Another way of Looking at Hillary

by Ed Naile September 23, 2016

What if FBA Director Comey did America a favor by whitewashing the Clinton illegal email schemes? Would that not be justice by another means, and delicious at that. I would imagine the progressives that run the Democrat Party could have found another stand-in candidate for the criminal they have losing in the polls now.

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Sorry, We Don’t Sell…to Terrorists or Democrats…

by Steve MacDonald September 23, 2016
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Democrat Immigration and Refugee Policy Exposes Your Kids to Exotic Diseases

by Steve MacDonald September 19, 2016
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Nothing says compassion like subjecting your citizens to rare diseases they thought vanquished within our nation’s borders. That’s right, boys and girls, the Democrat Party policy of open borders and the resettlement of refugees from third-world toilets comes with side effects. What kind? Tuberculosis, Hand, Foot and Mouth disease, and YES! Leprosy. Jurupa Unified School District […]

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So Ersatz Republicans Shawn Jasper and Dick Hinch want to change the NH GOP Platform?

by Skip September 10, 2016

And in the process, run the NH GOP FASTER towards that gorge named Democrat-Lite? A few thoughts on Steve’s post: Will it make any difference?  The NH GOP Leadership, both in the Party and elected politicians, don’t pay much attention to the Platform as it is.  Listen to their words, watch their actions – how […]

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NH Democrats For Shawn Jasper

by Steve MacDonald September 8, 2016
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New Hampshire Democrat’s Democrat Renny Cushing is concerned for (Democrat elected) Republican House Speaker Shawn Jasper, and (believe it or not) the integrity of our elections because of how he is being treated during the primary.

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NH Gubernatorial Debates – A circus with plenty of clowns

by Kimberly Morin September 7, 2016

Last night WMUR held two gubernatorial debates – one between the Republican candidates and one between the Democrat candidates. In each debate it seemed some candidates were trying to out-progressive (Democrats) or out-conservative (Republicans) each other.

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Democrats for Governor on 2A: Increase gun control and ban firearms

by Kimberly Morin August 25, 2016

On Monday, WMUR released an interview segment with each Democrat running in the gubernatorial primary discussing gun control. As painful as it may seem to sit through interview after interview with any politicians, it’s important to understand what these men are saying and what they actually mean. All three Democrats for Governor – Colin Van Ostern, […]

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Vets Die on Wait Lists While VA Blows $400 Million On Green Energy Failures

by Steve MacDonald August 10, 2016
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Because bailing out your Solar Buddies is a bigger priority. The contracts for the 11 projects reviewed by investigators totaled about $95 million, though some have become more expensive because of poor planning and delays. The VA spent more than $408 million on its “green management program” solar panel projects between fiscal years 2010 and 2015, […]

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Kathy Sullivan Better Get Driving

by Steve MacDonald August 9, 2016
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Good News Garage has been operating illegally in New Hampshire. Current State law requires them to have a license they do not have. This problem came to light after Executive Councilor Dave Wheeler objected to pig-piling another quarter-mil on top of the $1.7 Million in taxpayer support the ‘Non-profit’ already soaked out of our pockets. In […]

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Hypocrisy: Hassan says Trump hurts Ayotte. Has amnesia about vile Clinton history

by Kimberly Morin August 9, 2016

Yesterday the Seacoast online reported that Maggie Hassan believes she knows why Senator Kelly Ayotte’s poll numbers have dropped. Hassan believes it is because of Ayotte’s support for Donald Trump. Ayotte said from the beginning of the election season that she would support the Republican nominee.

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Why Aren’t Democrats Protecting People Swindled Into Paying Top Dollar for Beachfront?

by Steve MacDonald August 7, 2016
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Here on the front lines in the battle against global warming is 1 Star Island Drive, Miami Beach Florida. This 7-bed, 8-bath, nearly 8,000 square-foot beachfront getaway can be yours for a paltry $37,000,000.00. An obvious scam considering the imminent destruction of these swanky digs by the unstoppable rising seas. You’d think the Democrats and climate […]

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For all their talk of “tolerance”, the Dems are rather nasty. See the proof

by Skip August 4, 2016

I didn’t have to read past the first sentence to know how this was going to end up: Filmmaker Ami Horowitz conducted an interesting experiment at the Republican National Convention this year. He stood outside the convention area holding an “I Love Hillary” sign to see what would happen. People were a little amused but […]

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The Democrat Party Uses Violence to Gain Power

by Don August 3, 2016

One of the frauds attempted during the Democrat Convention is that Democrats want to reduce gun violence in America.  While I’m sure most Democrats consider themselves anti-violence, the party they support is the party of violence.  Democrat politicians and leaders, excuse, encourage, and use violence, successfully, to advance its political objectives. While the sympathy displayed […]

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Concord Monitor: Missing articles about Carl Gibson and Yvonne Dean-Bailey

by Kimberly Morin August 3, 2016

Recently it was reported that the Concord Monitor refused to allow their reporter, Nick Reid, to testify in court in Democrat operative Carl Gibson’s voter fraud case. They claimed it was a First Amendment right that Reid not testify even though Reid was the one who discovered that it was Gibson who sent a hoax […]

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Post-show: How else do you think the Media has earned the moniker of “Democrats with bylines”?

by Skip August 2, 2016

That last phrase courtesy of Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit.  We talked briefly about this state of affairs of the so-called “Press” and their utter contempt towards Republicans and then, Conservatives and Libertarians (Do NOT confuse the latter two groups with the first – I posit that fewer and fewer Republicans are Conservatives (even as they all call […]

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Sums up the Democrat Party in one Tweet

by Kimberly Morin July 27, 2016

Crowd chanting “USA! USA!” Delegate in front of me stands up and yells, “Stop that! That’s a Trump chant!” #DNCinPHL — Shannon Bream (@ShannonBream) July 28, 2016 Maybe they should have chanted ‘CUBA! CUBA!’ That’s more along the lines of the Democrat-type of government.

