Remember When the Democrats Pretended to be Civil?

by Steve MacDonald June 25, 2018

After the Democrat’s T.E.A. Party shellacking in 2010, there emerged a new narrative called the new civility. The violent left moved to paint the victorious right as uncivil while panhandling the idea that the Left was the party of Civility. We took them to task then, as always, because they’ve never been civil. Democrat-Socialism can’t advance in […]

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One More Wack At Dartmouth and the Ruling Class Elite

by Steve MacDonald June 10, 2018

A recent survey of Dartmouth Students got ample attention from me here and here, but Jack Kerwick, writing at Townhall.com, combed through it here and I wanted to share his conclusion because it distills the noisy narratives down to a moment of clarity. In summary, the Dartmouth survey establishes the truth of three propositions: (1)Republican […]

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Dartmouth’s Ideological Free Speech Divide: Why Democrats Need to Lose Again in 2018

by Steve MacDonald May 30, 2018

A few days ago, we reported on a survey of Dartmouth student’s that questions their tolerance and diversity when it comes to dating, befriending, or just interacting with someone who has opposing political beliefs. There were no surprises. Democrats shunned the idea while Republicans were much more accepting. Further down in the same survey were […]

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Dartmouth Democrats and the Left’s Ideological Master Race

by Steve MacDonald May 28, 2018

Democrats as a party are not just hypocrites about diversity and equity, they are training future generations of “leaders” to be ideological isolationists. Democrat students at Dartmouth College are much less likely to date, befriend, or even study with someone who has differing political beliefs, according to a recent survey. According to The Dartmouth, 82 percent […]

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Equity, Equality, Social Justice, and Speech Policing at Dartmouth College

by Steve MacDonald February 14, 2018

A young man applied for a role on the Dartmouth Trips Directorate and was rejected. The Directorate is 15-4 women to men. So he wrote an opinion piece to the Campus paper (The Dartmouth) offering his opinion about the leadership’s response to his rejection and their priorities. This year, the Trips directors’ obsession with diversity verges […]

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Transforming Liberal Arts Education into Liberal Indoctrination

by Steve MacDonald January 20, 2018

Joseph Asch, writing at Dartblog, exposes the fraud of the diversity and inclusion movement in his analysis of a letter by former Dartmouth Provost (and current English Professor at same) Carolyn Dever. Dever penned a missive published at Fosters.com in which she laments the Granite State’s lack of diversity and the horrible future it portends. Irony, that […]

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New Hampshire Democrats And Dartmouth Professors

by Steve MacDonald September 4, 2017

Because we can’t spend enough time talking about the duplicity of the media and Democrats, on the matter of political violence, we bring you this. In a textbook example of psychological projection, [the media] ascribed to the president actions and motivations which proved to be their own: making excuses for political violence. The claim that President […]

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Dartmouth Professor Advocates Preemptive Violence by Left-Wing Thugs

by Steve MacDonald August 24, 2017

Dartmouth College professor, Mark Bray was on Meet the Press where he advocated for preemptive violence by groups like AntiFA. Bray argued that violence is necessary to stop white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups from getting too normalized or powerful, framing the issue as one of self-defense. “A lot of people are under attack,” Bray said, “and […]

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Cheapskate Dartmouth Doesn’t Pay On-Campus Student Workers “A Living Wage”

by Steve MacDonald July 28, 2017

Would it surprise you to learn that students who work at jobs on campus at Dartmouth College are not starting at $15.00 an hour? In most instances, students employed by the Ivy League college don’t even earn $10.00 an hour. $7.75 is the lowest hourly wage rate that the College recommends for its employees, following […]

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What Happend to Dartmouth’s Pretendian?

by Steve MacDonald May 1, 2017

In October of 2015, Dartmouth College had to make a change after getting caught with their little Social Justice Warrior pants around their politically correct ankles. They appointed (ethnomusicologist) Susan Taffe Reed as director of their Native American Program on the basis of her affiliation with the Eastern Delaware Nations a non-profit (as it turns out having […]

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Data Point – Democrat College Students are the least tolerant on campus

by Skip April 26, 2017

At least, if that campus is located at Dartmouth here in my “Life Free or Die” State.  Apparently, these Democrats would rather have their roommates die instead of having them as, you know, roommates. Dartmouth Study Finds Democrats Are The Least Tolerant Students On Campus A new survey of students at Dartmouth College found that […]

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Dartmouth Researcher Implies Democrat Students are Dumber than Republicans

by Steve MacDonald December 18, 2016

If we do away with same-day voter registration in New Hampshire with what do we replace it? That’s a great question and the subject of a report on the front page of today’s Union Leader. But not everyone thinks there is a problem. Or do they? Dartmouth College researchers studied voting practices in three states […]

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The $63,744 after-tax dollar question….

by Susan Olsen November 16, 2015

‘“F*** you, you filthy white f***s!” “F*** you and your comfort!” “F*** you, you racist s***!” The desire to side with self-described victims is rooted in a spirit of charity. But the habit of doing so even when every ounce of evidence suggests that we ought not to amounts to a total forfeiture of our […]

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Mao’s Cultural Revolution: Ivy League Dartmouth style

by Skip November 14, 2015

Remember that word: submission.  Be it Islam or Progressivism, that is the desired outcome of you to it.  In my previous post, I wondered if this Safe Space / Freedom from Offense / PC Totalitarianism of only designated Speech was going to burn hot / flame out or spread like Ebola into a more general population […]

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Duped Dartmouth ‘Tribal Leaders’ Un-Appoint Fake Indian Appointed to Run the Native American Program

by Steve MacDonald October 5, 2015
Thumbnail image for Duped Dartmouth ‘Tribal Leaders’ Un-Appoint Fake Indian Appointed to Run the Native American Program

I’m not familiar with the vetting process, but some of the smartest people ever (Dartmouth College) appointed Susan Taffe Reed director of their Native American Program. Taffe Reed has a string of degrees (from B.A. to M.A. to Ph.D.) in music with a minor in American Indian Studies. But being a Dr. of Music, even Native […]

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by Susan Olsen July 19, 2015

“…you have no right to feel safe.  You have no constitutional right. You have no moral right. You have no right at all.  You have a right not to be physically harmed, but your feelings, just like everyone else’s, are fair game for bruising.  No one says you have to suffer in silence. Don’t like […]

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GrokTALK! May 10th Segment One – Guns, Girls, Dems, Duncans, Bans, and Legislatures

by Steve MacDonald May 12, 2014
Thumbnail image for GrokTALK! May 10th Segment One – Guns, Girls, Dems, Duncans, Bans, and Legislatures

In segment one we bring up recent School Board appointee Bill Duncan, the idea of choice in education (and the choice to object to material used in class), Cell Phone Bans, the Speech Police, Paint tax, Minimum wage, the left-wing allure of a professional legislature, lingerie, Dartmouth’s rape culture, girls with guns, and more. Listen […]

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Keeping Vote Fraud In The Black

by Steve MacDonald March 18, 2014
Thumbnail image for Keeping Vote Fraud In The Black

Parker Gilbert, who is not from around here, was told by someone in the Democrat Party that he could vote here.  In November of 2012 he did just that, voting from his dorm room at Dartmouth, in Hanover New Hampshire.  Thousands of college students have been similarly instructed by Democrat activists, elected officials, liberal professors, […]

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Drinking At Dartmouth

by Steve MacDonald December 4, 2010

Jim Yong Kim, the president of Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, agrees that Dartmouth has a drinking problem, but that prosecuting underage drinkers is not the answer, Melanie Plenda reports in today’s Union Leader.

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