Data Points

Data Points – an amalgam

by Skip April 18, 2014

Been real busy so playing catch up.  Here’s a few unconnected, disjoint factoids: Census says!  86.5 million workers are supporting 148 non-workers. Enough people riding in the wagon for you, Zandra Rice-Hawkins, Jeanne Shaheen, and President Obama? The average price for a kilowatthour (KWH) of electricity hit a March record of 13.5 cents, according data released […]

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GrokTALK! July 13th, 2013 Guest Segment – Andrew Hemingway

by Steve MacDonald July 28, 2013

In segment Four Andrew Hemingway help us close up the last half-hour talking about his data project, to provide data, technology and training, insight into data infrastructure for electoral politics, data mining, making that information accesible, sortable, and relevant, and putting it to use helping Republicans who are running for elected office. Listen Here Download […]

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Data Point: Middle Class is disappearing – by becoming richer!

by Skip July 13, 2013

“2. The share of lower-income families fell over time by 4.2%, from 22% of all US families in 1967 to only 17.8% of all US families in 2009, while the share of middle-income families decreased by 18.6% during that period, from 61.8% in 1969 to 43.2% in 2009. So where did those 22.8% of families […]

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Data Point – Polling on gun control

by Skip March 26, 2013

Polling right after Newtown tragedy Overall:                56% want stricter laws Republicans:      not reported Democrats:         78% want stricter laws Current Polling Overall:                47% want stricter laws Republicans:     68% same or less strict laws Democrats:        66% want stricter laws (H/T: CBS News via The Corner)

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Data Point – State Government control since 1938

by Skip December 10, 2012

From the NY Times: (H/T: Instapundit)

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Data Point – who really voted for Obama (a visualization)

by Skip December 6, 2012

        Blue = Obama voters Red = Romney voters The higher the line, the more voters in that particular county (H/T: American Thinker)

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Data Point – Which states could give the Feds the heave-ho financially?

by Skip December 6, 2012

(H/T:  The Blaze)

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Data Points – various sundry stats

by Skip November 1, 2012

Welfare (via Heritage): Over half of the US thinks we spend too much for welfare Over half thinks Govt spends too much on poverty programs Only 22% believe that poverty programs reduce poverty 84% believe work should be mandatory to receive welfare Jobs according to ADP: Revised last month’s job advance – from 162, 000 […]

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Data Point – US median Household Income

by Skip September 13, 2012

Remember, the Obama Administration hailed the announcement that the US recession ended in 2009: Should it not have started back up by now? (H/T: Powerline )

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Data Point – Republican Registrations Up; all time high

by Skip September 2, 2012

This canNOT be good news in Chicago (HQ for Obama Campaign) After falling for two straight months, the number of Americans who consider themselves Republicans jumped nearly three points in August. During August, 37.6% of Americans considered themselves Republicans. That’s up from 34.9% in July  and 35.4% in June. It’s also the largest number of […]

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Data Point – So, are Americans grooving on Public Education Schools

by Skip June 21, 2012

No, Teachers’ unions, you are not the “be all end all” you might think that you are.  In fact, not even close.  Gallup is saying that the jig is up – and getting worse.  I’m afraid that your claims and rhetoric about the mission of public education, and that your emphasis that the ONLY way […]

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Data Point – Federal spending per household

by Skip February 24, 2012

Look at the rate of increase that Federal Govt spending took starting in 2009: It is bad enough that spending, percentage wise, rose 52% in 8 years.  Let me put it this way: I don’t know about you, but my family income is sufficient to pay for my family’s needs (and some wants) but is […]

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Data Point – Prime spenders to decrease….

by Skip January 19, 2012

“…pointed us to this worrying trend.  The alarm is being sound by Harry Dent, who notes that the demographic of those in their peak spending years (age 46 to 50) has been on the decline since 2009. Based on Census data, this trend should continue until 2022.  This is is bad news when you consider […]

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Data Point – Income of “the 99%”

by Skip November 29, 2011

For all of the hootin’ an’ hollerin’ and “mic check!” of the the Occupiers, we see that incomes of “the 99%” has actually been going up despite what they have been saying: (H/T: The Enterprise Blog)

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Data point – Obama’s Unemployment (version 1,342,567)

by Skip November 5, 2011

(H/T: Powerline) (H/T: Business Insider) Such a manager, that President Obama….

