Democrat Majority

Dem NH Majority Votes To Kill School Scholarship Program

by Steve MacDonald February 21, 2013

Children and poor families hit hardest So which Republicans’ voted against private scholarships for poor kids in New Hampshire? Ann Marie Banfield provided a list, with contact info, and reminds us (On Facebook), a vote against will actually cost taxpayers more.  (I talked about it here yesterday.) The HB370 (repeal) passed 188 to 155 and […]

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Remembering Democrat Rule In New Hampshire – Part 1

by Steve MacDonald April 20, 2012

In the 2006 Elections Democrats took control of the New Hampshire House for the first time in 95 years (giving them complete control of State government for what would end up being four years).  What happened after that must not be forgotten, for it is the doom of men that they forget. They forget that […]

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