“The Annoying Party” – Nurse Ratchet instead of Nanny Mary Poppins

by Skip July 23, 2017

Yep.  The Democrat Party.  They are the ones with “the Political is Personal; the Personal is Political” and have turned it into the absolute weapon.  NOTHING in life can be made, seen, or discussed outside of their political realms – even eating a hamburger has life and death ramifications.  They haven’t figured out that sometimes […]

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So the Democrats have decided to go the way of Papa John’s?

by Skip July 21, 2017

Yeah….er no, the Democrats aren’t going into the pizza business.  But can Papa Johns’s go after them for “re-purposing” their corporate tagline: ?Better Ingredients, Better Pizza”?  I remember when that came out – after a slump in their business, they went back to basics, back to the beginning, to improve their product. So what did […]

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Grabbit Staters

by Steve MacDonald July 21, 2017

People from New Hampshire are often referred to as Granite Staters. This is the Granite State, so that makes sense. People from New Hampshire in the constant pursuit of expanding government power and spending more and more of other peoples money–those would be Progressives in general, Democrats specifically, and the increasing number of radical leftists […]

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Rockingham Dems host Resistance Meeting Tonight at the Exeter Inn

by Steve MacDonald July 19, 2017

There’s a gathering of Democrats this evening at the Exeter Inn, 90 Front Street. They’re having a panel discussion on the left’s so-called ‘Resistance’ and the “Indivisible Movement.” Seriously? The Democrat Party is a divided hot mess in a dumpster fire, and they have a “grassroots group” called the indivisible movement? Here’s indivisible for you. […]

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The Bryonic Notion of Injustice, A Superior Sensibility, and Moral Authority

by Steve MacDonald July 16, 2017

Theodore Dalrymple, in the course of observations about the modern human demand for incompatible desires, wrote, …, she had a Byronic notion of the disease, a romantic conception of it as a badge of superior sensibility, which is to say that those who suffered from it were in some way morally superior to those who […]

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ONLY WE CAN SAVE US ALL – but first give us your monies to do it

by Skip July 15, 2017

(H/T: Powerline)

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Fusion GPS – Traitors

by Ed Naile July 13, 2017

Like most of the fake news generated to destroy President Trump and anyone around him – there is a “blood spatter” problem with the attempted character assassination. Each time the Swamp, leakers, and the Media take on a fake narrative, they pay the price in their own shredded credibility. Enter Fusion GPS the opposition research […]

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Kimberly Morin: Democrats are Lying

by Steve MacDonald July 9, 2017

Recorded live from the CNHT taxpayer Picnic, our own Kimberly Morin from NH Political Buzz and Girard at Large, emphasizes a few important points we all need to remember. New Hampshire Democrat leadership is lying about the Trump election commission. Democrats are making their voters look like idiots. In case you forgot, Obama had an […]

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Is the Climate Cult the Left’s Last Hope and other Random Thoughts

by Steve MacDonald July 9, 2017

Climate change is the single most important progressive agenda item. It has to be. Everything else they claim to care about has failed. So they leverage the climate narrative to blame you for their lies failure.  Championing climate change lets leadership continue to enrich itself and the political class (and grow government) while allowing themselves rank and […]

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So now “White Supremacist” is the new Democrat epithet du jour?

by Skip July 8, 2017

It’s all about the demonization. You know, Democrats just love to blow through “words” or “memes” about their opponents.  It isn’t enough to call them (er, that would be us) wrong, silly, or dumb.  No, it is always a case of trying to make us so distasteful personally as to make people in the middle […]

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Random Thoughts on the Monday Before Independence Day

by Steve MacDonald July 3, 2017

1.) Democrats like to accuse everyone but themselves of vote suppression but abortion is vote suppression, and they’ll do anything to protect that. The irony, of course, is that they are statistically suppressing their own likely voters while a majority of Republicans favor letting them not just live, but live long enough to vote (potentially) against Republicans. 2.) […]

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If Illinois Had One-Party Rule: House Dems Pass $5 Billion Tax Increase

by Steve MacDonald July 3, 2017

I am fond of pointing out that to Democrats there is no limit to how much of other people’s property they will spend. California is the poster child, but Illinois is vying for the title. If it weren’t for the citizens electing a Republican Governor, they’d be staring into the teeth of a 32% $5 billion dollar […]

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Why am I not surprised at the GOP running dead last?

by Skip July 1, 2017

All we hear from the Dems and the Media how BAD Trump has been – then why does the general public rate Trump better?  Mostly because, all tweets aside, he is getting things done which is what he campaigned on and is doing.  He is keeping his campaign promises for the most part and the […]

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Everyone Is Going To DIE!

by Kimberly Morin June 29, 2017

This is pretty much what the Democrats use for arguments on just about everything. If you don’t pass X,Y,Z, EVERYONE IS GOING TO DIE! If you don’t believe it, just watch the tools on the Senate or House floors sometime…

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If You Read Nothing Else Today Read This: Anger Privelage

by Steve MacDonald June 29, 2017

Daniel Greenfield, writing at Sultan Knish, has an amazing piece (that I originally linked at New Media Militia) about the anger privelage of the left. It’s long but worth every bit of your time. Here’s a snippet. If you’re an angry leftist, your party leader, Tom Perez will scream and curse into a microphone, and your […]

