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Data Point – NH is #1!

by Skip February 3, 2016

( – New Hampshire, which will host the nation’s first presidential primary next Tuesday, ranks as the top state in the nation for the percentage of households that have broadband Internet subscriptions. 82.1 percent of all households in the Granite State had broadband internet access in 2014, according to the latest Census Bureau data, which […]

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Data Point – Danger for Dems in Iowa portended?

by Skip January 28, 2016
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Data Point: CongressCritters not doing their jobs

by Skip January 27, 2016

(H/T: The Blaze)  If you notice, of this list of the 25 Employees of ours, 19 of them are Democrats.  Three of the Republicans are running to be the GOP Repub nominee for Prez so not a surprise there.  More interactive version of this over at the link.

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Data Point – Bernie Sanders will hoover up your money

by Skip January 19, 2016

Bernie Sanders, like all Socialists / Statists, believes your money is really the State’s money.  After all, if you believe in Warrenism, “you didn’t build that” and apparently, Bernie believes that the State is only lending you your money, and now he wants it back.  After all, like all Statists, he believes his spending your […]

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Data Point: Most Americans have less than $1,000 in savings

by Skip December 25, 2015

“Approximately 62% of Americans have less than $1,000 in their savings accounts and 21% don’t even have a savings account, according to a new survey of more than 5,000 adults conducted this month by Google Consumer Survey for personal finance website “It’s worrisome that such a large percentage of Americans have so little set […]

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Data Point – smaller Middle Class?

by Skip December 10, 2015

Is it as bad as CNN would have us think?

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Data Point – Muslim immigration to the US

by Skip November 15, 2015

And this morning on pretty much all of the talking head shows, Ben Rhodes (Obama’s national security advisor) has said that importing Syrians will continue apace and they will probably be enlarging those numbers even as the US has no way to properly vet those refugees to make sure they are really refugees.  From Conservative […]

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Data Point – illegal aliens, taxes paid, welfare taken

by Skip November 12, 2015

“According to the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, approximately 11.4 million individuals in the U.S. illegally paid $11.84 billion in state and local taxes in 2012. The conservative Heritage Foundationestimated unlawful immigrant households paid $39.2 billion in 2010, but received $93.7 billion in government services.” (H/T: The Blaze)

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Data Point – Labor Participation Rate

by Skip October 2, 2015

A record 94,610,000 Americans were not in the American labor force last month — an increase of 579,000 from August — and the labor force participation rate reached its lowest point in 38 years, with 62.4 percent of the U.S. population either holding a job or actively seeking one. In September, according to the Labor […]

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Data Point: “The ‘imaginary hobgoblin’ of rising income inequality”

by Skip September 27, 2015

It seems that the only thing that is stagnant is that there has been little change in income share: “We hear all the time about “rising income inequality” in America (there are more than 200,000 Google search results for that term), about “the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer,” the “stagnant or disappearing middle class,” […]

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Data Points – one perspective

by Skip September 18, 2015

(H/T: Carla)

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Data Point – Are the rich paying their “fair” share?

by Skip September 17, 2015

According to the Left, never.  Nothing is ever enough for the Hard Left, Socialists, and Democrats.  Why else would they keep aping the Marxist mantra of “Each according to their need, each according to their ability” in everything (re: DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz unwilling to make the argument that there is a difference between Democrats […]

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Data Point – Driving vs Mass Transit

by Skip August 28, 2015

  “Transit advocates will be quick to point out that transit ridership has grown faster than driving. But actually, it depends entirely on which years you pick. Preliminary information suggests that urban driving grew faster than transit in 2014. Since 2004, transit grew faster than driving in about half the years, and overall transit ridership […]

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Data Point – Liberal / Conservative Cities in US

by Skip August 8, 2015

Top 10: Full list after the jump

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Data Point – July jobs report

by Skip August 8, 2015

(H/T: Legal Insurrection, who titled it “Hopelessness“)

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Data Point – Photovoltaic energy?

by Skip July 29, 2015

Some facts if the Left really wants to go completely green that not many of them want to talk about: · 29.3 billion 1 square meter solar panels are required for 100% solar power in the U.S. based on current demand 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. · 29.3 billion 1square meter panels would cover […]

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Data Point – Median Income has slipped under Obama’s management

by Skip July 20, 2015

I was just becoming an adult during the “Jimmy Carter malaise” time period – some of my cohorts were buying their starter homes at 21% mortgage rates.  I’ve seen this downward decline before and it wasn’t pretty then and worse now given Obama’s mismanagement and ideology. (H/T: RedState)

