A Perfect Illustration of the Left

by Scott Morales December 2, 2016

A perfect illustration of reality refusing to bend to the left’s will. Or, put more simply: a perfect illustration of the delusional left. h/t @robport

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The Manufacture of Consent

by Steve MacDonald June 10, 2015
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From How to Escape the Age of Mass Delusion A lot of people are scratching their heads today, wondering how life got to be so surreal, so fast in the United States of America. Based on the silencing tactics revealed by the LGBT lobby, many observers are likely now thinking: “Gee, I thought marriage equality […]

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Notable quote – Peter Berkowitz

by Susan Olsen September 22, 2013

“…the liberal Democrats’ brand of intransigence disguises itself as devotion to dialogue, conformity to morality, and reliance on reason. But their concept of dialogue is one-sided, the interpretation of morality constricted, and the progressive version of reason suffused with partisan judgments.” H/T Real Clear Politics  

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Your childrens’ future…

by Susan Olsen December 30, 2012

H/T John Hinderacker and Michael Ramirez…emphasis mine. “If there is one thing we know for sure about the federal government, it is that it spends way too much money–around $3.54 trillion in FY 2012, with a $1.1 trillion deficit. You would think that the man who presides over this mess, Barack Obama, would have the […]

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