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Mickey Kaus To NH Dems – Vote Against Jeanne Shaheen

Mickey Kaus thinks New Hampshire Democrats should vote against Jeanne Shaheen.

“Here’s why I think New Hampshire Democrats should vote against Jeanne Shaheen on Tuesday. I know this is a tough sell, and you’re maybe sick of any kind of sell. I’ll keep it short. . . . Opponents of the Vietnam War (I was one, like most of my college cohort) spent a lot of time destroying the careers of perfectly decent liberal Democrats whose one sin was going along with Lyndon Johnson’s escalation. Hubert Humphrey is only the most obvious casualty. It was worth it because the war was a big mistake. Likewise, a massive immigration increase and the surrender of control over our borders is a big mistake. Yet unlike with Vietnam, there is virtually no debate within the party, certainly none at the Senate level. If a sturdy, popular figure like Shaheen loses her seat over it — in a swing state, to a longshot carpetbagger! –we are likely to get that debate. It won’t be the end of Shaheen. She can run for something else, or join the administration. But it might be the end of the party’s poisonous discipline on immigration — and the beginning of at least a temporary fix for our deepest economic anxieties.”

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Jeanne “Lien” Shaheen the Debt Machine

ShaheenAnd did you know her real first name isn’t even Jeanne?  It’s Cynthia.  (Sin-thee-ah).  Cynthia Shaheen the debt machine works too…

Towns in New Hampshire and Maine placed 21 different liens against properties owned by Democratic Senate candidate Jeanne Shaheen’s husband, who manages the couple’s real estate business, according to local property records obtained exclusively by The Daily Caller.

People owed money by the Shaheens, therefore, successfully compelled local governments on 21 occasions to issue liens against properties owned by the couple in order to get their money back from insurance companies before the Shaheens could profit further.

People owed money by the Shaheens compelled local government to issue liens on their properties to get their money back?  Can we put a lien on something to get the 8 trillion in new, additional “irresponsible debt” she spent while serving as Obama’s representative to New Hampshire?

The Daily Caller has details.

Are You A Domestic Terror Threat?

Tea Party Extremists

And now the nations biggest domestic Terror threat according to a plurality of Obama Supporters

Tired of the endless spending and debt. Worried about the interest on that debt swallowing up the budget?  Concerned about the cost of government your kids or grand-kids are inheriting?  Worried that big government is prying too much into your private life and that its gotten so big no one will ever be held to account; and that all the lack of accountability just costs you more an more every year?  Have you been taxed enough already.  Well that makes  you a member of the TEA party, even if it’s in absentia.   TEA, Taxed Enough Already.  You think government should slow down, maybe even back off a bit.

But thinking that makes you a domestic terrorist.

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Scandals, Schmandals – Time For Obama’s ELEVENTH Royal Command Performance!

I got the white house, high living, sequestration blues! Mike Ramirez at Townhall.com skewers Obama's high life, but good!

I got the white house, high living, sequestration blues!
Mike Ramirez at Townhall.com skewers Obama’s high life, but good!

Give him his due – not only does Obama try to distract us from his never-ending scandals with a combination of lies, showmanship, and greater scandals, but he also goes to great lengths to distract himself and his friends with top-notch entertainment at the White House!

In our prior article, we described the prerogatives of Kings and Queens, and how the British “Royal Command Performance” had evolved into an annual charity gala, eagerly anticipated by the public, and not costing the taxpayer a penny.

We also pointed out, that hot on the heels of lush (separate) family vacations, and the deliberate choice to use sequestration as an excuse to make the public “feel his pain”*, such as by stopping tours of the White House, Obama was plowing ahead with his tenth in the Series of Unfortunate Expensive Events, by holding a star-studded Memphis Soul night in the East Room. So opulent was this event, that pictures were printed by news organizations around the world.
But wait. There’s always more….

“Gun Control has Racist Roots” … Wait. What?

At risk of doing two gun related posts in a row, I have to post this because… well… I was shocked.  Yes.  I admit it.  Shocked.  Where were these folks in November…ahh, I’m distracting.  Check out the video.  Sit down first. And if you have a drink, put it on the coaster.  And if you don’t have a drink, get one, a stiff one, have  taste or two, then onto the coaster with it.

From the Daily Caller:

Some Quotes…

New Website Promoting Gun Rights: SenatorFeinstein.com!

“The reason there are two senators for each state is so that one can be the designated driver.” —Jay Leno

I’m now promoting the second Amendment! You make Joke!

When thinking of Gun Control, Assault Weapons bans and other sordid nefarious stuff crafted by the charlatan left to take our guns away, “Senator Diane Feinstein” immediately comes to mind. Yes, make no mistake about it. I really intended that title.

As reported in the Daily Caller, Feinstein failed to register  her domain name, SenatorFeinstein.com. Consequently, Dimitrios Karras, CEO of the gun parts (not making this up) and accessories store Ares Armor, which will now run the site. Karas tells the Daily Caller he has also purchased Senator Boxer’s domain name as well!

Domain Name? Domain Name? We don’t need no steenking domain name!”

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Rose Colored Times

Ah, to have rose colored glasses. I wish I could look at life’s trials and just see lollipops, unicorns, and rainbows (or better yet, their adult counterparts: beer, football, and darkened rendezvous). I’ve made efforts to see lollipops and rainbows before and, once North Korea opens up, I plan on checking out those unicorns too, but it’s always been an effort to see the fluffy benignities. Most of the time, I see things as they are. And drek is drek. No matter how hard I squint, dress it up, and tell myself that it’s perrrty, it’s still drek. It’s like an Oliver Stone movie; the title is compelling, but if I submit to optimism’s seduction, I know that once I plop down the cash, sit in the theater and the strip starts-a-rollin’ out will spill retarded conspiracy theories stemming from Oliver’s American self-loathing and unrelenting mother crush (hey, he makes stuff up, so can I). They’ll spill like the putrid sewage from Eddie’s motorhome in Christmas Vacation, it’s dreck.

So to look at the situation in Cairo through bloodshot, rosy eyes and convince yourself that the Muslim Brotherhood is “moderate, regular old political” just after its leader, Morsi, declared himself above the law is beyond foolish and naive, it’s drek.  But to the New York Times, it’s lollipops and rainbows.

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Revolution Foundation

Obamacare SEIU

The Daily Caller ran a story this weekend about a book set to come out tomorrow, by Mallory Factor, called “Shadowbosses: Government Unions Control America and Rob taxpayers Blind“.

The premise of the book is that Obamacare was just a big ploy to unionize the estimated 16-17 million strong healthcare workforce (12.5% of US workers, 17% of US GDP/economy – projected to reach 20%), and that by proposing an acceptable plan for nationalized/unionized healthcare, the union got behind Obama in the election of 2008, helping him win the Presidency.

But by the looks of this, Obamacare wasn’t just about healthcare, in the same way that “sustainability” isn’t just about the environment…

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