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Data Point – Moms Demand Action and the Gun Control Mafia won’t like this

by Skip July 17, 2015

The number of concealed handgun permits is increasing at an ever-increasing rate. Over the past year, 1.7 million additional new permits have been issued – a 15.4% increase in just one single year. This is the largest ever single-year increase in the number of concealed handgun permits. 5.2% of the total adult population has a […]

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Data Point – Ranking of State by Fiscal Condition (FY 2013)

by Skip July 8, 2015

More information here. (H/T: Mercatus Center)

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Data Point – Fossil Fuel reserves; so much for “Peak Oil” alarmists

by Skip May 9, 2015

“The green energy movement in America is dead. May it rest in peace. No, a majority of American energy over the next 20 years is not going to come from windmills and solar panels. One important lesson to be learned from the green energy fad’s rapid and expensive demise is that central planning doesn’t work. […]

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Data Point – Consumer confidence crashing

by Skip May 5, 2015

“It’s bad news when Americans lose confidence in the economy. When confidence deteriorates, consumers become worried about their jobs and their paychecks, which in turn makes them want to spend less. And considering that personal consumption accounts for 68% of gross domestic product, the consequences can be huge. During the week ending Sunday, Gallup’s US […]

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Data Point – Air Quality and Pollution

by Skip May 4, 2015

“National and local air quality trends graphs showing the nation’s progress towards clean air are available for: carbon monoxide (CO), ozone (O3), lead (Pb), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), particulate matter (PM), and sulfur dioxide (SO2).” (H/T: EPA)

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Data Point – Reagan did more for the Middle Class than Obama has: jobs

by Skip April 30, 2015

“Trickle Down Economics versus Trickle Down Socialism …Ronald Reagan’s economic plan saw GDP surge at a 3.5% clip – 4.9% after the recession. That’s a 32% bump. …The US economy has grown an anemic 9.6% during the Obama years (excluding today’s dismal number).” In comparison to Reagan, Obama has shown to be a far worse manager of the US economy.  […]

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Data Point – US Economic growth 2010-present

by Skip April 29, 2015

2 tenths of 1 percent (0.2%) growth rate under the administraton of the Obama Administration. (H/T: Washington Post)

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Data Point – Labor Participation Rate still in dire straits

by Skip April 3, 2015

With today’s unemployment rate came this news: “The number of Americans 16 years and older who did not participate in the labor force–meaning they neither had a job nor actively sought one in the last four weeks–rose from 92,898,000 in February to 93,175,000 in March, according to data released today by the Bureau of Labor […]

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Data Point – Transit Growth 1980-2012

by Skip March 21, 2015

“In short, it took at least a 170 percent increase in spending to produce a 136 percent increase in transit service which resulted in just a 24 percent increase in transit ridership and an 18 percent decline in per capita ridership. Since APTA’s goal is to increase transit spending, it should be proud of that […]

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Data Point – The Federal Government does not have a revenue problem

by Skip March 18, 2015

“Inflation-adjusted federal tax revenues hit a record $1,185,613,000,000 in the first five months of fiscal 2015, but the federal government still ran a $386,537,000,000 deficit during that time, according to the latest Monthly Treasury Statement.” (H/T: CNSNews) But Obama is eyeballing the idea that he can raise an additional $100 Billion in taxes by Executive Order […]

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Data Point – National debt per person

by Skip March 17, 2015

We can blame both Democrats and Republicans for this slow rolling, man-made disaster that is essentially stealing our kids and grandkids’ futures from them. (H/T: Daily Signal)

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Dat Point – Trust in Government is in the toilet

by Skip March 2, 2015

This is what Pew Research is showing. Frankly, they’ve done it to themselves.  People with trust institutions that act in trustworthy fashions (even here in the US where most people view Government with an upraised eyebrown (unless you are Zandra Rice-Hawkins (and affiliated co-comrades) who never met a government that she wouldn’t swoon over). (H/T: Independent […]

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Data Point – Home Ownership decline

by Skip February 24, 2015

“The homeownership rate in the United States dropped to a 20-year low of 64.5 percent in 2014, according tonew data released by the Census Bureau. The homeownership rate is the percentage of households that own the home in which they live. “It is computed,” says the Census Bureau, “by dividing the number of households that […]

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