to the Bundy Ranch, Alex Jones and the liberty movement in general. The liberty movement is massive and it does not emcompass (sp) […]

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IRS Commissioner Testified – Lerner Emails Were Archived

by Steve MacDonald June 16, 2014
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Beating a Dead Donkey?  Of Course.  The lie factory expands daily with these people and the Democrat rank and file who repeat these lies must not go unchallenged.  Which brings us to this from Patterico. IRS Commissioner testified in March Lois Lerner emails were archived. Here is the video #IRS — Jason Chaffetz (@jasoninthehouse) […]

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Data Point – Republican Kelly Ayotte, this Amnesty chart is for you

by Skip June 15, 2014

My US Senator, Kelly Ayotte, campaigned hard against granting Amnesty to illegal aliens – a stance that sits very well with the base here in NH.  Now, 4 years into her term, she has gone hard Left on the issue – Amnesty is GREAT for Republicans!  If the debacle of Eric Cantor primary loss, in […]

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Democrats and the Constitution?

by Skip June 14, 2014

Just like the back row Baptists I’ve known over the years.  Sure, they can rattle off Scripture with the best of them (mostly….ok, some) but come the non-Sunday “life”, one would be hardpressed to tell the difference between them and a run-of-the-mill non-attender.  They may have to mouth the “Letter” but not the “Spirit” or […]

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Martha Fuller Clark – ‘Much More Needs To Be Done’

by Steve MacDonald June 13, 2014
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Democrat New Hampshire State Senator Martha Fuller Clark is running for re-election.  When she signed up to run again she made it clear that she and her party have more destruction to reap upon New Hampshire. This also means that Martha’s Motel will be taking reservations for the 2014 Election season. To make your reservations […]

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Blue States Have More Income Inequality

by Steve MacDonald June 9, 2014
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A report on a 50 state survey using Census data reveals that the liberal science of income inequality is settled.  Blue States have more income inequality. If only America took a more “progressive” approach, the thinking goes, leaving behind conservative, red-state priorities like keeping taxes low and encouraging business, fairness would sprout across the land. […]

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Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran: Is he the example Scott Brown is following for the Primary?

by Skip June 8, 2014

Mississippi just had a primary on the Republican side where State Senator Chris McDaniels, a TEA Party candidate, out edged long term US Senator Thad Cochran (76 and in the US Senate since 1972) but not by enough to forestall a runoff (in three weeks).  From NYT via Hot Air: Senator Thad Cochran’s supporters opened Mississippi’s […]

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GrokBite: Guess that “Republicans bad” meme is now history

by Skip June 6, 2014

Steve’s post about California State Government making its foray into college aged kids bedroom via CA SB 967 (State Sen. Kevin de Leon (D-Los Angeles), would mandate that college students obtain “an affirmative, unambiguous, and conscious decision by each participant to engage in mutually agreed-upon sexual activity.”): And one need only look at the source […]

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CA Considers Requiring Written Consent Before Sex

by Steve MacDonald June 5, 2014
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The California state legislature is considering a bill that would require (verbal or) written consent before sex on all college campuses in the state. ( Breitbart) According to the language of the bill, “consent must be ongoing throughout a sexual encounter, and can be revoked at any time. The existence of a dating relationship between […]

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GDP Adjusted – US Economy Contracts in Q1

by Steve MacDonald May 29, 2014
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US Economy Contracts in Q1 The Economy sucks for everyone except the rent seekers and people in “The Capitol” as the economy for Q1, originally estimated at 0.1% growth, has been revised to a loss of 1%. Patterico makes the best comparison I have seen so far.  This administration is shaping up to be very […]

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