Desperate Democrats Tap Sally Yates to be the Next Wendy Davis

by Steve MacDonald February 19, 2017

Have you heard of Sally Yates? If you are a devout Democrat or read one of those creepy political bloggers, you probably know the name. If you are the rest of America, she’s on the familiarity spectrum between Pepsi AM and the Facts of Life ‘Lost Episodes.’ If George Soros were re-re-re-making the Progressive version […]

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Democrats – short memories, eh?

by Skip February 12, 2017

(H/T: Powerline)

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Democrats Are Losing Their War With Trump

by Steve MacDonald February 11, 2017

From Investors Business Daily, Leaders in the Democratic Party probably should have thought twice before deciding to mount a scorched-earth campaign against President Trump. So far, they’ve failed to stop any of Trump’s picks, or gain public support for their cause. They have, however, succeeded in making themselves look unhinged. As we write this, not […]

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New Hampshire Democrats Can’t Be Bothered to Defend The Rights of a Gay Jew?

by Steve MacDonald February 7, 2017

New Hampshire’s all girl congressional delegation have a slew of press releases on their House and Senate web pages opposing, objecting to, or blocking things (this from the party of yes) but there is not one word from any of them about the Berkeley Riots. They have nothing to say in defense of free speech. […]

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The Left Hates You

by Steve MacDonald February 6, 2017

I watch and read and listen and am amused. People who previous to the nomination and election of Mr. Trump had never been permitted to see behind the media curtain are getting glimpses at the real left. They are angry, violent, hateful. “Innocent” bystanders are overwhelmed by the vitriol in social media and on the […]

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If Liberals Are So Smart, How Did They Lose Their Minds?

by Ed Naile February 2, 2017

Former wanna-be president, Tim Kaine, just came out with a doozy on a morning show. He is suggesting that his progressive friends, such as masked community organizers and anarchists, “fight in the streets” to oppose President Trump. Does he even have a molecule of gray matter in his head? I don’t live on a street. […]

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UC Berkeley’s Fascistic ‘Anti-Fascists’

by Steve MacDonald February 2, 2017

An outspoken gay guy was scheduled to speak at UC Berkeley. Protesters started a riot to keep him from speaking then proceeded to trash the campus the town, private property, and bystanders., They also attacked people in the media trying to report on the riot. Breitbart Senior Editor Milo Yiannopoulos, who was scheduled to say words […]

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Locals Will Kidnap You, Torture, and Behead You

by Steve MacDonald February 2, 2017

Democrats support Travel bans from a list of terrorist sponsoring countries used by three different presidents. Democrat leaders are on record saying  things like,”We simply cannot allow for people to pour in, undocumented and unchecked.” Democrats have voted to restrict travel from these countries since 2002, including New Hampshire Democrats.

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Mr. Trump Helps Democrats Discover Religious Liberty

by Steve MacDonald February 1, 2017

Democrat NH AG Joe Foster, like a lot of Democrat hacks, just played the religious liberty card to support their opposition to the Trump 90-day hiatus on unrestricted travel from terrorist nations. “Religious liberty has been and always will be a bedrock principle of our country and no President can change that truth. Targeting immigrants and […]

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Democrats and Disarmament – the Truth about NH’s Pistol License Law

by Susan Olsen January 30, 2017

On January 10, 1923, NH’s more than 450,000 residents enjoyed equally the right to defend themselves, their families, their property and the state. By May of that year, 91,000 found themselves criminalized and statutorily stripped of those rights. But New Hampshire is the “Live Free or Die” state. How could that happen? In 1922, more […]

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Enjoy Your Denial. It’s The Only Thing Left That’s Truly Yours

by Steve MacDonald January 27, 2017

When the government directs taxpayer money toward something, it immediately takes an interest in everything about the money. The cash comes with a sidecar full of rules, regulations. The blanket term for these is ‘strings.’ It always comes with strings attached. Everyone knows this except women who are told by Democrats to support taxpayer-funded abortion.

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Women’s March: I’m EMBARRASSED for my Gender

by Kimberly Morin January 22, 2017

Yesterday women across the country and even in some parts of the world put on pink ‘p*ssy’ hats and behaved like little ‘Veruca Salts’ because Hillary Clinton wasn’t elected. The ‘Women’s March’ was an embarrassing display of idiocy, hypocrisy and ignorance by mostly white women who clearly need therapy. These women weren’t actually protesting ANYTHING. […]

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NH Women’s ‘Unity’ Rally: Democrat hypocrisy on full display

by Kimberly Morin January 21, 2017

Today, several left wing organizations held a “NH Women’s Day of Unity and Action” rally in Concord. One of the biggest sponsors was Planned Parenthood. They claim to be the voices for all women but women who are pro-life weren’t invited. Even women who agree with the left on every issue other than abortion were […]

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Trump Thrives off Media Hostility

by Steve MacDonald January 13, 2017

It’s going to be a fun few years. Trump thrives off of media hostility, and the more hostile — and the less defensible — the better. It allows him to portray himself as the victim of a stilted establishment. It fires up his supporters. It keeps the debate on terrain that is familiar and favorable […]

