Democratic David Coursin’s 12-Step Recovery Plan…well, his plan for recovering YOUR gun

by Susan Olsen September 24, 2018

H/T Northwood NH Conservative… **Attention All Law Abiding Gun Owners** Do you want to register your firearms with the government ? Do you want NH Constitutional Carry repealed? Do you want a waiting period on all firearms purchases? Do you want to stop all reciprocity carry agreements between states? Do you want credit card companies […]

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Vermont Democrat Walks Away. Why?

by Op-Ed September 7, 2018

by Jim Fitzgerald, Candidate for St. Albans State Representative Franklin 3-1 As a proud Democrat, I was elected to represent St. Albans in the Vermont state legislature for six years, and after that I served as mayor of St. Albans for four years. This year I am running for the legislature again… but as a […]

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Where in The World is Jeff Woodburn?

by Steve MacDonald September 6, 2018

Jeff Woddburn’s arrest on nine counts of Domestic violence, he’s been laying low. So low that reposts suggest he has not been to any meetings or events (so we shouldn’t expect to see him at this one). There are few if any signs (literally) indicating he is running for public office even though he has refused […]

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Er, you forgot something, Tom Friel, in your campaign ad!

by Skip September 3, 2018

And that would be… Who paid for it? I take it that you don’t care about two entire towns in your district? Answer after the jump. I am no fan of the current campaign laws as I think they are used often to preclude competition.

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“Ax The Property Tax” and Replace it With What?

by Steve MacDonald August 2, 2018

Mark Fernald is a Democrat in New Hampshire. He is running for the New Hampshire State Senate. His campaign signs say “Ax the Property Tax.” If that sounds too good to be true it is because it is. But even if we believe him, which we should not, all you need do to debunk this act […]

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“I’m so angry that he put us in this situation. I’m in no mood to help him right now.”

by Skip July 21, 2018

That from an ally over NH Gov. Chris Sununu signing HB1319, the latest Bathroom Bill (aka “today I feel like a women even without the lady bits so I’m going into the ladies room”) and HB587 (gotta let gays be gays and no talking them out of it) which is a sop to the gay lobby […]

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Sullivan County Democrat Commissioner “Accidentally” Running for Re-Election as a Republican

by Steve MacDonald July 19, 2018

This September Republican Primary voters in Sullivan County have to choose between an actual Republican (Jeremy Herrell) and a Democrat (Jeffrey Barrette) who is “accidentally” registered as a Republican in their primary. I kid you not. Barrette who appears on the Sullivan County Commissioners Page as a “Democrat” (pictured far left) is a Democrat but he says […]

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House Democrats Should Change “Mid-Term Slogan” to ‘We Hate You’

by Steve MacDonald July 19, 2018

A year ago Congressional Democrats rolled out a tagline for the upcoming midterms. ‘A Better Deal.’ For who? In New Hampshire, if we believe the Democrats around here, that amounts to higher taxes and more regulations. So it’s a better deal for Democrats, lobbyists, and special interests who benefit from higher taxes and bigger government. Seeing […]

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The Democrat’s Child Endangerment Exception: Not a Crime for Illegal Aliens

by Steve MacDonald July 10, 2018

We had separation week, but as it turns into Separation Summer, I had another thought about how hypocritical the far-left is on the so-called issue of Trump separating families. If you walked your children across an unforgiving desert or placed them in the company of narco-terrorists, drug dealers, human traffickers, or gang members, sometimes for […]

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Mindi Messmer threatens violence and hatred

by Skip June 25, 2018

Mindi Messmer, Democrat running for Congress in NH, mistakes her hatred and intolerance for “moral superiority” in Othering her political opponents: Suffice it to say, Democrat Mindi Messmer doesn’t have the courage of her convictions – she deleted this tweet. Craven that – Ch  No matter, we have it and we also know that she […]

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Charles Krauthammer – nailing it one more time

by Skip June 25, 2018

Translation: a Democrat that won’t tell you the truth. (H/T: Powerline)

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Says the guy wearing a $9,000 Rolex.

by Susan Olsen June 15, 2018

“Connoisseurs looking at his social media will recognize the watch as the Rolex GMT Master-II. The choice of fighter pilots and frat boys with large trust funds, it makes a statement but not the kind a progressive politician might want to make. ” Virtue Signaling. Hypocrite.  Democrat.

