Unhinged and Unstable Equals Dangerous

by Rick Olson September 13, 2018

The Democrat Party is unhinged. Unstable leftists are listening. It has become dangerous to be a Republican or a Conservative. With Maxine Waters’ caustic rhetoric, Violence is now all but inevitable. Unhinged is the 69-Year-Old College Professor in Las Vegas who shot himself because he doesn’t like Trump. Left-wing Nut job James Hodgkinson shot Rep. […]

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Activities that your kids (or grandkids) should do!

by Skip July 25, 2017

Today’s parents and Society in general seems to be adamant that today’s kids must be watched by an adult 24/7 and should never, EVER be exposed to any kind of physical risk at all (sorta like Progressives that are trying to mitigate all bad decisions resulting in bad outcomes).  Pure stupidity, in my humble opinion. […]

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Well, it seems like EVERYTHING has rights nowadays, so why not them?

by Skip April 6, 2016

But why of course!  After all, there’s so many not-undeads that just wanna get into that Social Justice Warrior racket.  So while everyone is dying, these SJWs will be marching. Umm, can I tell the zombies “Over there! Go over there!”? After all, which group is the most dangerous? (H/T: Liberal Logic 101)

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