Dan Dumaine

HB135 “Stand your ground!” Rockingham District 4 State Representatives voting to kill it.

by Skip March 18, 2013

Self-Defense – a Natural Right.  After all, who is responsible, ultimately, for your well-being?  Certainly not government.  In fact, our founders recognized that this Right as being pre-existent to the formation of Government. They also acknowledged that this is not a Right that becomes null and void simply of the formation of Government.  Yet, it […]

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“Line in the Granite” – Defend Your Gun Rights Rally – Karen Testerman, Al Baldasaro, Dan Dumaine

by Skip February 3, 2013

Addressing the crowds on Thursday at the Defend Your Gun Rights Rally were three more folks supporting the Second Amendment: Karen Testerman – founder of Cornerstone and former NH Gubernatorial candidate Al Baldasaro – prior Marine First Sergeant and NH State Representative Dudley Dumaine – NH State Representative    Karen Testerman                                                       NH State Rep. Al […]

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