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NY AG Eric Schneiderman (D) Quits After Four Women Accuse Him Of Assault

by Steve MacDonald May 8, 2018

The guy who secretly colluded with anti-fossil-fuel activists to silence global warming skeptics and oil companies has another secret. Democrat New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has been accused of abusing women. Michelle Manning Barish and Tanya Selvaratnam “allege that he repeatedly hit them, often after drinking, frequently in bed and never with their consent,” read the report […]

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Democrats: Are You Paying Your Campaign Workers a ‘Living Wage?’

by Steve MacDonald April 16, 2018

Torn from the headlines at, a question of epic and historical weight. Why won’t Democrats let their campaign workers unionize? When workers on one self-proclaimed progressive’s congressional campaign decided to unionize, they ran into “classic union busting” tactics, according [to] a former staffer, who asked that he and the campaign remain anonymous for fear of […]

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Speaking of Liberal Trolls, Here’s One From Facebook Who is Happy Sam Cataldo is Dead

by Steve MacDonald February 6, 2018

The 603 Alliance Facebook page has a troll. Her name is Nanci Fletcher. According to her Facebook profile she lives in New Boston and most days she’s apt to hurl a bit of left-wing pablum our way. It is so devoid of substance it is not worth the trouble but yesterday she crossed a line so […]

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Democrats: “We must Stay and Work… So Let’s Adjourn”

by Scott Morales January 19, 2018

See if you can keep up. Here is Democrat Representative Steny Hoyer trying to have it both ways (being deceptive or just a moron). He wants to keep the government open and stay and work.  On the getting a continuing resolution: Hoyer: “I believe we ought to stay here and do our work” Hoyer: “And […]

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Will NH all Democrat female contingent protest Willie Singletary like they did Roy Moore?

by Skip December 30, 2017

After all, at every turn our all Democrat Congressional delegation (e.g., Jeanne “Obamacare” Shaheen, Maggie “The Red” Hassan, Annie “I’m the most Progressive” Kuster, and Carol SEIU-Porter) denounced Republiacn Judge Ray Moore who was running to fill former US Senator and now US Attorney General Jeff Session’s Senate seat from Alabama on the basis of […]

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Democrat Politician Gets 5 Years in Prison for Fraud

by Steve MacDonald December 4, 2017

We haven’t mentioned Democrat Congresswoman Corrine Brown in a while (seven years), but it’s time to bring her back. The former Democrat congressperson and member of the Socialist Party of America is going to jail. Former Rep. Corrine Brown was sentenced to five years in prison and three years probation Monday after being found guilty of fraud earlier this year, […]

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The Left’s Sexual Assault and Rape Epidemic

by Scott Morales November 3, 2017

Given the seemingly unyielding deluge of sexual assault, sexual harassment, and rape news pouring out about Hollywood, the mainstream media, and many other lefty zones of activity (academia, NPR, and ooh, I just heard about David Corn–figures), doesn’t it seem like that maybe one reason slimes like those in the news today howl on about […]

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Chuck Todd: Towering Constitutional Ignoramus

by Scott Morales September 29, 2017

This is what you get when you hire a Democrat operative to be a “news” anchor: a smug, self-righteous ignoramus. Here he is haughtily sneering at the next Alabama Senator Roy Moore by stating that, “He doesn’t appear to believe in the Constitution as it’s written.” What did Roy Moore say to cause Chuck make […]

