Dan WIlliams

Dan – cutting off his nose in support of his ideology

by Skip June 25, 2018

The Concord Monitor has a piece applauding the fact that while Government has the stricture of the Second Amendment (…shall not be infringed), corporate entities have no such restrictions.  We’ve seen a number of the Too Big To Fail banks putting the hammer down on gun retailers and suppliers: In the wake of high-profile mass […]

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DISQUS Doodlings – where Dan Williams puts himself into a capitalist Mobius strip…and falls off

by Skip May 1, 2018

Once again we see the Left on display complaining that life won’t manifest itself into their whine of “equal outcomes.”  The piece by Katharine Gregg (after the jump) complains about what most Progressives do – gee, some people have a head start and familial leg up on the rest of us; she labels that “opportunity […]

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GrokTV Interview: Jilletta Jarvis, Libertarian Candidate for NH Governor

by Skip March 13, 2018

The last of the quick interviews from the Women’s Defense League of NH was with Jilletta Jarvis who is the Libertarian candidate for NH Government. In real life, she seems to be a nice lady; I may not share her issues in toto and I do think she needs to work on her “quick stump […]

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FB Doodlings: There are some people who just don’t “get” the idea of Freedom or Individual Liberty Part 1

by Skip February 14, 2018

With these folks, it comes down to money – if I have to pay money because you do “dangerous” behaviors, I have the right to restrict your freedom of behavior.  I’ve been saying this for years – the more that Government does (because of pickle-pussed Progressives) that costs them money, the more they decide to […]

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Disqus Doodlings – Sorry, but Sandy Hook parents have no right to sue gun manufacturers

by Skip November 16, 2017

I seem to be using the Concord Monitor as a foil more and more as of late. Guesses are, they’re fairly easy to puncture, like yesterday. They ran a piece from Bloomberg that seemed to plead for the parent’s right to sue Remington.  Remington is the parent company of Bushmaster Firearms which made the semi-automatic […]

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The difference between Libertarians and Statist/Progressive Totalitarians

by Skip November 14, 2017

A lady by the name of Jilletta Jarvis is running for Governor of NH and had a Letter to the Editor printed in the Concord Monitor (I do have to give credit to our local Pravda in doing so for a person completely antithetical to their political stances).  In it I read no real surprises […]

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So Commenter and Govt school teacher Hunter Dan is all bent out of shape over the ‘Grok: predictable Govt Employee hissy fit ensues

by Skip October 4, 2012

So, ‘Grok commenter Hunter Dan (real name, Dan Williams, public school teacher all enamored that music is the only hatch upward to success) has been picking fights with one of our funniest and insightful (as long as you READ his stuff and THINK about it – something Dan Williams is having great difficulties in doing) […]

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The Concord Monitor’s Integrity Deficit

by Rick Olson February 13, 2012

“I can only assume that your editorial writer tripped over the First Amendment and thought it was the office cat.” —E. B. White On Thursday February 9, the Concord Monitor ran an opinion column written by Dan Williams regarding several pieces of Legislation pending in Concord affecting Hunting, Fishing and Trapping.  Aside from writing for […]

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