Democrats make law-abiding people defenseless & criminals safer

by Don March 24, 2018

To The Daily Sun The Great Mills High School shooting confirms the NRA’s claim that, “It takes a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun.” Fortunately an armed responder was close enough to the shooter to prevent more casualties. Since the Parkland school shootings, outcries by Democrats and other […]

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“Suitable” is in the eyes of the boss, er, Maggie Hassan

by Susan Olsen June 23, 2015

By vowing to veto SB 116, Maggie Hassan seems comfortable allowing local law enforcement to have complete discretion in deciding who is “suitable“… I wonder whether this gentlemen agrees with that decision.

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Rape News from Colorado

by Skip February 18, 2013

Can we throw in Whoopie Goldberg’s “rape rape” remark to set the stage?  This may turn out to be “enlightening”.  Earlier today, the University of Colorado (no Righty Ivory Tower, them) put out some guidelines for females for “rape prevention”.  Then a Colorado DEMOCRAT Representative Joe Salazer (not even an old white guy, he) decided […]

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