David Hogg

Irony Alert! Guy At Publix During “Die In” – Check out His T-Shirt.

by Steve MacDonald May 30, 2018
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Attention Whore David Hogg Gets Publix to Stop Donations to Planned Parenthood

by Steve MacDonald May 27, 2018

Publix suspended all political giving after the David Hogg Experiment staged a die-in at one of their Super Markets, including funding for Planned Parenthood. When David Hogg organized a die-in at a Publix supermarket over their donations to an NRA-supported candidate, he caused them to cancel all political donations — including to organizations that fund […]

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“Sniveling Brats” – but are they listening?

by Skip April 9, 2018

Ah, no.  Instead, given the uplift by his Progressive handlers and supporters, this sniveling drama student has allowed all this drama go to his head and believes that absolute moral authority (and Constitutional awareness and the ability to dismiss adults at will and the total lack of understanding the concept of “earned wisdom” has fallen […]

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Never Beg

by Steve MacDonald April 6, 2018

The left can’t just disagree. They seek and exploit any sign of weakness to destroy political opponents. Skip Murphy and I explore the topic by jumping off an article in Taki Mag by David Cole titled, “Memo to Laura Ingraham, Never Beg.” Follow this program on Facebook

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Notable Quote – David Cole

by Skip April 4, 2018

“The bullies never go after people they can’t break, because to do so would make them look weak and impotent.” On the outlook and actions of the Left: But in the real world, there are times when one simply should not beg. And you’ll know those times by the character of your foe. If you’re […]

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David Hogg: Omission of Hunter Pollack a “Miscommunication” Op ed

by Op-Ed April 3, 2018

By Jim Johnson So, now David Hogg (self-anointed boy wonder) claims that Hunter Pollack’s omission from speaking at the ‘March for Our Lives’ was merely a “miscommunication.” Hunter Pollack disagrees and surmises his ‘message’ did not fit the “agenda.” In retrospect, the organized ‘March for Our Lives’ has been a complete travesty.

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They haven’t learned cause and effect yet, have they?

by Skip March 29, 2018

Or that the Law of Unintended Consequences doesn’t care about you at all – especially your level of being “woke”: And they seriously believe that their schools system demanding that only transparent backpacks violate their Constitutional Rights? Didn’t do your homework, kids. Guess they also missed the “be careful for what you wish for” lesson, […]

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Resistance: not just for Progressives there, Skippy

by Skip March 28, 2018

Like I said – fair game. Welcome to Alinsky. And from what I’ve seen in over a decade, once riled and put upon, the Right is much more ingenious in being a Resistance. I look around at the signs of today and there is little creativity when compared to some of the TEA Party signs.

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After this weekend’s “March for our lives”…they don’t realize they are just the newest version of Cindy Sheehan

by Skip March 27, 2018

In hearing and reading the stories of how school administration and teachers were supportive of what turned out to be lots of, not “school safety” protests, but of “turn it up to 11” political rallies by middle and high school kids who seemingly know jack about our country’s political and philosophical history, the idea that […]

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Under Age ASSault Weapon Screams “Ban Ban Ban”

by Mike March 25, 2018

A gun is just a tool to be used responsibly for self-defense and to discourage tyranny. This teenaged tool is being used irresponsibly to prohibit self-defense and encourage leftist tyranny. His 15 minutes of fame is over, and his spoon-fed talking points stink! Ben Garrison completely skewers CNN and David Hogg in one fell swoop […]

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YAWN: “ME TOO” Anti-Gun Politics

by Rick Olson March 22, 2018

“Me Too! Not getting enough attention here, everybody look at me! I am about to Virtue Signal. Hey! look at me, everybody! I’m virtue signalling.  Oh, that Concord Monitor. What would we do without them and their constant silly pablum? “Another citizen…to wit: Cindy White has taken to the opinion pages of the Granite State […]

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