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Epic Take-Down: Ted Cruz Itemizes Democrat Hypocrisy in Jeff Sessions Hearing

by Steve MacDonald January 11, 2017

(Right Scoop) Ted Cruz turned his ire toward the Democrats today, exposing the blatant hypocrisy in their questioning of Sessions as opposed to their silence during the rampant lawlessness of the Obama administration. H/T Kevin Kervick – Facebook

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Democrat Plantation

by Skip December 27, 2016

“This meme proves that their desires have remained unchanged since the days of slavery. In fact, it’s gone national. Regardless of skin color, Democrats want you to be a slave to the government.” After these last eight years, one thing stands out – Democrats still wish to rule YOUR roost by having Government make all […]

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The Voting Dead

by Steve MacDonald December 27, 2016

To borrow from Skip, Shot: UNITY, N.H. (AP) – A historical society in a New Hampshire has preserved a collection of 19th century town voting records for future study. Chaser: Names that may also be on the November 2016 Checklist as same day voters who signed an affidavit, cast a vote, but can no longer […]

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And I thought Democrats say they are rooted in “reality”??

by Skip December 26, 2016

So let’s see what the Reality-in-Chief has to say about his reality: SHOT: “I am confident in this vision because I’m confident that if I had run again and articulated it, I think I could’ve mobilized a majority of the American people to rally behind it,” Mr. Obama said, CNN reported Monday. “I know that […]

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Democrats: Not Sure What to do Without An Oberführer

by Steve MacDonald December 22, 2016

Mr. Trump will get halfway through his first hundred days before the opposing party mothership has a new Oberführer and the Borg don’t seem to know what to do without one. “It’s a very serious concern. I just went on TV twice today on Fox and MSNBC on the Cabinet appointments and I winged it,” […]

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To Democrats Still Bitching About the Election…

by Steve MacDonald December 9, 2016

To Democrats bitching about winning the national popular vote and losing the electoral college (one more time). What was your pre-election day strategy? Was it to win the electoral college vote (win the state’s electors) or to just win more of the national popular vote in Democrat enclaves like California and New York? Let me […]

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Senate Dems Want to See What’s in ObamaCare Replacement

by Steve MacDonald December 9, 2016

Senate Democrats beclown themselves over the Trump Administration’s planned transition from ObamaCare (We have to pass it to see what’s in it) to a replacement. The Trump Team owes it to the American people to explain how they'll provide health coverage BEFORE they repeal it. — Senate Democrats (@SenateDems) December 6, 2016 I think […]

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But the US House Democrats STILL elected her as the Minority Leader….again?

by Skip December 7, 2016

That would be Nancy Pelosi who has presided over the cratering of the Democrat hold on the US House and have become basically neutered (which is why I have little angst that both of my NH House seats are filled by two Democrat harpies (Maggie “The Red” Hassan and Annie “I’m more Progressive than you!” […]

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Data Point – if the Electoral College didn’t exist…

by Skip November 22, 2016

The Progressive / Democrat whiney losers are blaming everything, except for their actual ideology, for their complete annihilation on the national stage (as well as most of the States).  Chief among their faux outrage is that part of the Constitution that rides herd on making sure that small States are treated as well as big […]

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So Sununu is satisfied with a Socialist entitlement? Government – what can’t it do?

by Skip November 21, 2016

That’s what Democrats think, Chris Sununu.  You see, they have totally rejected the Founding Fathers philosophy that our Liberties are most protected when Government, constrained by our Constitutions, stay within the “negative liberties” – what Government CANNOT DO to you.  The flip side is the old European and Socialist model – Government exists to do […]

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Who Stands with Wendy Davis on America’s Failed Education System?

by Steve MacDonald November 18, 2016 is reporting that former Texas State Senator Wendy ‘Abortion Barbie‘ Davis just insulted half the nation. “Let’s face it, Republicans were rewarded by an undereducated electorate,” Davis told the Texas Standard, a public radio program, on Thursday. “And I don’t think it’s too cynical to say that the true right-wing conspiracy in this country is […]

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Democrats Can’t Win Elections Without…

by Steve MacDonald November 18, 2016

From Matt Bai. The bottom line for Democrats ought to be this: You can’t really count on winning elections without persuading anybody of anything they don’t already believe. You can’t be a truly national party if you need 90 percent of a single minority’s votes just to be competitive (any more than you can be a […]

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Yeah, Steve I’m Old Enough to Remember When the Electoral College Was Great…

by Scott Morales November 18, 2016

It’s odd how for some it falls so far out of favor.  I wonder why.  Oh yea, RAAAAAAAACCCIIIISSSTTT!!!!!  

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An Open Letter to Hillary’s Supporters

by Steve MacDonald November 17, 2016

Guest Post by Jim Kofalt Ever since the election, I have heard disaffected Hillary Clinton voters express shock and dismay over Donald Trump’s victory. How could this possibly happen? What on earth would lead half of the voters in our country to go the polls and vote for Trump?  How can I explain this to […]

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Cognitive Dissonance….?

by Susan Olsen November 17, 2016
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It has started – Trump Derangement Syndrome

by Skip November 11, 2016

  Those Democrats – so full of infantile rage, violence, and a complete disregard for facts, eh?      (H/T: Liberal Logic 101)

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