Deliberative Session

Update: Town Meetings – for SB2 towns like Gilford, we get to trek in the snow tomorrow (ahGAIN!)

by Skip March 13, 2018

Well, TMEW, the Grandson, and I took the trip off the mountain to go vote this morning.  Not early, like 7 or 8am as I had wanted to and have done previous Voting Days – the 2 year old hasn’t quite grasped that he has to turn his timing around to fit everyone else – […]

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Dispatches from the Deliberative – Part 2

by Skip February 10, 2017

Like I said earlier, my intent in going to our town’s Municipal Deliberative Session was all about Article 21 that was sponsored, in part, by former BudCom members Allen Voivod and Fred Butler (both who have tried to kill the BudCom in the past). Instead of going after it all like last time, they went after […]

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Dispatches from the Deliberative – Part 1

by Skip February 9, 2017

“…if you can’t bother to do your homework” BTW, sorry for not posting the last couple of nights – just had nothing on Tuesday and last nite was my town’s SB2 Deliberative Session for the town’s budget and other issues (all called “articles”).  For those that don’t live in NH, it is Town Meeting time. […]

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GrokSHOT! – Gilford School Board decides it is above the normal SB2 Legislative process…

by Skip June 3, 2014

…by which the Gilford School Board develops its budget, submits it to the Budget Committee (which can change that budget), and the budget prepared by the BudCom is presented to the Gilford Taxpayers at the NH SB2 mandated “Public Hearing” so that the townfolk can ask questions about the budget (and hurl invectives if it […]

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