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Nancy Pelosi is a Hateful, Ignorant, Bigoted and Sexist B*TCH

by Kimberly Morin July 27, 2016

Today during an interview with PBS News Hour, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (Democrat) made an absolutely ridiculous and outrageous statement about white non-college educated men and the reasons they don’t support Hillary Clinton.

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Revolution Cancelled… So Long Bernie!

by Scott Morales July 26, 2016

(h/t @jimgeraghty) Good God! We’re screwed!

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Project Veritas has figured out how Dems will really ban guns

by Skip July 26, 2016

Just ask them – and our friend James O’Keefe did just that. The key to the Democrat strategy?  Like always during a campaign – they won’t be truthful about what they really want to do.  Obfuscate.  Equivocate. Shade it.  Doubletalk it. Distract it.  Skew.  Change the language.  Or simple, outright lie. (H/T: The Truth About […]

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So, Donald Trump decides that all your money belongs Government (like the Democrats)?

by Skip July 25, 2016

It is well known that Democrats have been furious with companies undergoing tax inversions – a US company buys a foreign company and then moves its headquarters to that foreign entity.  Reason? US corporate taxes are too high compared to other countries.  Given that their legal fiduciary responsibility is to their shareholders, they do the […]

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Liberal Zombies Endorse Paul Ryan as Hill’s VP Pick

by Scott Morales July 25, 2016

Low information voters, otherwise known as Democrat progressive voters, support Hillary’s choice of Paul Ryan for VP.  Yes, you read that right.  Watch Mark Dice interview the brain dead.  But be ready to cringe when it sinks in that their vacuous vote counts just as much as yours does.  

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A Corrupt Republican Supports Hillary Clinton: NH Democrats get all Excited

by Kimberly Morin July 18, 2016

This morning a letter to the editor was published by Republican Elizabeth Tamposi who claimed Hillary Clinton “is the only choice for Republicans.” Well, sure, if you like corruption like Clinton.

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Data Point – Is this why Democrats like Hillary want MORE Muslim refugees?

by Skip July 15, 2016

Makes sense to me.  From a Pew Research report, this stood out (emphasis mine): When it comes to political and social views, Muslims are far more likely to identify with or lean toward the Democratic Party (70%) than the Republican Party (11%) and to say they prefer a bigger government providing more services (68%) over […]

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Voters Should Assume NH Dems Supporting Hillary are All Serial Liars Too

by Steve MacDonald July 14, 2016
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New Hampshire Democrats need to explain why anyone should trust anything they say, ever? Their presumptive nominee is a serial liar, and either a complete and utter incompetent or a calculating insider so committed to hiding her activity from public scrutiny that leaving national security secrets lying around the internet is a reasonable risk to ensure a […]

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UPDATED: DNC Vice Chair Ray Buckley Drives into Protester during Clinton Event

by Kimberly Morin July 13, 2016

Yesterday during the Hillary Clinton event in Portsmouth New Hampshire, protesters joined the mix to express their outrage over the ‘Clinton Crime Syndicate’ and the apparent abuse of the justice system if you happen to be a Clinton. NH1 News was live streaming the protest via Facebook when the DNC’s Vice Chair Ray Buckley, also […]

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Journal: Protesting the Clinton Crime Syndicate in Portsmouth

by Kimberly Morin July 12, 2016

Today in Portsmouth, Bernie Sanders jumped the shark and decided to endorse ‘Wall Street’ queen Hillary Clinton. Some Granite Staters decided to welcome Clinton back to New Hampshire after she was recently given a ‘free pass’ for being an ‘idiot’ when sharing classified information while Secretary of State. I thought I’d do something different and […]

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White House Still Pays Women Less

by Steve MacDonald July 8, 2016
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If you are gonna’ play with pay, then Democrats should explain why the White House ‘Pay Gap’ is STILL greater than that of the entire DC area? If activists are going to use median annual salaries to claim women are paid less than men, then they ought to be consistent and call out President Obama’s White […]

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Cut Taxes – Increase Tax Revenue

by Steve MacDonald July 6, 2016
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Dave Solomon at the New Hampshire Union Leader is reporting that New Hampshire state revenues are $100 million over budget for the year. And guess what? Business taxes account for the largest share of the state’s revenue, and have brought in much more money than budget writers anticipated, …Receipts from business taxes are $74.5 million […]

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Happy Independence Day America… You Blew it

by Kimberly Morin July 4, 2016

As we celebrate America’s Independence from a tyrannical government back in 1776, House Republicans in the swamp known as D.C. are considering voting on a bill that violates multiple freedoms that were specifically protected in the Bill of Rights by our Founding Fathers.

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Kevin Williamson of NRO on the current state of Democrats vs the Constitution

by Skip June 27, 2016

The Corner: …The bearing of arms is a sign of citizenship, which is to say, of being a full participant in government who acts through it, as opposed to subjectship, the state of being a passive being who does not act through government but who is acted upon. In that sense, it is like the […]

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