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Data Point – how much income to be in the top 1%?

by Skip October 24, 2011

From CNN:  

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Data Points – Household getting rid of debt

by Skip October 13, 2011

Unlike previous recessions, households are holding back from taking on additional debt – a clear sign of uncertainty of the future economy and their part in it.. (H/T: Business Insider)

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Data Point – Obama’s Unemployment

by Skip October 12, 2011

(H/T: Business Insider) And the only industry actually increasing its employment?

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Data Point – It’s looking worse for Obama

by Skip October 7, 2011

Pretty much every day gets a visit to Rassmussen’s Daily Presidential Approval index – the number of folks that Strongly Approve of the President vs those that Strongly Disapprove. All this week, the overall rating has been in the low -20s: the spread between the supporters vs opposers.  Today completes the week: It must be […]

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Data Point – change in Citizens living in Shall Issue or Constitutional Carry States

by Skip October 7, 2011

It is clear that the attitude towards citizens reclaiming the right to defend themselves has changed for the better, and dramatically, over the last 25 years: This clearly shows that the percentage of citizens that once lived in States that restricted their Right to carry (only 10%) has flipped to 70% can carry with little […]

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Data Point – So, Is Obama burnishing the Light of The Shining City on the hill? Not according to the residents

by Skip September 26, 2011

That would include: 65% Democrats 92% Republicans And this: 49% of Americans believe the federal government has become so large and powerful that it poses an immediate threat to the rights and freedoms of ordinary citizens. In 2003, less than a third (30%) believed this. (H/T: Gallup) And only 17% believe that they are governed […]

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Data Point- Government spending

by Skip September 26, 2011

A couple of facts: The administration of President Barack Obama has already increased the national debt in fiscal 2011–which ends this coming Friday–by an amount greater than the cost of the entire federal government in fiscal 1970, when Richard Nixon was president. Who knew that one day, our debt would be larger than a "modern […]

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Data Point – welcome to the double dip housing market. Part II

by Skip August 30, 2011

And you house owners out there thought the problem might be bottoming out?  The double dip is here… (H/T: Business Insider)

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Data Point – So, how many people DO believe Obama’s economy is?

by Skip August 18, 2011

Tim humorously has been asking "How bad is Obama’s economy?"  Seems like Tim has been getting people a thinkin’ about it: (H/T: Gallup) President Obama has said he’s got a plan, a good plan, but he’s going to wait until after his vacation amongst the hoity-toity on the Vineyard to tell the little people about […]

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Gallup – Monday, Obama was at 39% approval

by Skip August 16, 2011

So, where does he rate with respect to other Presidents at the same spot during their tenure? GHW Bush: 71% Eisenhower: 70% Kennedy: 61% GW Bush: 60% Truman: 55% Ford: 53% Nixon: 49% Johnson: 48% Clinton: 46% Reagan: 44% Carter: 33% I guess Carter is still praying a little bit more…and it may be working: […]

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Data Point – Level of Christianity in the United States

by Skip August 16, 2011

From an post at The Corner actually concerning David Gregory of Meet The Press on his disbelief that anyone really believes God works in individual lives: "…according to an ABC News poll, a full 83 percent of Americans identify themselves as Christian and, according to a Brandeis University study, 90 percent of Americans pray daily […]

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Data Point – how fast as Obama sped up Federal spending?

by Skip August 8, 2011

So, what did Obama say about "balance" again?   I’m thinking this level of spending increase is neither fair not balanced. (H/T: Greg Makiw)

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Data Points – The market

by Skip August 2, 2011

Sure, Congress averted a default – but for all the drama and hoopla, the market is looking what really counts in fulfilling the phrase "the business of America is business".  Unfortunately, the Obama Administration has other ideas so the biz world is telling ObamaWorld that it’s policies suck. In essence, the Obama laser’s for his […]

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Data Points – Corporation for Public Broadcasting

by Skip August 1, 2011

Corporation for Public Broadcasting salaries.  Public service does have volunteer, teeny, tiny, small, substinence, adequate, middle class, comfortable, getting up there, large, more than many of us will earn in 10 years compensation: Morning Edition host Renee Montagne: $405,140 Weekend Edition Saturday host Scott Simon: $364,465 All Things Considered anchor Robert Siegel: $358,653 Morning Edition […]

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Data Point – Let’s add in House Size

by Skip July 20, 2011

A follow on to the comparison of All US household material wealth to Poor US household material wealth is the comparison of the sizes of various countries’ houses. From ApartmentTherapy:   US: 2,300 sf Australia: 2,217 sf Denmark: 1,475 sf France: 1,216 sf Spain: 1,044 sf Ireland: 947 sf UK: 818 sf

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