On the Legalization of Drugs (Again). Dr. Dalrymple’s Advice, Don’t Do It!

by Steve MacDonald August 22, 2017

Over on Facebook, there is yet another discussion about legalizing drugs versus the cost of policing or other costs. Whenever I find such debates, I always link to this excellent examination of that very debate by Theodore  Dalrymple.  Dr. Anthony Daniels (Dalrymple being his pen name) provides a keen insight into the arguments in favor […]

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MJ Decriminalization is Wrong Focus in Fight Against Addiction

by Don August 7, 2017

Aren’t New Hampshire’s drug/addiction problems bad enough? How does decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana (MJ) reduce the number of addicts and associated costs? Decriminalization isn’t the answer to reducing our addiction problem. Lacking personal experience, I refer to President Obama’s director of National Drug Control Policy’s, Michael Botticelli, December 13, 2015 interview on 60 Minutes. […]

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NH Rep Steve Vaillancourt Speaks to a Reporter About Marijuana

by Steve MacDonald January 23, 2014

Here is an interview between a reporter for the Concord Monitor and NH House Rep Steve Vaillancourt.  Steve is discussing decriminalizing marijuana.  It was recorded on a tablet so the audio is hard to hear in places…can’t be helped. (I’ll try to export this to audio and enhance it-will repost it as an MP3 if […]

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On A Path To Less Government or More?

by Steve MacDonald November 26, 2012

Newsmax reports that New Hampshire’s new governor (gag!) Maggie Hassan is open to the idea of legalizing Marijuana. Pro-pot advocates in New Hampshire are excited about the possibilities. Medical marijuana, the gateway-drug -policy to broader decriminalization efforts, is generally considered to be an issue with bi-partisan support.  Supporters of legalization at any and every level […]

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