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President Trump is Obama’s Legacy

by Steve MacDonald June 25, 2017

There’s a great article from the New York Post linked here, that paints the evolving Democrat dilemma. For Republicans, luck can’t get much better. While Clinton and Pelosi were hardly innocent bystanders in the historic rout of Democrats at every level of government, the main culprit was Obama. It was Obamaism, more than Clintonism or […]

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Those ‘Handmaid’ Costumes Remind Me Of Something Else About Democrats…

by Steve MacDonald June 23, 2017
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The “Surprise!”Karen Handel Win Looks A Lot Like Another Recent Election

by Steve MacDonald June 22, 2017

The pundits are flabbergasted by the Republican turnout for Karen Handel in Georgia. They don’t know what to make of it. I do. They made it about Trump, and the Trump voters showed up. They don’t always, like in small town New Hampshire for a relatively meaningless state House race, but they do turn out […]

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Democrat’s Symbolic Run Against Trump Fails in Georgia, Oh!, And They Lost in SC Too.

by Steve MacDonald June 21, 2017

Republican Karen Handel is the winner of the special congressional election in GA-6. She beat Democrat Jon Ossoff (who doesn’t even live in the district in which he ran), despite having 23.6 million in campaign donations, mostly from California and Martha’s Vinyard Democrats. The Democrats pinned their hopes on the Georgia race as their chance […]

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The vitriolic hatred from NH Democrats MUST END before someone gets hurt

by Kimberly Morin June 17, 2017

Last week, a man from Illinois opened fire on Republicans practicing for a bi-partisan charity baseball game in Virginia. The man was obsessed with his hatred for Republicans, the wealthy and Trump all while professing his adoration for Bernie Sanders. The man had decided back in March that “Trump and Company must be destroyed.” The […]

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Blast from the Past: Democrat demonization

by Skip June 15, 2017

Remember this? I was when I first started seeing the reports coming in about the Bernie Bro doing his part to “Terminate the Republican Party”. And if they are willing to shove a Senior off the cliff, what are they willing to do to YOU? Just one example of the Democrats using the “Politics of […]

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Abortion is Ground Zero for the Democrat War on Women

by Steve MacDonald June 14, 2017

New Hampshire Democrats are calling Republican efforts to remove funding for abortions from the state budget an attack on women’s health.  But if we’re being honest, abortion is ground zero for the Democrat war on women. Nothing is more anti-woman than to deny a young girl her future. Abortion takes everything she would ever be, […]

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The humiliating truth about the NH House ‘Handmaids’

by Kimberly Morin June 3, 2017

On Thursday, the New Hampshire House of Representatives voted on a fetal homicide bill, Senate Bill 66 (SB 66), that seeks justice for unborn babies who are killed in a violent act. The unborn baby would apply to those who are viable, after 5 months of pregnancy, and the bill specifically states that pregnant mothers, […]

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Some of Accused Tax Cheat Thomas Katsiantonis’ Donations to NH Democrats

by Steve MacDonald June 3, 2017

Democrat New Hampshire House Rep. Thomas Katsiantonis is charged with trying to cheat the state of New Hampshire by refusing to pay, what’s the term, “his fair share.” (Girard at Large) As alleged in the complaints, Mr. Katsiantonis owned and operated both Grand Slam Pizza and Tommy K’s Restaurant and Bar. The theft charges allege that […]

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NH Democrats Defend the Right to End A Woman’s Pregnancy Against her Will

by Steve MacDonald June 2, 2017

Yesterday the New Hampshire House passed SB 66, the Fetal Homicide Bill. Gov. Sununu is going to sign it. No, the legislation is not perfect. There are those who will point out rightly why we could have done better, and where the pitfalls lay. But for the sake of consistency on my part, I have to […]

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The Anti-Trump Left’s New Movement (Indivisible) Has Ties to Soros Money

by Steve MacDonald May 22, 2017

While surfing content for the New Media Militia, I came across an article at SeacostOnline about a meeting for a group called Indivisible. Their mission is to oppose Donald Trump’s agenda and to agitate and organize for the purpose. My first thought was, Democrats, can’t do anything without a union or some other progressive billionaire funding […]

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Let me see if I’ve got this straight: HOW is one not like the other?

by Skip May 15, 2017

Really, it only depends on whose ox is about to be gored, eh Democrats? (H/T: Powerline)

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Anything to keep and gain political power – bereft of Principles unless

by Skip May 11, 2017

it deals with gaining power and putting socialism totally in place.  Talking out of both sides of their mouths is not a bug, it’s a feature. (H/T: Liberal Logic 101)

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Yet the Dems ALWAYS accused the TEA Party of violence

by Skip May 7, 2017

The mote in their eye… (H/T: Powerline)

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Blogline of the Day – Whine much?

by Skip May 4, 2017

“I love your sarcasm, but in all seriousness, I am sick unto Heaven of this talking point. At this stage in the game, the Bonapartists and the Nazis combined haven’t blamed ‘the verdammt Russians’ as much as Hillary and the Democrats have!” Would this be breaking Godwin’s Law or just a reflection of actual history? […]

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