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Susan Olsen – On Being Assaulted by Dem. Rep. Katherine Rogers

by Steve MacDonald August 17, 2017

Last night Susan Olsen took some time to talk about the circumstances surrounding her assault and the pending arraignment of the perp, New Hampshire Democrat House Rep. Katherine Rogers. We discuss the State Senate recount and the interaction between the accused and the accosted. Why the report was filed after the House Session, and more. […]

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NH Democratic State Rep. From Concord Charged With Assault

by Steve MacDonald August 16, 2017

From CONCORD, NH — A local state representative has been charged with assault in Concord District Court and is scheduled to be arraigned in late September, according to court documents. The charge was filed against Katherine Rogers, 61, pictured left, of Alton Woods Drive in Concord, on Aug. 7, 2017, by the New Hampshire State […]

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$15 Minimum Wage Hurts People, as Democrats Intend

by Don August 6, 2017

Democrat politicians ooze concern for the poor and promise wonderful sounding policies to win the votes of gullible, ignorant, and willingly deceived people.  But, in practice, Democrat policies hurt the people they are promised to help.  The Democrat demanded $15 minimum wage hurts young, uneducated, unskilled, and/or part-time workers. A recent University of Washington study […]

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The Real Reason Democrats Don’t Want to Hand Over State Voter Data

by Steve MacDonald July 4, 2017

Democrats, not just here in New Hampshire, ignored years of spying and abuse of personal privacy under Obama. They did. Obama spied on you, me, your neighbors, the press, our allies, members of Congress, just about everyone. The Obama administration tried to get private search traffic and call record history. And while every government spies, Obama […]

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Syphilis Outbreak Reported In New Hampshire

by Steve MacDonald June 22, 2017

Not everyone in New Hampshire suffered from a “drought” last year. (Patch) In 2016, the highest number case ever — 104 — were reported. The outbreak in New Hampshire is consistent with national trends and is being seen mainly in men under age 40 and in men who have sex with men (MSM). Approximately 60 […]

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On Paris The NH Democrat Delegation Sides With Big Oil

by Steve MacDonald June 19, 2017

When Donald Trump announced his administration’s departure from the Paris Climate Accords the usual suspects came out and said the usual things. The Democrats, environmental left, and the media have been grinding their anti-Trump axes on this for weeks, all the while forgetting to mention how they are also siding with Big Oil. Big Oil does […]

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Yesterday’s DC Shooter Was a Democrat (Not Unexpectedly)

by Steve MacDonald June 14, 2017

A white male with a rifle took a few shots at Republicans yesterday in Virgina. ALEXANDRIA, Va. — A gunman opened fire on Republican members of Congress during a baseball practice near Washington on Wednesday, wounding several people including senior Republican leader Steve Scalise before he was taken into custody, police and witnesses said. Phil Kerpen […]

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Frost’s Chilling Effect

by Susan Olsen May 15, 2017

Anyone who is not a lobbyist but has used their own time and money – and taken the time out of their work day – to testify before a NH House or Senate committee knows how scary and intimidating it can be.   So you write your testimony, try to keep it concise, print it out […]

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California Democrats Vote to Let Communists Work Openly In State Government

by Steve MacDonald May 9, 2017

The alternate title might be, “California Democrats want to Come out of the Communist Closet.” The California government may soon employ openly Communist people in its ranks. The state assembly passed a bill Monday that would repeal a policy that had made being a member of the Communist Party a fireable offense. The legislation was supported […]

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Nashua Democrat with HRA Score of 2.3% Declares She is a Republican

by Steve MacDonald April 22, 2017

Hillsborough District 30 New Hampshire Democrat Mariellen MacKay has changed her party affiliation. From now on she’d like to be called a Republican. But there’s a problem. The New Hampshire House Republican Alliance (NHHRA) which tracks legislators votes based on their adherence to the Republican Party platform reports that of the 43 votes they have followed in […]

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